Game Plan: Board Games Rediscovered

The V & A Museum of Childhood, Bethnal Green, London, put on an exhibition on the history of board games between 8th October 2016 and 23rd April 2017 called "Game Plan: Board Games Rediscovered".

The image from the tile shown at the museum above was used outside the exhibition and there was an image inside the exhibition of two Japanese girls playing on a painted board with a chequered top and china bowls.

In a case was a board made by Just Games Trading Co Ltd in 1977, plastic stones and modern go bowls (one white, one brown).

In addition there was a Chinese tea cup (5 cm diameter) and saucer (10 cm diameter) from about 1740, highly decorated and gilded. Both show ladies playing on a woden table, surrounded by other objects, people and dogs.

The description of the game gave its history and mentioned the AlphaGo match from 2016.

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