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Fage, Paul: see author index      
Fair Comment?Paterson, Sue*Ply19846321
Fairbairn, John: see author index      
Family Holiday for Go Players, A -?Roads, Francis*Tou19763312
Fancy Moves  Tec199811020
Farnham (RTP Handicap Tournament 1987)  T8719897523
Farnham (RTP Handicap Tournament 1987)  T8719897733
Farnham (RTP Handicap Tournament 1988)  T8819897438
Farnham Teach-in: see West Surrey Teach-in      
Fassbender, Jochen: see also author index      
Fassbender, Jochen v. Nakayama Noriyuki (EGoC 1992)  GH5199610317
Fathers' Day (1982)White, Mike*T8219825716
Fawthrop, Steve: see also author index      
Fawthrop, Steve v. Chandler, Brian (Northern Go Congress 1976)  GEv19773714-
Fax Service, BGA -  Pub1994969
Fax Service, BGA -  Pub19949621
Fearnley v. Hall **Gam19784117
Fearnley, Harry: see also author index      
Fearnley, Harry v. Hall, T. Mark (British Go Congress 1978)  GEv19784117
Fearnley, Harry v. Reece, Jonathan  GH4199610230-
Fearnley, Harry v. Reece, Jonathan  GH4199610320-
Felix Yerry: see author index      
Felsted (British Go Congress 1995)  T9519959927
Felsted (British Go Congress 1995)  T9519959955-
Felsted (British Go Congress 1995)  T95199610422-
Female: see also Ladies, Women      
Female Players  Ply19846321
Female Players  Ply1985647
Female Players  Ply19856520
Female Players  Ply19959938
Female Players  Ply199510038-
Female Players  Ply199510137
Feng Yun: see also author index      
Feng Yun  PPr19949437
Feng Yun  PPr19959911
Feng Yun  PPr19959950
Feng Yun  PPr19959956
Feng Yun in BritainAtkins, Tony*PPr1993926
Feng Yun v. Hall, T. Mark  GH31993926-
Feng Yun v. Hua Xue-ming (Chinese Individual Tournament 1993)  GEv1994944-
Feng Yun v. Liang Wei Tang (Chinese Promotion Tourn. 1994)  GEv1994964-
Feng Yun v. Rix, Alex  GH31993924-
Feng Yun v. Rui Naiwei (World Wom. Ch'ship Title 1995, Game 1)  GEv1995994-
Feng Yun v. Rui Naiwei (World Wom. Ch'ship Title 1995, Game 2)  GEv1995998-
Feng Yun v. Rui Naiwei (World Wom. Ch'ship Title 1995, Game 3)  GEv19959910
Feng Yun v. Wall, Alistair  GH419939210-
Feng Yun, Visit of -Rix, Alex*Gam1993924-
Fighting is Good for YouManning, Toby*Gam19846327-
Fighting SpiritMeiklejohn, Ian*Gam19846221-
Fighting, All - and Horrible MistakesFinch, Andy**Gam19928731-
File Formats, Go Game -  Com19961028
Financial Aid for Tournaments **Tou19951013
Financial Position of the BGA, The -Manning, Toby**BGA19825514
Finch, Andy: see also author index      
Finch, Andy v. Go Hong Sok  GEv19908028-
Finch, Andy v. Lee Se-Ho  GEv19928731-
Fink, Ervin: see also author index      
Fink, Ervin  PAm19783915
Finking, Robert: see author index      
Finland: see also Helsinki, Tampere      
Finland  Cou199710823-
First Kyu: see also One-Kyu      
First Kyu, The German -'s Nightmare *Hum19887225
First Tournament, My -Robinson, Daffyd**T98199811237
Five Stone Game: see GH5 in subject index      
Flatow, Kurt v. Talbot, Bob (Auckland Go Congress 1975)  GEv1976343-
Flexible Komi  TCd199510138
Flexible Komi  TCd199610218
FlipperWedd, Nick CNp19949440
Floater, The -Fairbairn, John*Gam1976345-
Foot VotingRoads, Francis*T9019907829
Forcing Move: see Kikashi      
Forsyth Notation for Go, A -Roads, Francis*Inf1974245-
FOST Cup (World Open Computer Championship 1995)  T95199510155
FOST Cup (World Open Computer Championship 1996)  T96199610547
Fotland, Dave: see author index      
Four Corners  Str199610418-
Four Larks and a HenSmithers, Eddie et al*Gam19846118-
Four Stone Game: see also GH4 in subject index      
Four Stone GameMacfadyen, Matthew*Gam19763114-
Four Stone HandicapCann, Desmond*Gam199610220-
Four Stone Handicap Game *Gam1968515-
Four Stones Handicap Game *Gam1969814-
Fourth Line Territory  Str19877134
Fourth Line Territory  Str199610212-
Fourth Line, Third and - Play  Str1967223
France: see Cannes, Grenoble, Marseille, Paris      
Francis in AustralasiaRoads, Francis**Cou199710941-
Francis in AustralasiaRoads, Francis**Cou199811025-
Francis in AustralasiaRoads, Francis**Cou199811131-
Francis in Australasia. Part 1Roads, Francis**Cou199710629-
Francis in Australasia. Part 2Roads, Francis**Cou199710735-
Francis in Australasia. Part 3Roads, Francis**Cou199710838-
Fraser, Clive: see author index      
Free-for-AllBarker, Terry*Gam19897520-
Freiburg Tournament 1996  T96199610345
French Go Tournament: see also Paris Tournament      
French Go Tournament (1975)Manning, Toby*T7519752813
French Go, The Master of -Timmins, Brian**PAm199710822
Friendly Game, A -Holroyd, Fred et al*Gam19897412-
Friesian FrolicsMacfadyen, Matthew*L+D19856614
Friesian Frolics Answers  L+D19856630
Fujimura's Position  Rul19846223
Fujisawa Hosai  PPr19959821
Fujisawa Hosai v. Kato Masao (Honinbo League 1970)  GEv199710734-
Fujisawa Hosai v. Kubouchi Shuchi (Meijin League 1968)  GEv199710734-
Fujisawa Hosai v. Sakata Eio (Meijin League 1975)  GEv19846120-
Fujisawa Hosai v. Takagawa Kaku (Judan Title 1965, Game 4)  GEv199710733-
Fujisawa Shuko v. Kajiwara Takeo (Honinbo League 1966)  GEv1970116-
Fujisawa Shuko v. Kamimura Haruo  GEv1994958-
Fujisawa Shuko v. Kato Masao (Kisei Title 1978, Game 7)  GEv199510117-
Fujisawa Shuko v. Rin Kaiho  GEv196705
Fujisawa Shuko v. Sakata Eio (Meijin League 1967)  GEv196867
Fujitsu Finals: see also Fujitsu Qualifying Tournament, European -      
Fujitsu Finals (1994), Second EGF -Miyamoto Naoki et al*Gam19959936-
Fujitsu Cup (World Championship 1990), The -Macfadyen, Matthew*T901990796-
Fujitsu Cup (World Championship 1992)  T9219928746
Fujitsu Cup (World Championship 1994)  T9419949728-
Fujitsu Grand Prix: see European Grand Prix      
Fujitsu Qualifying Tournament 1989, European -  T8919897439
Fujitsu Qualifying Tournament 1993, European -  T9319949538
Fujitsu Qualifying Tournament 1994, European -  T9419959844
Fujitsu Qualifying Tournament 1994, European -  T9419959936-
Fujitsu Qualifying Tournament 1995, European -  T95199610245
Fujitsu Qualifying Tournament 1996, European -  T96199710745
Fujitsu Qualifying Tournament 1997, European -  T97199811053
Fukuda Masayoshi: see author index      
Fundamentals of Go, Lessons in the -Kageyama Toshiro Lit19794416
Fundamentals of Go, The -Sutton, David*Lit19794416
Furuyama Kazunari: see author index      
Furze Platt Club  Clb19897630
Furze Platt Do it Again!Eve, Alex*T8819887217-
Furze Platt Go Party 1987  T8719877118
Furze Platt Go Party 1990  T9019918239
Furze Platt Tournament 1992  T9219928653
Furze Platt Tournament 1992  T9219928726-
Furze Platt Tournament 1992  T9219928943
Furze Platt Tournament 1993  T9319939058
Furze Platt Tournament 1994  T9419949448
Furze Platt Tournament 1995  T9519959812-
Furze Platt Tournament 1995  T9519959826-
Furze Platt Tournament 1995  T9519959843
Furze Platt Tournament 1996  T96199610243-
Furze Platt Tournament 1997  T97199710660
Furze Platt Tournament 1998  T98199811052-
Fuseki: see also Fus in subject index      
Fuseki: see also Opening      
FusekiHall, T. Mark*Fus19784221
Fuseki & FightingHall, T. Mark*Gam19918316-
Fuseki in the 14th Meijin League (1975)Erbach, Dave**Fus19783913
Fuseki ProblemManning, Toby*Fus1978391-
Fuseki Problems, Elementary - *Fus19784220-
Fuseki Studies, Even Game -. Part 1Shusai**Fus196712-
Fuseki Studies, Even Game -. Part 2Shusai**Fus1967218-
Fuseki Studies, Even Game -. Part 3Shusai**Fus1968454-
Fuseki Studies, Even Game -. Part 4Shusai**Fus196854-
Fuseki Studies, Even Game -. Part 5Shusai**Fus196868-
Fuseki, Central -Daly, Andrew**Gam19794419
Fuseki, Concepts of -Takagawa Kaku*Fus1972167-
Fuseki, Modern Joseki and -Sakata Eio Lit196853
Fuseki, Modern Joseki and -Sakata Eio Lit1970115
Fuseki, Modern Joseki and -Sakata Eio Lit19701214
Fuseki, Modern Joseki and -Sakata Eio Lit199610314
Fuseki, New -  Fus19804720
Fuseki, New -  Fus1993909-
Fuseki, Shin -Bates, Jim**Fus19773515-
Future ChampionMoore, J. A.*PAm19752914
Future, Bright -Roads, Francis*T8919897713-
Game: see also Gam, GEv, GH, G 9, G13, GRg, GVr in subject index      
Game Commentaries: see also Gam in subject index      
Game Commentaries  Inf19784318
Game of Wei-Chi, The -Fearnley, Harry*Lit199610319
Game of Wei-Chi, The -Pecorini, Daniele et al Lit199510145
Games and PuzzlesPritchard, David B. Prm1973191
Games and PuzzlesPritchard, David B.*Lit1975264
Games and PuzzlesPritchard, David B.*Prm19721613
Games Festival, Cannes: The - (1998)Blockley, Edward**T9819981114-
Games of Go on DiskHall, T. Mark CNp199510138
Games, Other -: see OGm in subject index      
Gannets and GoRoads, Francis*Tch19949736-
Gardner, Sue: see also author index      
Gardner, Sue: see also Wilcox, Sue      
Gardner, Sue  PAm19949511
Garling, Dieter: see author index      
Garmisch-Partenkirchen (EGoC 1962)  T6219928817
Gegg, Sean (obit)  PAm19804712
Gembi Monnyu v. Senchi Senkaku  GH21994954-
Gender Bias?Roads, Francis*Hum19949514
General Meetings: see also AGM, EGM      
General Meetings (1972) of the BGA *BGA1972176-
Geneva Tournament 1988  T8819897439
Geneva Tournament 1989  T8919907830
Geneva Tournament 1991  T9119928654
Genjo  PHs1994968-
Genjo v. Chitoku Senchi (1805)  GH11994968-
Gennan Inseki  PHs1994974-
Gennan Inseki  PHs19959912-
Gennan Inseki v. Jowa  GH119815210-
Gennan Inseki v. Jowa (1815)  GH11994974
Gennan Inseki v. Shusaku (1846)  GH119951005-
Gennan Inseki v. Shuwa (1840)  GH119959912-
German Championship 1976  T7619773519
German Championship 1983  T8319836014
German Open 1990  T9019907830
Germany: see Baden, Barsinghausen, Berlin, Cottbus, Darmstadt, Dusseldorf, Essen, Freiburg, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Hamburg, Hannover, Konigswinter, Sprendlingen, Staufen      
Get Strong at InvadingBozulich, Richard Lit19971088
Get Strong at JosekiMacfadyen, Matthew**Lit199610440
Get Strong at the EndgameBozulich, Richard Lit199710836
Get Strong at the EndgameHunter, Richard**Lit19971077
Geta  Tec19784222
Geta  Tec199811017
Geta ProblemsHall, T. Mark*Tec19877124
Geta Problems - AnswersHall, T. Mark*Tec19877138
Getting High on GoNaef, Lionel*Cou19856430
Getting NoticedWoodnutt, David*Pub19928825
Ghani, Neil v. Barnard, Paul (London Open 1995/96)  GEv199811224-
Giant Leap for Go, A -Margetts, Paul*PAm199610215
Giant-KillerHall, T. Mark*Gam19959826-
Gibson, Diarmid: see author index      
Gilder, Dan v. Hall, T. Mark (British Go Congress 1991)  GEv19918316-
Given/Macfadyen/Buit v. Iwata/Potter/Paatero  GRg19856628-
Glasgow (Scottish Open 1997)  T97199710851
Glasgow (Scottish Open 1998)  T98199811257
Glasgow Club v. Edinburgh Club (Club Match 1984)  T841984629
GnuGoLi Man L. CPl19949441
GoEllul, Sophia*Hum199510121
Go - A Guide to the GamePritchard, David B. Lit1974229
Go 4.3 v. Go (European Computer Championship 1992)  GEv19939051-
Go 4.3 v. Progo (European Computer Championship 1992)  GEv19939052-
Go and Apres-GoJones, Andrew*T9419949425-
Go Bores of TodayManning, Toby*Hum19951004
Go by NumbersCann, Desmond*Anl19939329
Go by Numbers AnswersCann, Desmond*Anl19939344
Go CardsAtkins, Tony*Pub19918327
Go for BeginnersIwamoto Kaoru Lit19721813
Go Games Against Pros: see GoGap      
Go Hong Sok v. Finch, Andy  GEv19908028-
Go InfoTelitsin, Alex CNp199710930
Go IntellectChen, Ken CPl19928612
Go JunkiPuxty, John*Tch19959916-
Go KiburiHampton, Jo*Hum19959811
Go KiburiRoads, Francis*Hum199510115
Go Kiburi ... Nearly Gets WedBrooks, Elinor*Hum19959915
Go Kiburi Carves OnSutton, David*Hum19939327
Go Kiburi Falls IllHampton, Jo*Hum19949531
Go Kiburi Goes on StrikeBailey, Steve*Hum199510044
Go Kiburi in JailHall, T. Mark*Hum19939114
Go Kiburi in the ArmyBlom, Jaap K.*Hum19949416
Go Kiburi is WidowedBailey, Pauline*Hum19961039
Go Kiburi Takes up WoodworkSutton, David*Hum19939239
Go Kiburi's DreamBailey, Pauline*Hum19949724
Go Kiburi, The Further Adventures of -Sutton, David*Hum19949628
Go Kichi Title 1990 (?)  T90199710610-
Go MaximizerGrant, Andrew*CNp19959924-
Go MoonDijkema, Peter Lit19897621
Go PerspectiveNihon Ki-in Lit19783919
Go Player's Almanac, The -Bozulich, Richard Lit19928825
Go Player's Almanac, The -Bozulich, Richard Lit19928921
Go Player's Almanac, The -Bozulich, Richard Lit1993909-
Go Player's Almanac, The -Sutton, David**Lit19928931
Go Player's Song Book, The -Hall, T. Mark**Lit199710644
Go ProfessionalWedd, Nick*CPl199610512-
Go Proverbs IllustratedSegoe Kensaku Lit1970115
Go ReviewNihon Ki-in Lit196712
Go ReviewNihon Ki-in Lit1970115
Go ReviewNihon Ki-in Lit19949530
Go ReviewPindar, John*Lit1976333
Go Schools  OHs19928710-
Go SchoolsJones, Alison*Tch1990814
Go SchoolsMacfadyen, Matthew*Tch1990804
Go Seigen  PPr1972179-
Go Seigen  PPr1993909-
Go Seigen  PPr19939134
Go Seigen  PPr19961054-
Go Seigen  PPr19971075-
Go Seigen v. Hayashi Yutaro (1933)  GH119939010
Go Seigen v. Iwamoto Kaoru (1933)  GH11993909
Go Seigen v. Iwamoto Kaoru (Jubango 1948, Game 1)  GH119971074-
Go Seigen v. Kajiwara Takeo (NHK Cup 1968)  GEv19897622-
Go Seigen v. Kitani Minoru (1934)  GEv19835822
Go Seigen v. Mukai Kazuo (1933)  GH11993909
Go Seigen v. Sakata Eio (Meijin Tournament 1962)  GEv1995986-
Go Seigen v. Shusai  GH119773515-
Go Seigen v. Shusai (1933)  GH119961054-
Go Set, A Braille -Heavens, Steve**Equ19773720
Go Set, Self-Made -  Equ1976326-
Go Sets Sold in Britain  Hum19856520
Go Sets, There's - and Go SetsSmith, Paul*Equ19752710-
Go ShieldPhillips, David*T9019908031-
Go Theory, Proceedings of the IInd Seminar of Scientific -Heine, Klaus Lit19815119
Go TutorJones, David Lit19794413
Go TutorJones, David*Lit19784311
Go TutorWebber, Nick Lit19825511
Go: see also Peirson, Steve -'s Program      
Go v. Go 4.3 (European Computer Championship 1992)  GEv19939051-
Go VikingsAustin, Leo*Clb19908032
Go WorldPower, John Lit19773713
Go WorldPower, John Lit1986679
Go WorldPower, John Lit19949530
Go World, GoScribe and -Hall, T. Mark**CNp19918213
Go, In Search of -Finch, Andy*Cou19918519-
Go, Some Thoughts on -Diamond, Jon*Tch1972186-
Go-Mann-GoMarshall, Philip*T9719971099
Go: International Handbook and DictionaryTilley, John Lit19711515
Go4++: see Go Professional      
GobaseGarling, Dieter CNp19949441
Goddard, Tony v. Diamond, Jon (British Ch'ship 1972, Game 1)  GEv19721814-
Goddard, Tony v. Diamond, Jon (British Championship 1971)  GEv19711412-
Goddard, Tony v. Diamond, Jon (British Go Congress 1968)  GEv1968513-
Goddard, Tony v. Prescott, Paul (Challengers League 1977)  GEv1977384-
Godokoro  OHs19928710-
Godraw: A Tournament AidKaniuk, Geoff*CNp1992893-
GoGapWedd, Nick*CNp19971088-
Going Down FightingDaly, Andrew*Gam19794616-
Golden Dragon Tournament (1976)Prescott, Paul*T761976339
Golden Dragon Tournament 1967  T67196712
Golden Dragon Tournament 1968  T68196852
Golden Dragon Tournament 1978  T7819784123
Golden OpportunitiesRin Kaiho Lit199610440
Golden Rule, The - *Gam19856620-
GoliathBoon, Mark CPl19866829
GoliathBoon, Mark CPl19928612
Goliath v. Goliath  GEv19876910-
Goliath version 3.5Wedd, Nick*CPl199710652
Gone Missing?Hall, T. Mark*Tec19908135-
Good Shape: see also Katachi      
Good Shape, What is -?Roads, Francis**Tec19846224-
Good Shape, What is -?Roads, Francis**Tec19846329-
Good Start, A -Tanaka Chieko et al*Gam19887228
Goodey, Tom: see author index      
Gooskens, Mark  PIn19846213
Gooskens, Mark v. Lee, Harold (Amsterdam Tournament 1981)  GEv19815314-
GoScribe: see also GoView      
GoScribeLobb, Wayne CNp1992864
GoScribeLobb, Wayne CNp1992868
GoScribeLobb, Wayne CNp19928643
GoScribeLobb, Wayne CNp19939010
GoScribeLobb, Wayne CNp19959935
GoScribe and Go WorldHall, T. Mark**CNp19918213
GoScribe: The Movie!Hall, T. Mark*CNp19918514
Gosei Tournament 1984  T8419939142-
Goss, Simon: see also author index      
Goss, Simon - Retires *PAm19981127
Goss, Simon v. Ward, David (British Go Congress 1994)  GEv19949618-
Gote  Yos196855-
Gothenburg Tournament 1988  T8819897439
Gothenburg Tournament 1989  T8919907830
Gothenburg Tournament 1990  T9019918238
Gothenburg Tournament 1991  T9119928654
Gothenburg Tournament 1992  T9219928937
Gothenburg Tournament 1992  T9219939057
Gothenburg Tournament 1993  T9319949449
Gothenburg Tournament 1994  T9419959844
Gothenburg Tournament 1995  T95199610244
Gothenburg Tournament 1996  T96199710745
Goto, David: see also author index      
Goto, David  PAm1980487
Gotools 1.3 for PCMacfadyen, Matthew*CNp199610228
Gough, Gew or Geau?  Lan199610520
Gough, Gew or Geau?Roads, Francis*Lan199610425
GoView: see also GoScribe      
GoViewWedd, Nick*CNp19959935
Grading: see also Rat in subject index      
Grading: see also Dan, Kyu      
Grading: see also Rating      
Grading  Rat1978427
Grading Committee, BGA -  Rat1978426
Grading Committee, BGA -  Rat19949437
Grading Committee, The - And What it DoesMacfadyen, Matthew*Rat199610235
Grading Debate, The Great -Daly, Andrew*Rat19877015-
Grading Ladder, Woodford -Roads, Francis**Rat19773712
Grading List *Ply19742415
Grading List *Ply19804916
Grading List *Ply19815416-
Grading List *Ply19836013
Grading List, BGA - *Ply1975279
Grading List, BGA - *Ply1975296
Grading List, BGA - *Ply1975309
Grading List, BGA - *Ply1976329
Grading List, BGA -Prescott, Paul*Ply19763416
Grading List, BGA -Prescott, Paul*Ply19773612-
Grading List, Dan - **Ply19784115
Grading List, High Kyu - **Ply19784223
Grading System for New Clubs, A -Allen, John*Rat19773617
Grading, BGA -  Rat199811021
Grading, International -  Rat199811116
Gradings *Ply19742215
Gradings, BGA -Prescott, Paul*Rat19763111-
Grand FinaleMacfadyen, M. et al*Gam19897423-
Grand Prix: see also British Youth Grand Prix, European Grand Prix      
Grand Prix de Go Tournaments (1987/88) *T881987717
Grand Prix Ranking 1991Lee, Harold*T911991834
Grant, Andrew: see also author index      
Grant, Andrew  PAm1980487
Grant, Andrew v. Holroyd, Fred  GH319907818-
Grant, Andrew v. Tobin, Norman (Cambridge Tournament 1980)  GEv19804815-
Granville's Program v. Przybyla's Pr. (Acornsoft Comp.Tourn. 1984)  G1319846123-
Granville, Richard: see also author index      
Granville, Richard v. Bates, Jim (Challengers League 1983)  GEv19836022-
Granville, Richard v. Chandler, Brian (London Open 1984/85)  GEv19856415
Granville, Richard v. Hall, T. Mark (Wessex Tournament 1981)  GEv19825524-
Granville, Richard v. Hazelden, Tim (Candidates Tournament 1986)  GEv1986684-
Granville, Richard v. Huang (Paris Tournament 1982)  GEv19825618-
Granville, Richard v. Mutabzija, Zoran (EGoC 1986)  GEv19866821-
Granville, Richard v. Newton, Roger E.  GH519815121-
Granville, Richard v. Reysset, Pascal (EGoC 1981)  GEv1981544-
Granville, Richard v. Smith, John (Candidates Tournament 1984)  GEv19846217
Gray Collection in Black and White, The -Pindar, John*Art1976336-
Gray, Geoffrey: see also author index      
Gray, Geoffrey  PAm1976336-
Gray, Geoffrey v. Edwards, C. (British Go Congress 1971)  GEv1973194-
Gray, Geoffrey v. Nagahara Yoshiaki  GH919731914-
Gray, Geoffrey v. Tilley, John  GH91973214
Great Joseki Debates, The -Honda Kunihisa Lit19939029
Green v. Berry **Gam19784117-
Green, John v. Berry, Robert (British Go Congress 1978)  GEv19784117-
Greenbury, Dr. - (obit)  PAm19908038
Greenway, N. v. Macpherson, Andrew  GEv19876912-
Grenoble (EGoC 1987)  T8719877018
Grenoble (EGoC 1987)  T8719877026-
Grenoble (EGoC 1987)  T871987718
Grenoble (EGoC 1987)  T8719877111-
Grenoble (EGoC 1987)  T8719877116-
Grenoble (EGoC 1987)  T8719877119-
Grenoble (EGoC 1987)  T8719971089
Groenen, Geert v. Macfadyen, Matthew (EGoC 1992)  GEv19928830-
Gromovoi, Leonid v. John, Wolfgang (Prague Tournament 1980)  GH219804821-
Groot de v. SmithSmith, Paul**Gam19928939-
Groot de v. Smith, Paul (EGoC 1992)  GEv19928939-
Grovel *L+D19835924
Grovel ... *Gam19897510
Guildford Teach-in: see West Surrey Teach-in      

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