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Problem 1

There are three places where Black can play to connect stones and prevent immediate capture. Find all of them.
Black can play at a to connect three stones on the lower edge, at b to connect four stones on the upper edge and c to connect six stones on the left.

Problem 2

In this position, three White stones are vulnerable to capture. How should Black play in order to capture them?
If Black plays at 1, White cannot escape. In the sequence every Black play puts White's string into atari.

Problem 3

How does Black play so that the marked stone cannot avoid eventual capture?
Black's play at 1 chases White to the edge of the board, and the stones cannot escape.

Problem 4

Where does Black play so that the White stones cannot avoid eventual capture?
Black must play at 1 to capture the White stones. A White play at 1 would make two eyes.

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