Title Match - Referee Guidelines

The Rules for the British Championship require there to be a Referee who is appointed by the Championships Organiser. This document summarises the Referees Duties.

The Championship Organiser will have:

  1. arranged a suitable venue
  2. ensured that the participants attend
  3. arranged for a good quality set and clock to be available
  4. ensure that a demonstration board is available in a nearby but separate location, if appropriate

The referees duties are to:

  1. attend the Match
  2. agree a match timetable (including lunch) with the participants)
  3. keep a paper record of the game (this is required, irrespective of whether or not the game is transmitted electronically)
  4. adjudicate on any disputes, and interpret the Rules. This is considered to be unlikely,. In over 20 years there has never been a dispute. The referee is expected to rule immediately on disputes over the conduct of the match (e.g. late arrival, disruptive behaviour, etc). In the event of a dispute on the rules of Go (see for example BGJ 136), it is accepted that the Referee will (perforce) be weaker than either of the players and he/she may need to consult others before making a decision. The Referee has unlimited powers to undertake such consultations, but may not delegate his/her powers.
  5. Ensure security; as there may be considerable discussion about the game (possibly of a professional level) it is important to ensure that their comments cannot, even inadvertently, get to the participants. Participants mobile telephones or PDAs should be temporarily held by the Referee.
  6. Handle the sealed move. This will require a paper diagram of the position, with the sealed move marked by the relevant player. The diagram should be sealed in an envelope and kept by the Referee.
  7. Provide tea/coffee/water
  8. Take the players to lunch (paid for by the BGA)
  9. Report the Result.

In addition, there is significant demand for the match to be broadcast on the Internet. The choice of server is up to the computer operator. To broadcast the match the following are required:

  1. a dedicated computer (probably laptop). Please note that it is not feasible to use the BGA Draw computer if it is in use at tournament
  2. Internet connection
  3. The required software will need to be installed and tested on the computer before the game starts
  4. A skilled operator needs to be present at the match to input the moves. This can be the same person as the Referee. The operator needs to understand KGS, to be able to undo mistakes, to sort out minor hardware/software problems and to provide factual comments (e.g. how much time the participants have used). The operator is not to provide opinions or ask questions (e.g. does G6 kill?).
  5. Seek professional or very strong amateur level comments. The BGA may provide a budget for this.

Reasonable out of pocket expenses (including lunch) for the Referee will be paid by the BGA.

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