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by Subject, V-Z

ValyutaRoads, Francis*Hum19939313-
Vancouver/BC Club  Clb19907933
Variant Game: see GVr in subject index      
Variants, Go -: see Var in subject index      
Vasilov, Alexander v. Macfadyen, M. (Anglo-USSR Tel. Match '78)  GEv1978419-
Veltkamp, Frans v. Barnes, Sue (EGoC 1980)  GEv19805010-
Video GoChandler, Brian*Gam19928926-
Video Go SolutionsChandler, Brian*Tec19939258-
Video Go, More -Chandler, Brian*Gam19939036-
Video Go, More -Hunter, Richard*Gam1994958-
Vienna (EGoC 1970)  T701971136
Vienna (EGoC 1990)  T901990805-
Vienna (EGoC 1990)  T9019908138
Vienna Tournament 1990  T9019907936
Vienna Tournament 1991  T9119918340
Vienna Tournament 1992  T9219928746
Vienna Tournament 1993  T9319939149
Vienna Tournament 1994  T9419949538
Vienna Tournament 1996  T96199610345
Vienna Tournament 1997  T97199710745
Vienna Tournament 1997  T97199710853
Virtues of Vigour, The -Barty, Jim*Gam19815216-
Vital Point: see also Key Point      
Vital Points of GoTakagawa Kaku Lit1970115
Vital Techniques of Go: see also Basic Techniques of Go      
Vital Techniques of GoNagahara Y. et al**Lit19691014-
Voisey, p.v. Daniel, Roger (London Open 1992/93)  GEv19939118-
Volga Boat Trip (Tournament 1992)Wedd, Nick*T9219928827-
Volga Boat Trip Tournament 1990  T9019908138
Volga Boat Trip Tournament 1991  T9119918445
Volga Boat Trip Tournament 1992  T9219928838
Volga Boat Trip Tournament 1993  T9319939261
Vries de, Henk v. Prescott, Paul (EGoC 1974)  GEv1975294-
Vries de, Henk v. Rehm, Robert (Dutch 13x13 Championship 1978)  G1319794415-
Vulgarity *Jos1980504
W.K.D., Problems from -Roads, Francis*Tec19887328
W.K.D., Solutions from -Roads, Francis*Tec19897436-
WAC: see World Amateur Championship      
WAGC: see World Amateur Championship      
Wakata Koichi  PAm199610215
Wales: see Barmouth      
Wales: see also Welsh ...      
Walker, David v. Clemot (Paris Tournament 1981)  GEv19815312-
Wall  Str199610336-
Wall v. ZhangWall, Alistair**Gam19939032-
Wall, Alistair: see also author index      
Wall, Alistair v. Barnard, Paul (Candidates Tournament 1993)  GEv19939322-
Wall, Alistair v. Feng Yun  GH419939210-
Wall, Alistair v. Lee, Harold (London Open 1980/81)  GEv19815118
Wall, Alistair v. Rickard, John (Sonoyama Trophy Tourn. 1993)  GEv19939348-
Wall, Alistair v. Zhang Shutai  GH319939032-
Wall, Alistair v. Zhang Shutai  GH419928622-
Wall, How Far Should I Extend from My -?Mitchell, David**Tec19794519-
WallyNewman, Bill CPl19949441
Walters, Wayne: see author index      
Wang  PPr19949715
Wang Chuan v. Liu Xiaoguang (All China Championship 1978)  GEv19794621
Wang Dongliang  PPr19959950
Wang Dongliang  PPr19959956
Wang Yu Fei v. Lim Eui Jae (Sydney Cup Tournament 1993)  GEv1993916-
Wangwi Title 1995  T95199510050-
Wanstead Club: see also Woodford Club      
Wanstead Club  Clb19949425-
Wanstead Club v. Leamington Spa Club (Club Match 1993)  T9319949421
Wanstead Club v. Milton Keynes Open Univ. (Club Match 1994)  T9419949725
Wanstead Club v. Stevenage Club (Club Match 1994)  T9419949519
Wanstead Go ClubRoads, Francis*Clb19939027-
Wanstead Go Club SongRoads, Francis*Hum19949443
Wanstead Rip-off, A -Roads, Francis*Psy199510021
Wanstead Tournament 1985  T851985663
Wanstead Tournament 1986  T8619866816
Wanstead Tournament 1989  T8919897415
Wanstead Tournament 1989  T8919897438-
Wanstead Tournament 1990  T9019907829
Wanstead Tournament 1991  T9119918340-
Wanstead Tournament 1992  T9219928742
Wanstead Tournament 1993  T9319939146
Wanstead Tournament 1994  T9419949536
Wanstead Tournament 1995  T9519959954
Wanstead Tournament 1996  T96199610244
Wanstead Tournament 1997  T97199710661
Wanstead WanderingsRoads, Francis*Cou199710823-
Wanstead Wanderings: BrusselsRoads, Francis*T9419959832
Wanstead Wanderings: DublinRoads, Francis*T9519959934
Wanstead Wanderings: The Pink StoneRoads, Francis*T9419949637
Wanstead Wanderings: Tuchola (EGoC) 1995Roads, Francis*T95199510043-
Wanstead, A Pro at -Roads, Francis**Gam1993928-
Wanted - New Trophy CabinetRoads, Francis*Gam19939212-
Wanted: 51Roads, Francis*Lit19949434
Ward, David: see also author index      
Ward, David v. Bagot, Bob (Candidates Tournament 1995)  GEv199510046-
Ward, David v. Clare, Jim (London Open 1993/94)  GEv19949513-
Ward, David v. Goss, Simon (British Go Congress 1994)  GEv19949618-
Ward, David v. Keeble, David (London Open 1993/94)  GEv19949512-
Ward, David v. Scammon, Chris  GH319877131-
Wariuchi  Fus1969811-
Warsaw (European Team Tournament 1985)  T851985663
Warsaw Tournament 1989  T8919897630
Warsaw Tournament 1990  T9019908038
Warsaw Tournament 1991  T9119918445
Warsaw Tournament 1992  T9219928838
Warsaw Tournament 1993  T9319939261
Warsaw Tournament 1994  T9419949749
Warsaw Tournament 1995  T95199510154
Warsaw Tournament 1996  T96199610455
Warsaw Tournament 1997  T97199710853
Warwick (British Go Congress 1994)  T9419949537
Warwick (British Go Congress 1994)  T9419949618-
Warwick (British Go Congress 1994)  T9419949740-
Warwick/Coventry Club v. Malvern Club (Club Match 1987)  T8719877127-
Washington/DC (US Go Congress 1994)  T9419939353
Washington/DC (US Go Congress 1994)  T941994976
Washington/DC (US Go Congress 1994)  T941994978-
Washington/DC (US Go Congress 1994)  T9419949746-
WatariTilley, John*Tec196994-
Wathanasin, Sac v. Kaniuk, Geoff (Paris Tournament 1979)  GEv19794511-
Way of Go, The -Lao Si Dan Lit19959951
Weak Group  Str199811019-
Weak Groups, Too Many -Diamond, Jon et al*Gam1973194-
Weak Player's ProverbsRoads, Francis**Hum19773518
Web PublicityMatthews, Charles**Pub19981117
Web Site, BGA -  CNw199710657
Webber, Nick: see also author index      
Webber, Nick v. Siivola, Matti (EGoC 1992)  GEv19928832
Webber/Jones v. Cann/Healey (British Pair Go Tournament 1994)  GRg19959939
Wedd, Nick: see also author index      
Wedd, Nick v. Allday, Baron (Shrewsbury Tournament 1992)  GEv19939020-
Wedd, Nick v. Bailey, Steve (Shrewsbury Tournament 1995)  GH1199510146-
Wedd, Nick v. Cosmos  G 919908112-
Wedd, Nick v. Harvey, Martin (Shrewsbury Tournament 1992)  GEv19928944
Wedd, Nick v. Margetts, Paul (Shrewsbury Tournament 1995)  GEv199510148-
Wedd, Nick v. Myers, p.J. (Shrewsbury Tournament 1992)  GEv19939021-
Wedd, Nick v. Sharpe, Ian (Shrewsbury Tournament 1995)  GEv199510151-
Wedd, Nick v. Streeten, William  GEv199610522-
Wedding, Go - *PAm19949511
Wedding, Wessex -Timmins, Brian**PAm199710931
Weeks, Colin: see author index      
Wei QiTang Tong B.*Lit19794621
Welch, John v. Bremner, Louise (Northern Go Congress 1980)  GEv19805014-
Wellington  Cit199811026-
Wells, David: see author index      
Wells, Marnix: see author index      
Welsh ...: see also Wales      
Welsh Open 1994  T9419949641
Welsh Open 1995  T95199510061
Welsh Open 1996  T96199610429
Welsh Open 1996  T96199610454
Welsh Open 1997  T97199710852
Welsh Open 1998  T98199811258
Welsh WeekendTimmins, Brian*T931993916
Wessex (Tournament 1981)Granville, R. et al*Gam19825524-
Wessex (Tournament) 1973, Game Played 1st Division -Hall, T. Mark et al*Gam19742413-
Wessex Go Tournament (1975), 6th - *T751975306
Wessex Go Tournament (1977), 8th -Manning, Toby*T7719783912
Wessex Tournament (1990) is Twenty-OneAtwell, Simon et al*T901990815-
Wessex Tournament 1970  T701971134-
Wessex Tournament 1971  T711971153
Wessex Tournament 1972, Third - *T7219731916
Wessex Tournament 1973  T7319742213
Wessex Tournament 1973  T7319742413-
Wessex Tournament 1974  T741975272-
Wessex Tournament 1974, Report on the - *T741975265
Wessex Tournament 1976  T7619763420
Wessex Tournament 1977  T7719783912
Wessex Tournament 1980  T801980504
Wessex Tournament 1981  T8119825524-
Wessex Tournament 1982  T8219825714
Wessex Tournament 1983  T8319846115
Wessex Tournament 1984  T8419846317
Wessex Tournament 1988  T8819887331
Wessex Tournament 1988  T8819897437
Wessex Tournament 1989  T8919897742
Wessex Tournament 1991  T9119918538
Wessex Tournament 1992  T9219928946
Wessex Tournament 1993  T9319939357
Wessex Tournament 1994  T9419949748
Wessex Tournament 1995  T95199510156
Wessex Tournament 1995  T95199710918-
Wessex Tournament 1996  T96199610549
Wessex Tournament 1997  T97199710949
Wessex WeddingTimmins, Brian**PAm199710931
West Cornwall Club  Clb199510119-
West Cornwall Go Promotion 1995  Pub199510119-
West Surrey Teach-in 1989  Tch19907829
West Surrey Teach-in 1990  Tch19918238-
West Surrey Teach-in 1991  Tch19928653
West Surrey Teach-in 1992  Tch19939057
West Surrey Teach-in 1993  Tch19949446
West Surrey Teach-in 1994  Tch19959842-
West Surrey Teach-in 1995  Tch199610242-
West Surrey Teach-in 1996  Tch199710658-
West Surrey Teach-in 1997  Tch199811051
West v. MiuraMacfadyen, Matthew**Gam19804717-
West, Vincent: see also author index      
West, Vincent v. Miura T.  GEv19804717-
Westhoff, Arend Jan v. Shaw, Edmund (EGoC 1982)  GEv1982574-
Westminster Lunchtime Go GroupPusey, John*Clb19732116
Westward GoTimmins, Brian*Clb19928912-
What am I Missing?Hall, T. Mark*Tec19908027
What Haven't I Seen?Roads, Francis*Tec19742511-
What's Your Rating?Miyamoto Naoki Lit19763216
Which Way to Go?Timmins, Brian*Prm19783911
Whisper Protect?Chandler, Brian*Lan19908023-
White to Play and Live?Mitchell, David*L+D1973206
White to Play and Live??Daly, Andrew*L+D1974234
White's Stones Can Be KilledRoads, Francis*Gam19877131-
White, Mike: see author index      
White, Playing Handicap Go as -  Hcp1968447-
Whole Board Thinking in JosekiMacfadyen, Matthew**Lit199710645
Widdicombe, Tom: see author index      
Widow's Words, A -Roads, Judith*Ply19856421
Widow, On Being a Go -McKendry, Irene*Ply199610316
Widows, A Page for Go -Pindar, John* 1977368
Wilcox, Bruce: see also author index      
Wilcox, Bruce  PAm19928640-
Wilcox, Bruce  PAm19949511
Wilcox, Sue: see also author index      
Wilcox, Sue: see also Gardner, Sue      
Wilcox, Sue  PAm19949511
Williams, Colin: see author index      
Williams, Derek: see author index      
Williams, Hugh: see author index      
Wimmer, Manfred  PPr19784112
Wimmer, Manfred (obit)  PAm199510045
Wingrove, David: see author index      
Winnipeg Club v. Cambridge Club (Internet Club Match 1997)  T9719971076
Wins, One Thousand -Finch, Andy et al**PPr19959835
With a Little Help from His FriendsSutton, David*Hum1992898
Wolf, Thomas: see author index      
Wolfe, David: see author index      
Women: see also Female, Ladies      
Women's Championship: see British Women's Ch'ship, World Women's Amateur Ch'ship, World Women's Ch'ship      
Women's Tournament: see also British Women's Championship      
Women's Tournament (1996)Rix, Alex*T96199610448-
Wood You Believe It? *Equ1973196
Wood, Shell and StoneDowsey, Stuart**Equ19805020-
Wood, Shell and StoneDowsey, Stuart**Equ19815220-
Wood, Shell and StoneDowsey, Stuart**Equ19815325
Woodcutter's Tale, The -Goss, Simon*Hum199510140-
Woodford (British Go Congress 1972)  T721972161-
Woodford (British Go Congress 1972)  T721972171-
Woodford (British Go Congress 1972)  T721972174-
Woodford (British Go Congress 1972), Results at -Daly, Andrew*T721972175
Woodford Afternoon Tournament (1975) for Less Advanced Players *T7519752916
Woodford Club: see also Wanstead Club      
Woodford Club  Clb1971143
Woodford Club  Clb1971154
Woodford Club v. Imperial College Club (Club Match 1972)  T721972165
Woodford Club v. Reading Club (Club Match 1971)  T711971154
Woodford Grading LadderRoads, Francis**Rat19773712
Woodford Junior Club  Clb1972163
Woodford Junior Club  Clb19732114-
Woodford Tournament 1972  T721972163-
Woodford Tournament 1978  T7819784315
Woodford Tournament 1978  T7819794413
Woodford Tournament 1982  T8219825510
Woodford Winter Tournament (1978)Roads, Francis*T7819794413
Woodnutt, David: see also author index      
Woodnutt, David v. Holroyd, Fred  GH219907819-
Woodnutt, David v. McEwan, M.  GH819939122-
Woolley, Bob: see author index      
Woolley, Jean: see author index      
Worcester (British Go Congress 1985)  T851985656-
Workshop, Computers and Go: A - **Com1991844
World ...: see also International ...      
World Amateur (Championship) 1985Granville, Richard*T8519856618-
World Amateur Championship (1983)Barty, Jim*T831983593-
World Amateur Championship (1986)Stacey, Terry et al*T861986688-
World Amateur Championship (1992)Macfadyen, Matthew*T921992886-
World Amateur Championship 1979  T7919784123
World Amateur Championship 1979  T7919784315
World Amateur Championship 1979  T791979459-
World Amateur Championship 1980  T801980483
World Amateur Championship 1980Macfadyen, Matthew*T8019804813-
World Amateur Championship 1981  T811981536-
World Amateur Championship 1981  T8119815316
World Amateur Championship 1982  T821982563-
World Amateur Championship 1982  T8219928818
World Amateur Championship 1983  T8319835815
World Amateur Championship 1984Macfadyen, Matthew*T841984624-
World Amateur Championship 1985  T8519856518
World Amateur Championship 1985  T8519856618-
World Amateur Championship 1986  T8619866816
World Amateur Championship 1987  T871987709
World Amateur Championship 1987  T8719877021-
World Amateur Championship 1990  T9019908011
World Amateur Championship 1991  T9119918444
World Amateur Championship 1992  T9219928837
World Amateur Championship 1993  T9319939222-
World Amateur Championship 1994  T9419949641
World Amateur Championship 1995  T95199510061
World Amateur Championship 1996  T96199610446-
World Amateur Championship 1996  T96199610455
World Amateur Championship 1997  T97199710852-
World Amateur Championship 1998  T98199811230-
World Amateur Go Championship (1979)Diamond, Jon*T791979459-
World Amateur Go Championship (1987), Ninth -Shirakami H.*T871987709
World Amateur QuizAtkins, Tony*T9319939222-
World Championship (Fujitsu Cup 1990)  T901990796-
World Championship (Fujitsu Cup 1992)  T9219928746
World Championship (Fujitsu Cup 1994)  T9419949728-
World Championship (Ing Cup 1988/89)  T8919907923
World Championship (Ing Cup 1992/93)  T9319939128-
World Championship (Ing Cup 1992/93)  T9319939332-
World Junior Championship: see World Youth Championship      
World Ladies' Amateur Championship: see World Women's Amateur Championship      
World Open Computer Championship (FOST Cup 1995)  T95199510155
World Open Computer Championship (FOST Cup 1996)  T96199610547
World Wide Web: see also WWW      
World Wide Web  CNw199710930
World Women's Amateur Championship 1989  T8919897741
World Women's Amateur Championship 1990  T9019918239
World Women's Amateur Championship 1991  T9119918514
World Women's Amateur Championship 1991  T9119928645-
World Women's Amateur Championship 1991  T9119928653
World Women's Amateur Championship 1992  T9219928946
World Women's Amateur Championship 1992  T9219939042-
World Women's Amateur Championship 1994  T9419949748
World Women's Championship (Bohae Cup 1995)  T951995994-
World Youth Championship 1984  T841984636-
World Youth Championship 1985  T8519856628
World Youth Championship 1995  T95199510154-
World Youth Go Championship (1986)Steininger, Anton*T8619866817
World's Top Go Players, Interviews with the - **PPr1972179-
Wright v. AltenaWright, Chris et al**Gam19897734-
Wright, Chris: see also author index      
Wright, Chris v. Altena, Karel (EGoC 1989)  GEv19897734-
Wright, Granville v. Holroyd, Fred (Furze Platt Tournament 1992)  GEv19928726-
Wrong DirectionsHall, T. Mark*Gam1994948-
Wu Piao: see author index      
WWW: see also World Wide Web      
WWWAdams, Colin*CNw199710657
Wycliffe Club v. Cheltenham Club (Club Match 1972)  T721973192
Xu Xiang: see author index      
YagoLambot, Denis CNp19961031
Yamabe Toshiro v. Ohira Shuzo (Honinbo League 1967)  GEv1967113-
Yamada Takiso: see author index      
Yang Chia Jung v. Kim Young Hwan (World Youth Ch'ship 1984)  GEv1984636-
Yang Yilun: see author index      
Yang/Ma v. Macfadyen/Healey (Int. Amateur Pair Go Ch'ship 1992)  GRg19939046-
Yasaki Y. v. Pirani, Adam  GEv19897619
Yasaki Y. v. Shaw, Edmund (Anglo-Japanese Match 1990)  GEv19908114-
Yasui: see Chitetsu, Chitoku Senchi, Sanchi, Santetsu, Senchi Senkaku      
Ye Zhongxiao v. Shiu, Simon  GH519928614-
Yearbook: see Kido Yearbook, Ranka Yearbook      
Years AgoAtkins, Tony*Cou19918216
Years AgoAtkins, Tony*Cou19918310
Years AgoAtkins, Tony*Cou1991844-
Years AgoAtkins, Tony*Cou19928627
Years AgoAtkins, Tony*Cou19928817-
Years AgoAtkins, Tony*Cou19939011
Years AgoAtkins, Tony*Cou19939244-
Years AgoAtkins, Tony*Cou19949424
Years AgoAtkins, Tony*Cou19949611
Years AgoAtkins, Tony*Cou19959819
Years AgoAtkins, Tony*Cou19951004
Years AgoAtkins, Tony*Cou19961026
Years AgoAtkins, Tony*Cou199610410
Years AgoAtkins, Tony*Cou199710615
Years AgoAtkins, Tony*Cou19971089
Years AgoAtkins, Tony*Cou199811025
Years AgoAtkins, Tony*Cou199811213
Yoda Norimoto v. Sato Akiko (1991)  GH319928739-
Yokohama Sotetsu Cup: see World Women's Amateur Championship      
Yoo Chang-hyeok  PPr1994946
Yoo Chang-hyeok v. Cho Hun-hyun (Fujitsu Cup 1994)  GEv19949728-
Yoo Jong-Su v. Schlemper, Ronald (Interpolis Match, Game 1)  GEv19866720-
Yoo Jong-Su v. Schlemper, Ronald (Interpolis Match, Game 2)  GEv19866722-
Yoo Jong-Su v. Schlemper, Ronald (Interpolis Match, Game 3)  GEv19866724-
Yoo Jong-Su v. Schlemper, Ronald (Interpolis Match, Game 6)  GEv19866727-
Yoo Yong-sook  PPr1994947
York (British Go Congress 1981)  T8119815311
York (British Go Congress 1981)  T8119815328
York Tournament 1982  T8219825716
York Tournament 1983  T8319836015
York Tournament 1984  T8419846210
Yose: see also Yos in subject index      
Yose: see also Endgame      
YoseKano Yoshinori Lit19742412
Yose CornerBarty, Jim*Yos1981546-
Yose CornerBarty, Jim*Yos19825521
Yose CornerBarty, Jim*Yos19825617
Yose CornerBarty, Jim*Yos19825724
Yose CornerMacfadyen, Matthew*Yos1983587
Yose CornerMacfadyen, Matthew*Yos19835925-
Yose CornerMacfadyen, Matthew*Yos19836024-
Yose CornerMacfadyen, Matthew*Yos19846126
Yose ProblemFairbairn, John*Yos1973208-
Yose ProblemRoads, Francis*Yos19773514
Yose Problem Answers  Yos19856530-
Yose Problem, American -Roads, Francis*Yos19918212
Yose Problem: HintRoads, Francis*Yos19918224
Yose SolutionsRoads, Francis*Yos19918333
Yose, A Simple -Macfadyen, Matthew*Yos19763310
Yose, Improve Your - **Yos19856525
Yoshida v. HunterDowsey, Stuart**Gam19804716-
Yoshida Harumi: see author index      
Yoshida Yoichi: see also author index      
Yoshida Yoichi v. Hunter, Richard  GH719804716-
Youth: see also Children, Junior, Kids      
Youth Championship: see British Youth Championship, World Youth Championship      
Youth Committee, BGA - **Tch19773616
Youth GameRudd, Simon*Gam19928933-
Youth Go Championship: see also British Youth Championship      
Youth Go Championship (1995) WinnersChetwynd, Jonathan*T95199510029
Youth Grand Prix (1992/93), BGA -Rudd, Simon**T9319928911
Youth Tournament: see European Youth Tournament      
Yu Xing: see author index      
Yuan Yun-Sheng v. Inoue Shusaku (EGoC 1992)  GEv19928832-
Yugoslavia: see Belgrade, Ljubljana, Mali Losinj, Nis, Zagreb      
Yugoslavian Go History  Cou19825519-
Yuki Satoshi v. Miyazawa Goro (NHK Cup 1992)  GEv19939036-
Yutopian, New from - *Lit199610440
Zagreb (EGoC 1974)  T741975261
Zagreb (EGoC 1974)  T741975294-
Zagreb (EGoC 1974)  T7419949611
Zeijst van, Rob  PIn19846213
Zeijst van, Rob v. Bogdanov, Victor (EGoC 1990)  GEv1990805-
Zeijst van, Rob v. Boon, M. (European Fujitsu Qual. Tourn. 1994)  GEv19959936-
Zeijst van, Rob v. Daly, Andrew (Leiden Tournament 1979)  GEv19794616-
Zeijst van, Rob v. Macfadyen, Matthew (EGoC 1980)  GEv1980509
Zeijst van, Rob v. Pirani, Adam  GEv19897619
Zeijst van, Rob v. Pirani, Adam (Amsterdam Tournament 1980)  GEv19804910-
Zen and Go  Tch19949721
Zhang Shutai: see also author index      
Zhang Shutai v. Lazarev, Alexei (EGoC 1991)  GEv19918411-
Zhang Shutai v. Macfadyen, M. (British Ch'ship 1993, Game 1)  GEv1993934-
Zhang Shutai v. Macfadyen, M. (British Ch'ship 1993, Game 2)  GEv1993936-
Zhang Shutai v. Macfadyen, M. (British Ch'ship 1993, Game 3)  GEv1993938-
Zhang Shutai v. Macfadyen, M. (British Ch'ship 1994, Game 1)  GEv19959918-
Zhang Shutai v. Macfadyen, M. (British Ch'ship 1994, Game 2)  GEv19959919
Zhang Shutai v. Macfadyen, M. (British Ch'ship 1994, Game 3)  GEv19959919-
Zhang Shutai v. Macfadyen, M. (British Ch'ship 1995, Game 1)  GEv19951016-
Zhang Shutai v. Macfadyen, M. (British Ch'ship 1995, Game 2)  GEv19951018-
Zhang Shutai v. Macfadyen, M. (British Ch'ship 1995, Game 3)  GEv19951019-
Zhang Shutai v. Macfadyen, M. (British Ch'ship 1995, Game 4)  GEv199510112-
Zhang Shutai v. Macfadyen, M. (British Ch'ship 1995, Game 5)  GEv19961024-
Zhang Shutai v. Macfadyen, M. (British Ch'ship 1996, Game 1)  GEv199610534-
Zhang Shutai v. Macfadyen, M. (British Ch'ship 1996, Game 2)  GEv199610536-
Zhang Shutai v. Macfadyen, M. (British Ch'ship 1996, Game 3)  GEv19971064-
Zhang Shutai v. Macfadyen, M. (British Ch'ship 1996, Game 4)  GEv19971065-
Zhang Shutai v. Wall, Alistair  GH319939032-
Zhang Shutai v. Wall, Alistair  GH419928622-
Zhang v. WallWall, Alistair**Gam19939032-
Zhang, Lesson with Dr -Wall, Alistair**Gam19928622-
Zlin (European Team Tournament 1996)  T9619971068-
Zlin (European Team Tournament 1996)  T96199710651-
Zlin (European Team Tournament 1996)  T96199710656-
Zurich (Tournament 1981)Hall, T. Mark*T8119815318
Zurich Tournament 1992  T9219939058
Zurich Tournament 1993  T9319949449
Zurich Tournament 1994  T9419959844
Zurich Tournament 1995  T95199610244-

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