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Qualifying for the Candidates  TSy19856416
Qualifying for the CandidatesAtkins, Tony**TSy19928819
Questionnaire, (BGA -) **Lit19939115
Questionnaire, (BGA) -Granville, Richard**BGA19835824-
Questionnaire, BGA -  BGA1967342
Questionnaire, The (BGA) -Cross, Alison**BGA19773811
QuibblesHall, T. Mark*Lit1993909-
Quinn, Garry v. Collinson, Mark (Leicester Tournament 1995)  GEv199610311-
Quirk in the Corner, A -Matthews, Charles*Yos199510026
Quiz, Answers to Christmas -Prescott, Paul* 1976318-
Quiz, Christmas -Prescott, Paul* 19753014-
Quote of the Century, Go -Mitchell, David*Hum19804713
RAFA Challenge Trophy 1967  T671967217
RAFA Challenge Trophy 1968  T68196852
RAFA Challenge Trophy 1969  T691969102
RAFA Challenge Trophy 1972  T721973205-
RAFA Go Challenge Trophy August 1972, Game: -Daly, Andrew*Gam1973205-
RAFA Tournament 1976  T7619763320
RAFA Tournament 1976  T7619763420
Raising Your Strength. Part 1 **Tec196717-
Raising Your Strength. Part 2 **Str1967223-
Raising Your Strength. Part 3 **Hcp1967336-
Raising Your Strength. Part 4 **Hcp1968447-
Raising Your Strength. Part 5 **Yos196855-
Raising Your Strength. Part 6 **Anl196879-
Random GoMacfadyen, Matthew*TCd19908012-
Ranka YearbookOeda Yusuke Lit19907821
Rapley, Keith: see author index      
Rating: see also Rat in subject index      
Rating: see also Grading      
Rating Tournament: see Oteai      
Rating, What's Your -?Miyamoto Naoki Lit19763216
Ratings, The Relation Between Japanese and European - **Rat1968453
Reading (British Go Congress 1974)  T7419742214
Reading (British Go Congress 1974)  T741974247-
Reading (British Go Congress 1974)  T741975268-
Reading (British Go Congress 1974), Action at - *T741974248-
Reading (British Go Congress 1987)  T871987705-
Reading Championship 1975  T7519752912
Reading Championship 1976  T7619773520
Reading Club  Clb1971154
Reading Club  Clb19742515
Reading Club  Clb19752616
Reading Club  Clb19752716
Reading Club  Clb19752816
Reading Club  Clb1975296
Reading Club  Clb19907937
Reading Club  Clb19918212
Reading Club v. Cambridge Club (Club Match 1973)  T731974243-
Reading Club v. Leamington Spa Club (Club Match 1994)  T9419949640
Reading Club v. Oxford Club (Club Match 1971)  T711971143
Reading Club v. Oxford Club (Club Match 1976)  T7619763320
Reading Club v. Woodford Club (Club Match 1971)  T711971154
Reading Congress 1974, Game Recorded from the -Prescott, Paul*Gam1975268-
Reading Honinbo (1976), A Game from the - *Gam19763315-
Reading Honinbo 1976  T7619763315-
Reading Honinbo 1977  T7719773810
Reading Honinbo 1978  T7819784316
Reading League 1975  T751975308-
Reading League Match (1975), Game Played at the -Hall, T. Mark*Gam1975308-
Reading Newsletter  Lit19742515
Reading Tournament 1973  T7319742213
Realisation of a DreamJones, Alison*T9219939042-
Rebattu v. HasibederSakata Eio**Gam1978437-
Rebattu, Max v. Ekart, Eduard (EGoC 1967)  GEv1968451-
Rebattu, Max v. Hasibeder, Helmut (EGoC 1978)  GEv1978437-
Rebattu, Max v. Mutabzija, Zoran (EGoC 1967)  GEv1967227-
Record, How the Japanese - GamesTilley, John*Inf19742216
Record, Is This a -?Timmins, Brian et al*TCd19939349
Record, Setting the - StraightWard, David*Clb19939019
Recording Sheets  Inf1979449
Rectangular Six  L+D19794518
Rectangular Six  L+D199610213
Redmond, Michael  PPr19846213
Reduction: see Keshi      
Reece, Jonathan v. Fearnley, Harry  GH4199610230-
Reece, Jonathan v. Fearnley, Harry  GH4199610320-
Regions, The BGA and the -Matthews, Charles**BGA199811237
Rehm v. Smith at ZlinSmith, Paul**Gam199710656-
Rehm v. SucRehm, Robert et al**Gam19804714-
Rehm, Robert: see also author index      
Rehm, Robert v. Hall, T. Mark (London Open 1974/75)  GEv19752910-
Rehm, Robert v. Macfadyen, Matthew (EGoC 1980)  GEv1980508
Rehm, Robert v. Mills, Quentin (Paris Tournament 1985)  GEv19856523
Rehm, Robert v. Smith, Paul (European Team Tournament 1996)  GEv199710656-
Rehm, Robert v. Stacey, Terry (EGoC 1983)  GEv1983606-
Rehm, Robert v. Suc, Lojze (London Open 1979/80)  GEv19804714-
Rehm, Robert v. Vries de, Henk (Dutch 13x13 Championship 1978)  G1319794415-
Reiss, Michael: see author index      
Rengo: see also Pair Go, Team Go      
Rengo Game: see GRg in subject index      
Rengo, 1,2,3, -Macfadyen, Matthew*T8519856628-
RenjuMacfadyen, Matthew*Lit1981548
Rescue and CaptureMacfadyen, Matthew**Lit199811021
ResponseRix, Alex*Cpy199610415
Retsugen  PHs1994954
RevelationsBarty, Jim*Anl19815222
RevelationsBarty, Jim*Fus19804820
RevelationsBarty, Jim*Tec19804922
RevelationsBarty, Jim*Tec19815423-
RevelationsMacfadyen, Matthew*Anl19825620-
RevelationsMacfadyen, Matthew*Str19815122-
RevelationsManning, Toby*Tec19815326-
RevelationsMatthews, Charles*Str19825522-
RevelationsRoads, Francis*Str19805019
Reverse Komi Game: see GH1 in subject index      
Reviews: see also Lit in subject index      
Reviews: see also Book Review      
Reviews *CPl199710913-
Reviews *Lit199811021
Reviews *Lit199811111
ReviewsBagot, Bob et al*Lit19949739
ReviewsMacfadyen, Matthew*Lit19981126
Reysset, Pascal v. Granville, Richard (EGoC 1981)  GEv1981544-
Richard, Steve: see author index      
Rickard, John v. Hall, T. Mark (London Open 1993/94)  GEv1994948-
Rickard, John v. Hall, T. Mark (Northern Go Congress 1995)  GEv199510122-
Rickard, John v. Macfadyen, M. (British Ch'ship 1990, Game 1)  GEv1990818-
Rickard, John v. Macfadyen, M. (British Ch'ship 1990, Game 2)  GEv1990819-
Rickard, John v. Macfadyen, M. (British Ch'ship 1990, Game 3)  GEv1991825
Rickard, John v. Macfadyen, M. (British Go Congress 1997)  GEv199710739-
Rickard, John v. Matthews, Charles (British Go Congress 1997)  GEv199710738-
Rickard, John v. Noda T. (Anglo-Japanese Match 1990)  GEv19908116-
Rickard, John v. Roads, Francis (Candidates Tournament 1983)  GEv19836018-
Rickard, John v. Roads, Francis (Sonoyama Trophy Tourn. 1993)  GEv19939212-
Rickard, John v. Wall, Alistair (Sonoyama Trophy Tourn. 1993)  GEv19939348-
Ridgeway, Jonathan v. Oswald, Nicola (British Youth Ch'ship 1984)  GEv1984634-
Rigo, Istvan v. Barty, Jim (Katowice Tournament 1980)  GH219815114-
Rijswijk (EGoC 1977)  T7719773819
Rijswijk (EGoC 1977)  T7719784218-
Rijswijk (EGoC 1977)  T7719971089
Rin Kaiho: see also author index      
Rin Kaiho v. Cho Chikun (Kisei Title 1984, Game 1)  GEv19846212-
Rin Kaiho v. Fujisawa Shuko  GEv196705
Rin Kaiho v. Ishida Yoshio (Honinbo Title 1972, Game 4)  GEv199610412-
Rin Kaiho v. Ishida Yoshio (Meijin Title 1973, Game 4)  GEv199510025-
Rin Kaiho v. Ishida Yoshio (Meijin Title 1974, Game 7)  GEv19752613-
Rin Kaiho v. Sakata Eio (Honinbo League 1976)  GEv1977363-
Rin Kaiho v. Sakata Eio (Meijin Title 1965, Game 3)  GEv19959952-
Rin Kaiho v. Takemiya Masaki (Honinbo League 1974)  GEv1991827-
Rin Kaiho v. Takemiya Masaki (Honinbo League 1976)  GEv199710647-
Rin Kaiho v. Takemiya Masaki (Pro Best Ten Title 1974, Game 1)  GEv19897416-
Riordan, Oliver v. Holroyd, Fred (British Go Congress 1994)  GEv19949740-
Riper van, Erik: see author index      
Ripping End, A -Hall, T. Mark*Gam19939322-
RisiKo  CNp1992869
Rivers, Bill v. Harvey, Helen (Furze Platt Tournament 1995)  GEv19959818
Rix, Alex: see also author index      
Rix, Alex  PAm19918538
Rix, Alex v. Feng Yun  GH31993924-
Roads' 9x9 Tournament 1985  T8519856622-
Roads' 9x9 Tournament 1985  T8519866714-
Roads, Francis: see also author index      
Roads, Francis  PAm19959917
Roads, Francis  PAm199710846-
Roads, Francis *PAm1971146
Roads, Francis - Talking *PAm1978405-
Roads, Francis v. Barty, Jim (Roads' 9x9 Tournament 1985)  G 919856622-
Roads, Francis v. Chandler, Brian (Candidates Tournament 1985)  GEv1985659-
Roads, Francis v. Hall, T. Mark (British Go Congress 1987)  GEv1987707-
Roads, Francis v. Hall, T. Mark (Candidates Tournament 1994)  GEv19949522-
Roads, Francis v. Iwamoto Kaoru  GH719752915-
Roads, Francis v. Rickard, John (Candidates Tournament 1983)  GEv19836018-
Roads, Francis v. Rickard, John (Sonoyama Trophy Tourn. 1993)  GEv19939212-
Roads, Judith: see author index      
Robbery?Macfadyen, Matthew*Gam19805014-
Roberts, Gary v. Stacey, Terry (Challengers Tournament 1981)  GEv1981534-
Roberts, Mark: see also author index      
Roberts, Mark v. Brooks, D. (RAFA Challenge Trophy 1972)  GH71973205-
Robinson, Daffyd: see also author index      
Robinson, Daffyd  PAm199710716
Rochester/NY (US Go Congress 1991)  T9119918437-
Roger v. HolroydGrant, Andrew**Gam19897516-
Roger, Kevin: see also author index      
Roger, Kevin v. Holroyd, Fred (British Go Congress 1994)  GEv19949741-
Roger, Kevin v. Holroyd, Fred (Shrewsbury Tournament 1988)  GEv19897516-
Roger, Kevin v. Nohr, Thomas (Darmstadt Tournament 1997)  GEv199710921-
Romania: see also Bucharest, Constanta, Mamaia      
Romania  Cou19949530
Romania on SeaBailey, Steve*Cou199811234-
Romania on the MarchMacfadyen, Matthew*T97199710716
Romania, A Game from -Chun Poong-Jho*Gam199811238-
Room with a View, A -Atkins, Tony*T901990807-
Rotorua  Cit199811025-
Rotted Axe Handle Classic, The -Wells, Marnix*Tal199610510
Round GoSchwarz, Harald*Var199610450
Roving GoHall, T. Mark*Clb19907932-
Rowley, F. v. Ingleby, Jonathan (London Tournament 1981)  GEv1981528-
Royal Air Force Association: see RAFA      
RTP Handicap Tournament 1987  T8719897523
RTP Handicap Tournament 1987  T8719897733
RTP Handicap Tournament 1988  T8819897438
Rudd v. TudballRudd, Simon et al**Gam19897526-
Rudd, Simon: see also author index      
Rudd, Simon v. Tudball, Mike (Coventry Tournament 1989)  GEv19897526-
Rugby, Go and -Wedd, Nick*Str19949535
Rui Naiwei v. Feng Yun (World Wom. Ch'ship Title 1995, Game 1)  GEv1995994-
Rui Naiwei v. Feng Yun (World Wom. Ch'ship Title 1995, Game 2)  GEv1995998-
Rui Naiwei v. Feng Yun (World Wom. Ch'ship Title 1995, Game 3)  GEv19959910
Rui Naiwei v. Jiang Zhu-jiu  GVr199811120-
Rules: see also Rul in subject index      
Rules for Beginners  Pub199811220
Rules of Go, New Zealand -Taylor, Bill**Rul199710624-
Rules, Mr Ing's -Finch, Andy**Rul19939144-
Rules, Nihon Ki-in -  Rul19971075-
Rules, SST -: see Rules, Mr Ing's -      
Russia: see also Kaliningrad, Kazan, Moscow, Petrosavodsk, St Petersburg, Volga      
Russia: see also USSR      
Russia, Go in -Castledine, Brian*Cou1978406-
Russian Southern Cup Tournament 1987  T8719887314-
Russian VisitRix, Alex*Cou19897515
Rusty GoBarker, Terry*Gam19907930-
Rutland, Leigh: see also author index      
Rutland, Leigh v. Cocke, Matthew (British Youth Ch'ship 1987)  GEv19877121-
Rutland, The Diary of Leigh -Rutland, Leigh**T841984638-
Ryan, Mike: see author index      
Ryan, Pete v. Jager, C. (EGoC 1984)  GEv19846313-

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