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E-mail Go  Var19971094
Ear-reddening Move  THs19742415-
East Anglia League 1981  T8119815319
Edge, Connecting on the Board -Tilley, John**Yos1972177-
Edinburgh (British Go Congress 1973)  T731972181-
Edinburgh (British Go Congress 1973)  T731973204-
Edinburgh (EGoC 1983)  T831983604-
Edinburgh (EGoC 1983)  T8319939245
Edinburgh (Scottish Open 1993)  T9319939254
Edinburgh (Scottish Open 1993)  T9319939260
Edinburgh (Scottish Open 1994)  T9419949640-
Edinburgh (Scottish Open 1995)  T95199510059-
Edinburgh (Scottish Open 1996)  T96199610452
Edinburgh Club  Clb19918428-
Edinburgh Club  Clb19928746
Edinburgh Club v. Aberdeen Club (Club Match 1984)  T841984629
Edinburgh Club v. Glasgow Club (Club Match 1984)  T841984629
Edinburgh Club v. Newcastle Club (Club Match 1969)  T691969102
Edinburgh Club v. Newcastle Club (Club Match 1970)  T701970123
Edinburgh Club v. Newcastle Club (Club Match 1972)  T721972182
Edinburgh Tournament 1981  T8119825510
Edinburgh Tournament 1982  T8219835814
Edinburgh Tournament 1992  T9219928836
Edinburgh, Go Week in -Gibson, Diarmid*Pub1981517
Editor, Wanted: An -Timmins, Brian*BGA19949441
Edmonton Club  Clb19907932-
Edo Go, End of -  Cou199510139-
Edwards, C. v. Gray, Geoffrey (British Go Congress 1971)  GEv1973194-
EGF AGM (1987) GrenobleHall, T. Mark**EGF1987718
EGF AGM (1995): Main Points *EGF199510045
EGF AGM (1998)Bailey, Steve**EGF19981127
EGF AGM 1967  EGF1967216
EGF AGM 1968  EGF196862
EGF AGM 1975  EGF1975303
EGF AGM 1978  EGF1978436
EGF AGM 1986  EGF19866818
EGF AGM 1995  EGF199510045
EGF AGM 1998  EGF199811235
EGF Delegates Meeting (1975) - Summary of Decisions *EGF1975303
EGF: AGM (1988)Atkins, Tony**EGF19887229-
Egham (British Go Congress 1997)  T97199710738-
Egham (British Go Congress 1997)  T97199710743-
Egham (British Go Congress 1997)  T97199710842-
EGM: see also AGM      
EGM 1972, BGA -  BGA1972176
EGM 1989, BGA -  BGA19897630
Ego1: A ReviewWedd, Nick*CPl199510011-
Eight Stone Game: see also GH8 in subject index      
Eight Stone GameMatthews, Charles*Gam199610419-
Eight Stone Game, An -Hall, T. Mark*Gam19939122-
Ekart, Eduard v. Rebattu, Max (EGoC 1967)  GEv1968451-
Electronic DeathBailey, Steve*TCd19908132
Electronic Mail GameMellor, Paul*CNw1991845-
Electronics in GoKing, Paul*Com19918225-
Ellul, France: see author index      
Ellul, Sophia: see author index      
Empire Strikes Back, The -Atkins, Tony*T8919897721-
Empty Triangle  Tec196985-
Empty Triangle  Tec19815322-
Empty Triangle  Tec199510125-
Enclosure JosekisTakemiya Masaki Lit19835919
Enclosure, Corner -: see Shimari      
Encyclopaedia of Life and DeathSutton, David**CNp19961037-
End of an Era *PAm1978414-
Endgame: see also Yos in subject index      
Endgame: see also Yose      
Endgame Challenge: see also Endgame Problems      
Endgame Challenge. Part 2Hunter, Richard*Yos19939048-
Endgame Challenge. Part 3Hunter, Richard*Yos19939246-
Endgame Challenge. Part 4Hunter, Richard*Yos19939350-
Endgame Challenge. Part 5Hunter, Richard*Yos19949438-
Endgame Challenge. Part 6Hunter, Richard*Yos19949516-
Endgame Challenge. Part 7Hunter, Richard*Yos19949636
Endgame ProblemHall, T. Mark*Yos19897621
Endgame Problems: see also Endgame Challenge      
Endgame ProblemsHunter, Richard*Yos19928932
Endgame Software, Mathematical Go -Chen, Raymond CPl19949528
Endgame SolutionHall, T. Mark*Yos19897731
Endgame, Get Strong at the -Bozulich, Richard Lit199710836
Endgame, Get Strong at the -Hunter, Richard**Lit19971077
Endgame, Shape in the -  Yos199710811
Endgames, Mathematical Go -Berlekamp, E. et al Lit19949528
Endgames, Mathematical Go -Berlekamp, E. et al Lit19949629
Enfield Club v. Imperial College Club (Club Match 1970)  T701970113
Enfield Club v. Imperial College Club (Club Match 1970)  T701970123
England, The Chinese Go Team's Fleeting Visit to -Feng Yun**PPr19959950
English ...: see also Anglo ..., British ..., National ...      
English Go Quote, Oldest -  Lit19815321
English-Chinese Translation Guide  Lan1975304-
English-Japanese Translation Guide  Lan19701215
English-Japanese Translation Guide  Lan19939116-
English-Japanese Translation Guide  Lan19939244
English-Japanese Translation Guide  Lan19939252-
English-Japanese Translation Guide  Lan199510022-
Enschede (EGoC 1972)  T721972162
Enschede (EGoC 1972)  T721972181
Enschede (EGoC 1972)  T7219928818
Entertainment: see Hum in subject index      
Entry Forms, On the Back of -Bailey, Steve*L+D19959830-
Environmental ExhibitionMatthews, Charles*Var199811120-
Epsom DownsMargetts, Paul*Clb19939253
Epsom Downs, From China to - *PAm19961047
Epsom Downs, Fun & Games in -Margetts, Paul et al*Gam19949712
Equipment: see Equ in subject index      
Erbach, Dave: see author index      
ErrataMacfadyen, Matthew*Lit19928921
Essen (German Open 1990)  T9019907830
Essen Tournament 1994  T9419949538
Eternal Life  Rul19701112
Eternal Life  Rul19835811
Ethics of Go. Part 1Sutton, David*Beh19939235-
Ethics of Go. Part 2Sutton, David*Beh19939240-
Etiquette, Attitudes & AdviceDowsey, Stuart*Beh19815421-
Etiquette, Go -Hall, T. Mark*Beh1973209
Euro-Go *T8919897514-
Europe: see also Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, USSR, Yugoslavia      
Europe-Korea Friendship Match 1983  T831983597-
European Championship: see also European Go Congress      
European Championship  TSy1975303
European Championship (1967) Game No.1Nagahara Yoshiaki*Gam1967225-
European Championship (1967) Game No.2 *Gam1967227-
European Championship (1974), A Game from the -Prescott, Paul*Gam1975294-
European Championship (1975), Game from -Prescott, Paul*Gam19763116-
European Championship (1976), The - Goes to France *T761976341-
European Championship (1985)Atkins, Tony*T851985666-
European Championship (1990) *T901990805-
European Championship 1967  T671967215
European Championship 1967  T671968451-
European Championship 1967Nagahara Y. et al*Gam1968451-
European Championship 1968  T68196861-
European Championship 1971  T7119711514
European Championship 1974  T7419752615
European Championship 1975  T7519753010-
European Championship 1977  T7719773819
European Championship 1978  T781978436
European Championship 1979  T791979464-
European Championship 1980  T801980506-
European Championship 1981  T811981543
European Championship 1986  T8619866818
European Championship 1988  T8819887224
European Championship 1988  T8819897423-
European Championship 1992  T9219928945
European Championship 1995  T95199510154
European Championship, Yet Another Scheme for the -Roads, Francis*TSy1991849-
European Class Scale  Rat196711
European Class Scale  Rat196982
European Computer Championship 1987  T8719877028
European Computer Championship 1987  T8719877119-
European Computer Championship 1988  T8819887224
European Computer Championship 1992  T9219939051-
European Congress (1971) Held in Bristol *T711971151
European Congress (1971) in Bristol *T711971141
European Congress (1978)Roberts, Mark*T781978436
European Congress (1983)Meiklejohn, Ian*T831983604-
European Congress (1984)Macfadyen, Matthew*T8419846310-
European Congress (1991) GP Games *Gam19918411-
European Congress 1970 *T701971136
European Congress 1980Macfadyen, Matthew*T801980505-
European Congress 1981Macfadyen, Matthew*T811981543
European Fujitsu Qualifying Tournament 1989  T8919897439
European Fujitsu Qualifying Tournament 1993  T9319949538
European Fujitsu Qualifying Tournament 1994  T9419959844
European Fujitsu Qualifying Tournament 1994  T9419959936-
European Fujitsu Qualifying Tournament 1995  T95199610245
European Fujitsu Qualifying Tournament 1996  T96199710745
European Fujitsu Qualifying Tournament 1997  T97199811053
European Go and Cultural Centre  Clb1992874
European Go and Cultural Centre  Clb19928837
European Go and Cultural Centre, The -Roads, Francis*Clb1992888
European Go Championship (1979)Macfadyen, Matthew*T791979464-
European Go Championship 1975, Krems, Austria *T7519753010-
European Go Championship 1976, Review: The -Matthews, Charles*Lit19773510
European Go Championship Final 1987Roads, Francis*Gam19877111-
European Go Congress: see also European Championship      
European Go Congress  Tou19835927
European Go Congress (1967), The XIth - *T671967215-
European Go Congress (1968), XIIth - *T681967329-
European Go Congress (1968), XIIth - *T68196861-
European Go Congress (1971), Results of - *T7119711514-
European Go Congress (1972), 16th - *T721972162
European Go Congress (1972), Sixteenth -Diamond, Jon*T721972181
European Go Congress (1977) *T7719773819
European Go Congress (1997) at MarseilleRoads, Francis**T97199710845-
European Go Congress 1961  T6119928627
European Go Congress 1962  T6219928817
European Go Congress 1963  T6319939244
European Go Congress 1964  T6419949611
European Go Congress 1965  T6519951004
European Go Congress 1966  T66199610410
European Go Congress 1967  T67196701
European Go Congress 1967  T671967225-
European Go Congress 1967  T671968451-
European Go Congress 1967  T6719971089
European Go Congress 1968  T68199811213
European Go Congress 1969  T69196872
European Go Congress 1969 *T69196982-
European Go Congress 1969 *T69196991
European Go Congress 1971  T711970123
European Go Congress 1971  T711991845
European Go Congress 1971 *T711971133-
European Go Congress 1972  T7219928818
European Go Congress 1973  T7319939244
European Go Congress 1974  T741975294-
European Go Congress 1974  T7419949611
European Go Congress 1974, 18th -Manning, Toby et al*T7419752615
European Go Congress 1975  T7519763116-
European Go Congress 1975  T7519951004
European Go Congress 1976  T761976341-
European Go Congress 1976  T7619763417-
European Go Congress 1976  T76199610410
European Go Congress 1976, Game from -Macfadyen, Matthew*Gam19763417-
European Go Congress 1977  T7719784218-
European Go Congress 1977  T7719971089
European Go Congress 1978  T7819784114
European Go Congress 1978  T7819784210
European Go Congress 1978  T781978436-
European Go Congress 1978  T78199811213
European Go Congress 1978  T7819784312
European Go Congress 1979  T7919794514
European Go Congress 1979  T791979464-
European Go Congress 1980  T801980505-
European Go Congress 1981  T811981543-
European Go Congress 1981  T811991845
European Go Congress 1982  T821982573-
European Go Congress 1982  T8219835927
European Go Congress 1982  T8219928818
European Go Congress 1983  T8319939245
European Go Congress 1984  T8419949611
European Go Congress 1985  T8519856417
European Go Congress 1985  T851985666-
European Go Congress 1985  T8519951004
European Go Congress 1986  T8619866818
European Go Congress 1986  T8619866820-
European Go Congress 1986  T86199610410
European Go Congress 1987  T8719877018
European Go Congress 1987  T8719877026-
European Go Congress 1987  T871987718
European Go Congress 1987  T8719877111-
European Go Congress 1987  T8719877119-
European Go Congress 1987  T8719971089
European Go Congress 1987Atkins, Tony*T8719877116-
European Go Congress 1988  T881987712
European Go Congress 1988  T8819887329
European Go Congress 1988  T8819897420-
European Go Congress 1988  T8819897423-
European Go Congress 1988  T88199811213
European Go Congress 1988, The -Roads, Francis*T8819887222-
European Go Congress 1989  T8919897514-
European Go Congress 1989  T891989765
European Go Congress 1989  T8919897625-
European Go Congress 1989  T8919897734-
European Go Congress 1989  T8919897736-
European Go Congress 1990  T901990805-
European Go Congress 1990  T9019908138
European Go Congress 1991  T9119908126
European Go Congress 1991  T911991848-
European Go Congress 1991  T9119918445-
European Go Congress 1991  T9119918536-
European Go Congress 1992  T921989745
European Go Congress 1992  T921989765
European Go Congress 1992  T921990785
European Go Congress 1992  T921992864
European Go Congress 1992  T9219928746
European Go Congress 1992  T921992884-
European Go Congress 1992  T9219928830-
European Go Congress 1992  T9219928929
European Go Congress 1992  T9219928937-
European Go Congress 1992  T9219928945
European Go Congress 1992  T9219939044-
European Go Congress 1992  T9219939051-
European Go Congress 1992  T9219939138-
European Go Congress 1992  T92199610317
European Go Congress 1992, Sponsorship of the - **Prm1990785
European Go Congress 1993  T9319939228-
European Go Congress 1993  T9319939257
European Go Congress 1993  T9319939349
European Go Congress 1993  T9319939355
European Go Congress 1994  T9419949634
European Go Congress 1994  T9419949714-
European Go Congress 1994  T9419949746
European Go Congress 1995  T95199510027
European Go Congress 1995  T95199510030-
European Go Congress 1995  T95199510042-
European Go Congress 1995  T95199510154
European Go Congress 1996  T96199610421
European Go Congress 1996  T96199610426-
European Go Congress 1996  T96199610442-
European Go Congress 1996  T96199610455
European Go Congress 1996  T96199610546-
European Go Congress 1997  T97199710822
European Go Congress 1997  T97199710845-
European Go Congress 1997  T97199710853
European Go Congress 1997  T97199811116
European Go Congress 1998  T98199811235-
European Go Congress 1998  T98199811238-
European Go Congress Logo Competition  Pub1989745
European Go Congress Logo Competition  Pub1989765
European Go Congress, Some Reasons for Going to a -Cross, Alison*Tou1981545
European Go CongressesAtkins, Tony*Tou19928645
European Go Federation: see EGF in subject index      
European Go Federation: see EGF      
European Go Journal  Lit199710745
European Grand Prix 1987/88  T881987717
European Grand Prix 1988/89  T8919897439
European Grand Prix 1988/89  T8919897530
European Grand Prix 1988/89  T8919897630
European Grand Prix 1988/89  T8919897741-
European Grand Prix 1989/90  T9019907830
European Grand Prix 1989/90  T9019907936-
European Grand Prix 1989/90  T9019908038
European Grand Prix 1989/90  T9019908138
European Grand Prix 1990/91  T9119908138
European Grand Prix 1990/91  T9119918238
European Grand Prix 1990/91  T911991834
European Grand Prix 1990/91  T9119918340
European Grand Prix 1990/91  T9119918411-
European Grand Prix 1990/91  T9119918445-
European Grand Prix 1991/92  T9219928654
European Grand Prix 1991/92  T9219928746
European Grand Prix 1991/92  T9219928837-
European Grand Prix 1991/92  T9219928945
European Grand Prix 1992/93  T9319939057-
European Grand Prix 1992/93  T9319939149
European Grand Prix 1992/93  T9319939260-
European Grand Prix 1992/93  T9319949449
European Grand Prix 1993/94  T9319949449
European Grand Prix 1993/94  T9419939356
European Grand Prix 1993/94  T9419949538
European Grand Prix 1993/94  T9419949641
European Grand Prix 1993/94  T9419949748-
European Grand Prix 1994/95  T9519959843-
European Grand Prix 1994/95  T9519959934
European Grand Prix 1994/95  T9519959956-
European Grand Prix 1994/95  T95199510061
European Grand Prix 1994/95  T95199510154
European Grand Prix 1995/96  T96199510155
European Grand Prix 1995/96  T96199610244-
European Grand Prix 1995/96  T96199610344-
European Grand Prix 1995/96  T96199610455
European Grand Prix 1995/96  T96199610546
European Grand Prix 1996/97  T97199710742
European Grand Prix 1996/97  T97199710745
European Grand Prix 1996/97  T97199710823
European Grand Prix 1996/97  T97199710853
European Grand Prix 1997/98  T98199811138
European Grand Prix 1997/98  T98199811141
European Grand Prix 1997/98  T98199811259
European Grand Prix Logo Competition  Pub19877125
European Ing Cup 1991  T9119918340
European Ing Cup 1993  T9319939149
European Ing Cup 1994  T9419949538
European Ing Cup 1995  T9519959957
European Ing Cup 1996  T96199610345
European Ing Cup 1997  T97199710716
European Pair Go Championship 1997  T97199710827
European Pair Go Championship 1997  T97199710853
European Ratings, The Relation Between Japanese and - **Rat1968453
European Team Tournament 1985  T851985663
European Team Tournament 1990  T9019908118
European Team Tournament 1990  T9019918211
European Team Tournament 1996  T9619971068-
European Team Tournament 1996  T96199710651-
European Team Tournament 1996  T96199710656-
European Youth Tournament 1997  T97199710745
European Youth Tournament 1998  T9819981114-
European Youth Tournament 1998  T98199811141
Eve, Alex: see author index      
Even Game: see also GEv in subject index      
Even Game Fuseki Studies. Part 1Shusai**Fus196712-
Even Game Fuseki Studies. Part 2Shusai**Fus1967218-
Even Game Fuseki Studies. Part 3Shusai**Fus1968454-
Even Game Fuseki Studies. Part 4Shusai**Fus196854-
Even Game Fuseki Studies. Part 5Shusai**Fus196868-
Even Game Joseki. Part 1 **Jos1967221-
Even Game Joseki. Part 2 **Jos1967331-
Even Game Joseki. Part 3 **Jos1968445
Even Game Joseki. Part 4 **Jos1968510-
Even Game Joseki. Part 5 **Jos196869-
Even Game Joseki. Part 6Diamond, Jon**Jos1969103-
Even Game Joseki. Part 7Diamond, Jon**Jos1970128-
Even Game Joseki. Part 8Diamond, Jon**Jos1971146-
Even Game, A Low Ranking -Tilley, John*Gam1969913-
Even-Game Knock-out Championship: see also National Knockout Championship      
Even-Game Knock-out Championship 1976, BGA - **T761975303
Ex-Presidential RuminationsRoads, Francis*BGA1976332-
Exit the Dinosaur *Gam1983609-
Expert Systems  Com19866828
Experts  Ply19918530-
Extend, How Far Should I - from My Wall?Mitchell, David**Tec19794519-
Extension  Jos196702
Extension  Jos1967224
Extension  Jos196876
Extension  Jos1969910-
Extension  Tec199510127-
Extension, Checking -  Fus1969810-
Extension, Shimari -  Fus19804820
Eye Space Liberties  Anl199610434-
Eye, Big - Against Big Eye  Anl199610528-
Eye, Big - Against Smaller Eye  Anl199710634-
Eye, Big - Against Smaller Eye  Anl199811030-
Eye, Big - Against Smaller Eye  L+D199710710-
Eye, One - Against No Eye  L+D19928935
Eye, One - Against No Eye  Anl199610432-
Eye, One - Against No Eye  L+D19971079
Eye, One - Against One Eye  L+D19939025
Eye-Making  Anl199710932-
Eye-stealing Tesuji  Tec196987-
Eye-stealing Tesuji  Tec199510126-
Eyeless Groups  L+D1992879
Eyes and ThingsChandler, Brian*L+D19908038
Eyes and Things SolutionsChandler, Brian*L+D19908131-
Eyes, Can't Take my - off YouBarker, Terry*Gam19897622-

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