Team Go

British Go Journal No. 19. January 1973. Page 13.

Team Go is played by two teams, each player usually making one move in turn. In this game there were seven players in each team, and they were not allowed to discuss the game. This type of team Go is called "Ren Go". To speed the game up each player in this particular game played five moves before a team-mate took over.

Black: Kitani Dojo, Captain Kitani, 9p
White: Nihon-Kiin, Captain Go Seigen, 9p

The game-file in SGF format.

Figure 1 (1-62)

  • White 18: This fuseki was played by Kitani and Go Seigen. Black could have played 17 at the central star point. After white 18, black invades whites moyo. Usually White would let Black get a small live position and white would get outer influence, which would enable him to reduce Blacks moyo.
  • White 20: A very severe move, taking away blacks base. This move is not joseki, but is reasonable as this is an even game.
  • White 22: White 20 and 22 are both interesting moves. The left side of the board looks like a large handicap game. When black attacks Whites position. White makes the most aggressive move he can. If he played 20 at 24 for instance black would find it easy to live and the game would be over. Moves such as 20 and 22 are not recommended for use in a 9-stone game - they are too aggressive and lead to an early fight.
  • Black 25: "If you plan to live inside enemy territory, play directly against his stones" - Go proverb.
  • Black 37: Black seems lost with two weak groups, but...
  • Black 53: Black lives and he even manages to get sente to play 55!
  • White 62: It all depends on whether Black can get his group (61, 55 etc.) out to safety or not. If he can, then Whites group 38, 40, 42 becomes very weak indeed.

After 241 moves the game resulted in an honourable draw.

The first 62 moves only are shown to illustrate moves 20 and 22. Also Blacks moves 25 onwards are an interesting example of how to live inside enemy territory.


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