British Go Journal 0

Spring 1967

Editor: J Diamond.

Issue 0 existed as an introductory issue of what became the British Go Journal. This issue was unnumbered. However the next issue is numbered "Volume 1 Number 1", so this has become issue 0.

Mostly, only Go-ish articles are entered in this electronic archive. However due to the historic nature of issue 0, every article is reproduced. Note that for the first few BGJs, articles were written using the coordinate nomenclature, initially with no diagrams at all. The versions here have transcribed them all into modern 'marked-up diagram' form. For those trying to decipher the coordinate system in the original scans: it's A-T, omitting I, in one direction and 1-19 on the other.

Much of issue 0 is corrupt. Either because the copy is illegible in places or because the sequences listed are impossible or contradict the textual description. As much as possible has been corrected but there may still be errors.

Complete Journal (PDF)

The original Editor writes: The quality is that of the BGJ document, this is not a poor scan! The technology used in creating this issue was rather primitive: manual typewriter and Roneo machine, which meant that corrections were difficult, if nigh impossible, and that the quality of the printing was variable (to say the least) and dependent on how hard the typewriter keys were depressed, how well the typewriter roller fed the printing master through the machine, the inking process etc. Other errors are my responsibility.

This is one of a series of back issues now available on the web.

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