Bracknell Go Club

This is the home page of the Bracknell Go Club. We exist to play and promote the game of Go, the ancient board game from the Far East known also as weiqi (Chinese) or baduk (in Korean), in the Bracknell, Wokingham, Crowthorne and Camberley areas.

We only seldom meet, by arrangement only, Tuesday evenings from 8:00 pm but do not have a regular venue any more. Attendance used to be 2 to 6 players (from a pool of around 12 players) whose grades range up to 5-dan, but many of those stopped coming before we lost our venue. We can arrange to provide learning advice for beginners. All with an interest in Go are very welcome to get in contact, without the slightest obligation, to learn the game from us, or try your ability against an experienced player.

Send an email to Ian Marsh, by Monday, to bracknell at to arrange a meeting.

Up to 2018 the club organised an annual tournament in May, which attracted up to 50 players from all over the country. Here are the recent results and the tournament entry with list of winners since 1979.

The Club does not charge a membership fee, but BGA membership (see link below) is needed to enjoy BGA facilities.

The Bracknell Go Club is affiliated to the British Go Association

For any enquiries, comments or corrections please contact
Ian Marsh on 01344-422296 bracknell at

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