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Daly, Andrew: see also author index      
Daly, Andrew v. A.N.Other  GEv19794419
Daly, Andrew v. A.N.Other  GH919784216-
Daly, Andrew v. A.N.OtherDaly, Andrew*Gam19784216-
Daly, Andrew v. Hall, T. Mark (Wessex Tournament 1973)  GEv19742413-
Daly, Andrew v. Hunter, Derek  GEv19742314-
Daly, Andrew v. Kodama Sachiko  GH619721810-
Daly, Andrew v. Zeijst van, Rob (Leiden Tournament 1979)  GEv19794616-
Dan Celebration Party, British 100 -  Rat19784112
Dan Certificates *Ply1969102
Dan Diploma Competition *Rat1975293
Dan Game from Poland, A - *Gam199510030-
Dan Grading List **Ply19784115
Dan List *Ply19908018
Dan List *Ply1991854
Dan List *Ply19939354
Dan List *Ply199510145
Dan List *Ply199710940
Dan Player Visits New ClubWeeks, Colin*Clb19959917
Dan Players, Why are - Strong?Mitchell, David*L+D19804724-
Dan, British - Holders *Ply19711516
Dan, When - Meets Dan ...Clare, Jim et al*Gam19887316-
Dan/Kyu Scale, Japanese -  Rat196711
Dan/Kyu Scale, Japanese -  Rat196982
Daniel, Roger: see also author index      
Daniel, Roger v. Voisey, p.(London Open 1992/93)  GEv19939118-
Darmstadt (Tournament 1997)Roger, Kevin*T97199710921-
Database, A Go -Walters, Wayne*CNp199710841
Database, Go -  CNp199710930
David and Goliath *Com1987699-
David and GoliathBagot, Bob*Gam19928651
Davies, James: see author index      
Dawson, Chris v. Ashman, Lucy (Furze Platt Go Party 1987)  G 919877118
Dead Giant, A - *Gam19856523
Dead Go Stone, 101 Uses of a -Smith, Paul*Hum199811242-
Dead Groups, Live Groups, -. Part 1Hall, T. Mark**L+D19918520
Dead Groups, Live Groups, -. Part 1 SolutionsHall, T. Mark**L+D19928642-
Dead Groups, Live Groups, -. Part 2Hall, T. Mark**L+D19928617
Dead Groups, Live Groups, -. Part 2 SolutionsHall, T. Mark**L+D19928736-
Dead Shape: see Nakade      
Death: see Life and Death      
DeciderGranville, Richard*Gam19846217
Defense, Attack and -Ishida Akira et al Lit19804822-
Deficits in American Grade School Children, Cognitive, ... -Bradley, Milton N.**Tch199811037-
Demonstration GameTakagawa Kaku*Gam1974224-
Demyanov, Pavel v. Blockley, Tom (European Youth Tourn. 1998)  GEv19981115-
Denmark: see Copenhagen      
Denver/CO (US Go Congress 1990)  T9019918239
Detkov, Ivan v. Popov, A. (Russian Southern Cup Tourn. 1987)  GEv19887314-
Devon Club  Clb19959911
Devon Tournament 1995  T95199510155-
Devon Tournament 1996  T96199610454-
Devon Tournament 1997  T97199710852
Devon Tournament 1998  T98199811258-
Devon, Chinese Visit to -Widdicombe, Tom**PPr19959911
DFK: see also Double Figure Kyu      
DFKs in Tournaments  Ply19846228-
Diago  CNp1992869
Diagonal Move: see Kosumi      
Diamond v. MacfadyenMacfadyen, M. et al**Gam19784012-
Diamond v. MiyashitaMiyashita Shuzo et al**Gam1971158-
Diamond, Jon: see also author index     &
Diamond, Jon  PAm1978409
Diamond, Jon  PAm1978414-
Diamond, Jon v. Goddard, Tony (British Ch'ship 1972, Game 1)  GEv19721814-
Diamond, Jon v. Goddard, Tony (British Championship 1971)  GEv19711412-
Diamond, Jon v. Goddard, Tony (British Go Congress 1968)  GEv1968513-
Diamond, Jon v. Imamura Fumiaki (World Amateur Ch'ship 1979)  GEv19794510-
Diamond, Jon v. Irving, Colin (ca. 1965)  GEv1978415-
Diamond, Jon v. Kobayashi Chizu  GH21975265-
Diamond, Jon v. Macfadyen, Matthew (London Open 1977/78)  GEv19784012-
Diamond, Jon v. Matsuda T. (Anglo-USA Telephone Match 1978)  GEv19784214-
Diamond, Jon v. Miyashita Suzue  GH11971158-
Diamond, Jon v. Nakaoka Jiro  GH31974224-
Diamond, Jon v. Prescott, Paul (British Ch'ship 1975, Game 3)  GEv1976324-
Diamond, Jon v. Prescott, Paul (British Ch'ship 1976, Game 1)  GEv1977354-
Diamond, Jon v. Prescott, Paul (British Ch'ship 1976, Game 2)  GEv1977356
Diamond, Jon v. Prescott, Paul (British Ch'ship 1976, Game 3)  GEv1977356
Diamond, Jon v. Prescott, Paul (British Ch'ship 1977, Game 1)  GEv1978394-
Diamond, Jon v. Prescott, Paul (British Ch'ship 1977, Game 2)  GEv1978395-
Diamond, Jon v. Prescott, Paul (British Ch'ship 1977, Game 3)  GEv1978396-
Diamond, Jon v. Prescott, Paul (British Ch'ship 1977, Game 4)  GEv1978398-
Diamond, Jon v. Prescott, Paul (British Ch'ship 1977, Game 5)  GEv19783910-
Diamond, Jon v. Prescott, Paul (British Championship 1974)  GEv1974254-
Diamond, Jon v. Skrob, Ernst (EGoC 1967)  GEv1967225-
Diamond, The -. Part 1Bailey, Steve*L+D199610533
Diamond, The -. Part 2Bailey, Steve*L+D199710640-
Diamond, The -. Part 3Bailey, Steve*L+D199710731-
Diamond, The -. Part 4Wolf, Thomas*L+D199710834-
Diary of Leigh Rutland, The -Rutland, Leigh**T841984638-
Diederen, Marianne v. Cross, A. (Amsterdam Tournament 1979)  GEv19794610-
Diepen van, Niek: see author index      
Difficulty Focussing, Having -Matthews, Charles*Fus199710738-
Digital Book Player 1  CNp19949739
Dijkema, Peter: see author index      
Dilks, Austin v. Holton, Matthew (Leicester Tournament 1996)  GEv199710720-
Diplomas, Kyu -  Rat19846211
Diplomas, Kyu -  Rat19856519
Discrimination, No -Williams, Colin*Ply19897733
Discrimination?Rudd, Simon*Ply19897523
Discussion Forum, BGA -Wedd, Nick**CNw19981116
Docherty, Ian: see author index      
Dochi  PHs19939111-
Dochi  PHs19939237-
Dochi v. Senkaku (1705)  GH119939111-
Doetsu  PHs19928920-
Doetsu v. Sanchi (1669)  GH119928920
Don't Play GoRoads, Francis*Tec19907824
Don't Play Go SolutionsRoads, Francis*Tec19907919
Dosaku  PHs19939016-
Dosaku v. Chitetsu (1674)  GH219939017
Dosetsu Inseki  PHs19939111-
Double Figure Kyu: see also DFK      
Double Figure Kyu Go League (1998), Cambridge -Smith, Paul**T98199811215
Double Hane  Tec199710812
Down Under: see also New Zealand      
Down Under, BGA Voice from -Talbot, Bob*Cou1975264
Dowsey v. Sutton **Gam1979454-
Dowsey, Stuart: see also author index      
Dowsey, Stuart  PAm1980486
Dowsey, Stuart v. Sutton, David (British Go Congress 1979)  GEv1979454-
Dragomir, Mario v. Hall, T. Mark (EGoC 1993)  GEv19939234-
Dragon  CPl19928611-
Drake, Kevin v. Barnard, Paul  GEv199710626-
Drake, Kevin v. Harvey, Helen (Furze Platt Tournament 1995)  GEv19959812-
Draper, Steve: see also author index      
Draper, Steve v. Blom, Jaap K. (EGoC 1988)  GEv19887226-
Draughts, Five Games of -Roads, Francis*Tch1989769
Draughts: An Alternative ViewBailey, Steve*Tch19897732
Draw, McMahon -  TSy19949530
Draw, Swiss -  TSy19949530
Draw, The -Barnard, Paul*TSy19949530
Draws, American -Roads, Francis**TSy199610219
Duan Zhiquan v. Takabe Dohei  GH219939227
Dublin  Cit19959934
Dublin (Irish Open 1994)  T9419949536-
Dublin (Irish Open 1995)  T9519959934
Dublin (Irish Open 1995)  T9519959957
Dublin (Irish Open 1996)  T96199610344-
Dublin (Irish Open 1997)  T97199710742
Dublin (Irish Open 1998)  T98199811138
Dublin Club  Clb19908037
Dublin Club v. Isle of Man Club (Club Match 1990)  T9019908031
Ducks and Drakes *Beh1973196
Dueball, Felix (obit)  PAm1971135
Durham (British Go Congress 1996)  T96199610342-
Durham Team Tournament 1994  T9419949747
Dusseldorf (Japanese Week 1993)  T9319939357
Dusseldorf Team Tournament 1983  T8319836014
Dutch ...: see also Holland      
Dutch 13x13 Championship 1978  T7819794415-
Dutch Championship 1976  T7619763418
Dutch Championship 1984  T8419846116
Dutch MiniatureDaly, Andrew*Gam19794415-
Dutch Three-Dans, Who's Afraid of -?Bagot, Bob**Gam19949714-

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