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Tactical Possibilities of the Grosse Fuge, On the -Holroyd, Fred*T9419949725
Taguchi Teruko (obit)  PAm199811220
Taipei (World Youth Championship 1984) *T841984636-
Taisha Joseki  Jos19784119
Taiwan: see Taipei      
Takabe Dohei v. Duan Zhiquan  GH219939227
Takagawa Kaku: see also author index      
Takagawa Kaku v. Fujisawa Hosai (Judan Title 1965, Game 4)  GEv199710733-
Takagawa Kaku v. Hashimoto U. (Honinbo Title 1952, Game 1)  GEv1994977
Takagawa Kaku v. Lenz, Friedrich  GH61973215-
Takagawa Kaku v. Sakata Eio (Honinbo League 1952)  GEv19876925-
Takagawa Kaku v. Sakata Eio (Honinbo League 1952)  GEv19949612-
Takagawa Kaku v. Tanaka Fujio (1939)  GH11972167-
Takagawa Shukaku Film  Prm19783917
Takagawa Shukaku, Obituary - *PPr19876925
Takagawa's Problems  L+D19876927
Takagawa's Problems - Answers  L+D19876929
Takagawa, The BGA Greet Mr. - *PPr1973212
Takahashi v. Kitani Minoru  GH119773516-
Takamiya v. Hall, T. Mark (London Open 1988/89)  GEv19897430-
Takamoku Joseki  Jos1967221-
Takamoku Joseki  Jos1970128-
Takamoku Joseki  Jos1971146-
Takamoku Joseki  Jos19959925
Takemiya Masaki: see also author index      
Takemiya Masaki v. Abe Yoshiteru (Oteai 1977)  GEv1989755-
Takemiya Masaki v. Cho Chikun (Meijin League 1988)  GEv199610514
Takemiya Masaki v. Hashimoto Shoji (Pro Best Ten Tourn. 1969)  GEv19897725-
Takemiya Masaki v. Hashimoto Shoji (Pro Best Ten Tourn. 1969)  GEv19907921-
Takemiya Masaki v. Hashimoto U. (All Japan First Place Tourn. '72)  GEv19887319-
Takemiya Masaki v. Ishida Yoshio (Honinbo Title 1974, Game 2)  GEv19908122-
Takemiya Masaki v. Ishida Yoshio (Nihon Ki-in Ch'ship 1970)  GEv19897612-
Takemiya Masaki v. Ishida Yoshio (Pro Best Ten Tournament 1974)  GEv1990787-
Takemiya Masaki v. Kato Masao (Honinbo League 1974)  GEv19887322-
Takemiya Masaki v. Rin Kaiho (Honinbo League 1974)  GEv1991827-
Takemiya Masaki v. Rin Kaiho (Honinbo League 1976)  GEv199710647-
Takemiya Masaki v. Rin Kaiho (Pro Best Ten Title 1974, Game 1)  GEv19897416-
Takemiya's Eight Rules of Handicap Go **Hcp19763316
Talbot, Bob: see also author index      
Talbot, Bob v. Flatow, Kurt (Auckland Go Congress 1975)  GEv1976343-
Tale-piece *Hum199510128
Tales: see Tal in subject index      
Tales from the Wild South WestHunt, Paul*Clb199510119-
Tampere  Cit199710824
Tamura Hoju: see also Shusai      
Tamura Hoju v. Ishii Senji (Jubango 1895, Game 1)  GH119918222-
Tamura Hoju v. Ishii Senji (Jubango 1895, Game 2)  GH119918324-
Tamura Hoju v. Ishii Senji (Jubango 1895, Game 3)  GH119918325-
Tamura Hoju v. Ishii Senji (Jubango 1895, Game 4)  GH119918440-
Tamura Hoju v. Ishii Senji (Jubango 1895, Game 5)  GH119918517-
Tamura Hoju v. Ishii Senji (Jubango 1895, Game 6)  GH119928639-
Tamura Hoju v. Ishii Senji (Jubango 1895, Game 7)  GH119928714
Tamura Hoju v. Ishii Senji (Jubango 1895, Game 8)  GH119928829-
Tamura Hoju v. Ishii Senji (Jubango 1895, Game 9)  GH119928918-
Tamura Hoju v. Ishii Senji (Jubango 1895, Game 10)  GH119928919-
Tanaka Chieko: see author index      
Tanaka Fujio v. Takagawa Kaku (1939)  GH11972167-
Tang Tong B.: see author index      
Tao of Go, The -Sutton, David*Phi19959951
Taranu, Catalin  PPr199811238
Taranu, Catalin v. Chikchina, Svetlana (EGoC 1998)  GH1199811238-
Tavernier, Karel: see author index      
Taylor, Bill: see author index      
Teach Go, Learning to -Macfadyen, Matthew*Tch19949713
Teach Joseki  CNp19928614
Teach-in: see Tch in subject index      
Teachers Day 1996  Tch199610343-
Teaching: see also Tch in subject index      
Teaching Children  Tch1994976
Teaching Children  Tch199710622
Teaching Children  Tch199811037-
Teaching Children  Tch199811115-
Teaching Game, A -Hall, T. Mark*Gam19949630-
Teaching Problem, Solution to -Roads, Francis*Tch19907813-
Teaching Seminar 1977, Nihon Ki-in -  Tch1978408
Teaching, Action on Go -Macfadyen, Matthew*Tch1995987
Teaching, Go - in 1996Macfadyen, Matthew*Tch199610214
Team Go: see also Pair Go, Rengo      
Team GoTilley, John*Gam19731913-
Team Tournament: see Tou, T.. in subject index      
Technique: see also Tec in subject index      
Techniques, Basic - of GoNagahara Y. et al Lit1970115
Techniques, Lectures on Go -Cho Hun-hyun Lit19981126
Techniques, Vital - of Go: see also Techniques, Basic - of Go      
Techniques, Vital - of GoNagahara Y. et al**Lit19691014-
TelegoRichard, Steve CNp19959935
TelegoRichard, Steve CNw19939215
Telfer, Graham: see also author index      
Telfer, Graham  PAm19961046
Telitsin, Alex: see author index      
Ten Game Match: see Jubango      
Ten Thousand Year Ko  Rul19701112
Ten Thousand Year Ko  Rul19763317
Ten Thousand Year Ko  Tec19918217
Ten Thousand Year Ko  Tec1991835
Term Time *Tec19784019
Term Time *Tec19784121-
Term Time *Tec19784222
Term TimeMitchell, David*L+D19794417
Terms, Dictionary of Go -Barker, Terry*Hum19918523-
Terms, Go -  Beh19939055
Terms, Go -  Lan19939116-
Territorial StrategyHall, T. Mark*Gam199610339-
Territory  Str1967223-
Territory  Str199811018-
Territory in Front of WallsWard, David et al*Gam19949618-
Territory, Fourth Line -  Str19877134
Territory, Fourth Line -  Str199610212-
Territory, Second Line -  Str199610212-
Territory, Third Line -  Str199610212
Terry, Bob: see also author index      
Terry, Bob v. A.N.Other  GH819918336-
Terry, Bob v. High, Bob  GH419897627
Terschelling (EGoC 1985)  T8519856417
Terschelling (EGoC 1985)  T851985666-
Terschelling (EGoC 1985)  T8519951004
Test Your Go StrengthMiyamoto Naoki Lit19928638
Test Your Go StrengthMiyamoto Naoki Lit1994955-
Tesuji and Anti-Suji of GoSakata Eio Lit199710619
Tesuji and Anti-Suji of GoHampton, Jo et al*Lit199610511
Tesuji and KatachiTilley, John**Tec196985-
Tesuji Flash *Tec1984627-
Tesuji Flash *Tec19876911
Tesuji Flash Answer  Tec19876928
Tesuji from Actual Play, A -Hall, T. Mark*Tec19939043
Tesuji from Actual Play, A -Hall, T. Mark*Tec19939149
Tesuji TimeFairbairn, John*Tec1977357-
Tesuji!Atkins, Tony*Tec19928940
Tesuji! SolutionsAtkins, Tony*Tec19939040-
Tesuji, 1-2 Point -  Tec19815218-
Tesuji, Confining -  Tec19835823-
Tesuji, Eye-stealing -  Tec196987-
Tesuji, Eye-stealing -  Tec199510126-
Tesuji, Review of a -Castledine, Brian*Tec1976314-
Tesuji, Staircase -  Tec199610416-
Tesuji, Symmetrical Shape -Hall, T. Mark**L+D19887318
Thames Valley Clubs  Clb19887330
Thames Valley League 1985  T8519856518
Thames Valley League 1991  T9119918443
Thames Valley League 1993  T9319939260
Thames Valley Team Tournament 1994  T9419949523
Thames Valley Team Tournament 1994  T9419949537
Thames Valley Team Tournament 1995  T9519959956
Thames Valley Team Tournament 1996  T96199610342
Thames Valley Team Tournament 1997  T97199710742
Thewlis, John: see author index      
Thickness: see also Influence, Power      
Thickness  Str1971155
Thickness  Str19918510-
Thickness  Str199610336-
Thinking About GoDaly, Andrew*Fus19701210-
Thinking About GoDaly, Andrew*Str1969108-
Third and Fourth Line Play  Str1967223
Third Line  Fus19691011-
Third Line Corner  L+D199710915-
Third Line Group  L+D199610211-
Third Line Territory  Str199610212
Thompson, Bob: see author index      
Thornton, Alan v. Chin, Jonathan (British Go Congress 1997)  GEv199710842-
Thornton-in-Lonsdale Tournament: see also Three Peaks Tournament      
Thornton-in-Lonsdale Go Tournament (1993), The First -Roads, Francis*T9319949417-
Thrashing AboutHall, T. Mark*Gam1993926-
Three Colour Go  Var19763420
Three GenerationsBailey, Steve*Ply19907929
Three in a Row  Tec199510127
Three in a Row  Tec199710917
Three Peaks Tournament 1993  T9319949417-
Three Peaks Tournament 1993  T9319949445-
Three Peaks Tournament 1994  T9419959842
Three Peaks Tournament 1995  T95199510129
Three Peaks Tournament 1995  T95199510137
Three Peaks Tournament 1995  T95199510156
Three Peaks Tournament 1996  T96199710658
Three Peaks Tournament 1997  T97199811050
Three Players at Board 42Hazelden, Tim*Gam19928834-
Three Stone Game: see GH3 in subject index      
Three-Dans, Who's Afraid of Dutch -?Bagot, Bob**Gam19949714-
Three-Dimensional Go  Var199710639
Throw-in  Tec19971078
Throw-in  Tec199710830-
Tie for Open Championship (1979)Manning, Toby*T791979454
Tilley, John: see also author index      
Tilley, John v. Gray, Geoffrey  GH91973214
Tilley, John v. Hitchens, Bob (British Go Congress 1971)  GEv1971149-
Tilley, John v. Nagahara Yoshiaki  GH719721611-
Time: see also Byo-yomi, Overtime      
Time Gentleman Please!Ward, David*TCd19959941
Time Limits  TCd199510038
Time Limits  TCd199510137-
Time LimitsRoads, Francis*TCd19959940-
Time, More About -Jones, Alison*TCd199510037
Time, Using Our - Wisely?Bagot, Bob*Gam199510046-
Timmins, Brian: see also author index      
Timmins, Brian v. Hughes, Simon (Leicester Tournament 1980)  GEv19804912-
Timmins, Kathleen: see also author index      
Timmins, Kathleen v. Hone, Amanda  GH719928913
Timmins, Kathleen v. Schwarz, Harald (EGoC 1992)  GEv19939044-
Title Match: see Tou, T.. in subject index      
Title Winners, Professional -Fairbairn, John**PPr19763418
Tobi: see Jump      
Tobin, Norman: see also author index      
Tobin, Norman  PAm1991854
Tobin, Norman v. Grant, Andrew (Cambridge Tournament 1980)  GEv19804815-
Tobin, Norman v. Kirkham, Chris (British Go Congress 1984)  GEv19846327-
Tojo, The Last BanzaiBrowne, Courtney Lit199510145
Token Go  Var199811120-
Tokyo  Cit19928814-
Tokyo  Cit199811227-
Tokyo DiaryDiamond, Jon*Cou19752611-
Tokyo Go NewsletterDowsey, Stuart*Beh1971145
Tokyo Green CardsWedd, Nick*Hcp19928734-
Tokyo NewsletterDowsey, Stuart*Cou1971135-
Tokyo, Letter from -Stevinson, Guy*Clb19846218
Tolboom, J. v. Hall, T. Mark (EGoC 1989)  GEv19897625-
Toma v. Ota Seido  GEv19939225
Tong Shu: see author index      
Tony's Team Tournament 1998  T98199811139
Tony's TeasersAtkins, Tony*L+D19877126
Tony's TeasersAtkins, Tony*L+D19877137
Tony's Teasers. Part 2Atkins, Tony*L+D1988726
Tony's Teasers. Part 2 UpdateAtkins, Tony*L+D19887313
Tony's Teasers. Part 2, Answers to -Atkins, Tony*L+D19887216
Tony's Teasers. Part 3Atkins, Tony*L+D1988735
Tony's Teasers. Part 3 SolutionsAtkins, Tony*L+D19897434-
Top Go Players, Interviews with the World's - **PPr1972179-
Top, How to Get to the - *Tch19815219
Torazu Sanmoku  Rul19701112-
Torazu Sanmoku  Rul19836012-
Touch of Class, A -Ishii Kunio*Gam1983595-
Tough at the BottomSmith, Paul*Gam199610426-
Tourism Organization, Korea National -  Prm199710930
Tournament: see also Tou, TSy, TCd, TAw, T.., THs in subject index      
Tournament Conduct  Beh19928723
Tournament Conduct  Beh19928828
Tournament Conduct  Beh19928943
Tournament Conduct  Beh19939055
Tournament Conduct  Beh19939125
Tournament Conduct  Beh19959833
Tournament CoordinatorGranville, Richard*Tou1982555
Tournament Coordinator, BGA -  Tou1978409
Tournament Entrants, Late -  TCd19856520
Tournament Entrants, Late -  TCd19856615
Tournament Entry Forms, Rules for Producing -Atkins, Tony*Hum19887315-
Tournament Go 1992Power, John Lit199710619
Tournament LeviesHall, T. Mark*BGA19981113
Tournament Levy, The -Hall, T. Mark*BGA1990783
Tournament Organisation  Hum19846115
Tournament Organisation  TCd1980494
Tournament Organisation  TCd19939055
Tournament Organisers, Hints for -Hall, T. Mark*Hum19784213
Tournament Prizegiving  TAw199710836
Tournament, My First -Robinson, Daffyd**T98199811237
Tournament, The Smallest -?Bailey, Steve**T97199710813
Tournaments Reviewed. Part 1Roads, Francis*Tou19949733-
Tournaments Reviewed. Part 2Roads, Francis*Tou19959828-
Tournaments Reviewed. Part 3Roads, Francis*Tou19959914
Tournaments, Are There too Many -?Manning, Toby*Tou19846122
Tournaments, British -  Tou19846122
Tournaments, British -  Tou19846228
Tournaments, British -  Tou19949733-
Tournaments, British -  Tou19959828-
Tournaments, British -  Tou19959914
Tournaments, Financial Aid for - **Tou19951013
Tournaments, Prizes at Go -Manning, Toby**TAw19971087
Tournaments, Single Day -  Tou19949733-
Translation Guide, Chinese-English -  Lan1975304-
Translation Guide, Japanese-English -  Lan19701215
Translation Guide, Japanese-English -  Lan19939116-
Translation Guide, Japanese-English -  Lan19939244
Translation Guide, Japanese-English -  Lan19939252-
Translation Guide, Japanese-English -  Lan199510022-
Treasure Chest Enigma, The -Nakayama Noriyuki Lit19846214
Treasurer, Report by the BGA - for the Year 1/1/86 to 31/12/86Hall, T. Mark*BGA1987703
Trevanian: see author index      
Tricks, Department of Dirty -Pusey, John*Tal1976322
Trigantius Memorial Tournament: see also Cambridge Tournament      
Trigantius Memorial Tournament (1979)Polkinghorne, Peter*T7919794515
Trigantius Memorial Tournament 1977, The -Erbach, Dave*T771977379
Trigantius Tournament: see also Cambridge Tournament      
Trigantius Tournament (1980) *T8019804815-
Triple Ko  Rul19701112
Triple Ko  Rul19835810
Triple Ko  Rul19928621
Triple Ko, Barmouth -Macfadyen, Matthew**Tec199610429
Tripod Group  L+D199710916
Trivia, Go - ContinuedHall, T. Mark* 19918524
Trust, Castledine -  Prm1991824
Trust, Susan Barnes -  Prm19866817
Trust, Susan Barnes -  Prm1991824
Trust, Susan Barnes -Roads, Francis**Prm1985664
Trust, Susan Barnes -  Prm19846113
Trust, Susan Barnes -Roads, Francis**Prm1989773
Trust, The Castledine - **Prm1979463
Trust, The Castledine - **Prm1980474
Trust, The Castledine -Manning, Toby**Prm19866717
Trust, The Susan Barnes - **Prm19877123
Trust, The Susan Barnes - **Prm19928713
Tsuke: see Contact Move      
Tsuke-nobi Joseki  Jos196704
Tsuke-nobi Joseki  Jos1967110-
Tsuke-nobi Joseki  Jos199710825-
Tsuke-nobi Joseki  Jos199710928-
Tsuke-nobi Joseki  Jos19981104-
Tsuki-atari  Tec1973199-
Tsume Go GoliathWedd, Nick*CNp199710652-
Tsume-go: see also L+D in subject index      
Tsume-go: see also Life and Death      
Tsume-goChandler, Brian*L+D1977369
Tsume-go - AnswerChandler, Brian*L+D19773615
Tsume-go Corner *L+D19866823
Tsume-go Corner *L+D19876915
Tsume-go Corner Answers  L+D19866831
Tsume-go Corner Answers  L+D19876928-
Tsume-go Problems, Eight -Tang Tong B.*L+D19752812-
Tsume-go SolutionsTerry, Bob*L+D19918532-
Tsume-go, Studies in -Diamond, Jon*L+D1972188-
Tsuppari  Tec19835912-
Tsutsumi Kayako v. Manabe K. (NHK TV 9x9 Tourn. '91, Game 1)  G 919918431-
Tsutsumi Kayako v. Manabe K. (NHK TV 9x9 Tourn. '91, Game 2)  G 919918432-
Tuchola (EGoC 1995)  T95199510030-
Tuchola (EGoC 1995)  T95199510042-
Tuchola (EGoC 1995)  T95199510154
Tuchola (EGoC 1995) and WhyJones, Alison*T95199510027
Tudball v. RuddRudd, Simon et al**Gam19897526-
Tudball, Mike v. Rudd, Simon (Coventry Tournament 1989)  GEv19897526-
Tuncurry  Cit199710840
TurboGoLoeff van der, Arnoud CPl19939215
Turning the TideRoads, Francis*T9419949523
Turtle Shell  Tec199610334-
TV Tournament: see NHK Cup, NHK TV 9x9 Tournament      
Two Moves in a Row, The Value of -Macfadyen, Matthew*Gam19939033-
Two Stone Game: see GH2 in subject index      
Two-Point Jump: see Niken-tobi      
Two-Stone Go  Var19763420
Uchikomi: see Invasion      
Ukraine: see Kharkov      
Unattached BGA Members  BGA1985664
Unattached BGA Members  BGA19866817
Unbreakable TieHall, T. Mark*Gam199610540-
University of East Anglia v. Bristol Club (Club Match 1970)  T701970123
University of East Anglia v. Cambridge Club (Club Match 1968)  T68196852
Unnecessary MovesRoads, Francis*Gam19876912-
Ups and DownsHolroyd, Fred*Gam19949740-
Urgent Point  Str199610333-
US Eastern Championship 1976  T7619773519
US Go ComputersGardner, Sue**Com19939338
US Go Congress (1991)Roads, Francis*T9119918437-
US Go Congress 1989  T8919897721-
US Go Congress 1990  T9019918239
US Go Congress 1992  T9219928735
US Go Congress 1993  T9319939338
US Go Congress 1994  T9419939353
US Go Congress 1994  T941994976
US Go Congress 1994  T9419949746-
US Go Congress 1994Roads, Francis*T941994978-
US Go Congress 1995  T95199510154
US Go Congress 1996  T96199610547
US Go Congress 1997  T97199710949
US Open 1994  T9419949746
USA: see also Cleveland/OH, Denver/CO, Lancaster/PA, New Brunswick/NJ, New Jersey, New York, Rochester/NY, Salem/OR, San Francisco, Seattle/WA, South Hadley/MA,Washington/DC     
USA-Anglo Telephone Match (1978)Pirani, Adam et al**T7819784214-
USSR: see also Russia      
USSR  Cou19907830
USSR-Anglo Telephone Match (1978)Cross, Alison**T781978418-

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