Writing Reviews

Whilst there is no hard and fast, right or wrong, way to review a Book, or a piece of Software, there is a formula that works well.

  • Picture of the cover, captioned with publisher, ISBN, Author (if not clear on cover)
  • Describe the book - maybe borrowing comments from its own summary if there is one
  • Mention the target audience - beginner, grade range, reference work,
  • Sometimes - compare with other books, or software
  • A balanced summary of the reviewers likes (and any dislikes), views about value for money
  • Sometimes - background of the reviewer to give more context - grade, club/country
  • Sometimes - credit to whoever supplied the review copy.

These reviews appear on the Britgo website, are often taken up by other Go Websites, like AGA, and the publisher might want to use the review too.

So keep in mind that you are writing to a global audience, more than just the British Go Journal.

Look at several existing Book Reviews or Software Reviews to get a feel of the style.

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