Euro City Youth League 2021

Tournament Name
Euro City Youth League
Tournament Date
Sat, 9 Oct - Sat, 13 Nov 2021

Following on from the prototype European Youth Team League the first competition involving more countries was held in autumn 2021. If there had been sufficient teams several leagues would have been set up, with knockout within each league to determine the winner. However there was only one league.

Again games are being played on OGS with teams of three.
Games are 13x13 and the players play twice - once on even and once with the "Cambridge Handicaps".
Time limits 10 minutes + 3 x 30 seconds.

UK fielded seven teams: four Cambridge teams, two London ones and one from Derby/Nottingham. There were also teams from Germany and Kyrgyzstan. The first round results from 9th October were:

Cambridge the 3Rs (Ruby Zeng, Rachel Zeng, Ruiwen Gong) - lost to Mettmann - 2:4
London Red Giant (Eric Jin, Youquan, Zhu, Luna Zhu) - lost to Neuss 1 - 1:5
Derby Thunder Cats (Emily Gan, Muen Chen, Emily Yuhan Li, reserve Lucas Zhou) - beat Neuss ISR - 4:2
Cambridge 2 (Jin Cheng, April Chen, Yiliang Liu) - lost to Düsseldorf/Neuss - 2:4
Cambridge 3 (Derek Duan, Theo Chui, Riley Duan) - lost to Bishkek 1 - 2:4
Cambridge 1 (Yanyi Xiong, Andrew Volovich, Julia Volovich, reserves Rachel Yeung and Edmund Smith) - beat Bishkek Attila - 6:0
London 1 (Isabella Qiu, Gene Wong, George Han, reserve Caleb Monk) - got a bye

In the other game Wuppertal beat Bishkek Sengoku - 6:0

On 23rd October:

London 1 won against Düsseldorf/Neuss (4-2)
Cambridge beat Neuss 1 (4-2) then withdrew because of a tournament clash
Derby lost to Wuppertal (0-6)
Bishkek 1 won against Mettmann (4-2)

In friendlies Cambridge 3Rs beat Bishtek Atilla 6-0, Cambridge 3 beat Neuss ISR 4-2, but London Red Giant lost to Bishtek Sengoku (0.5-5.5).

In the semi-finals on 6th November:
London 1 won against Neuss 1 (3-3 - board 3 not played)
Wuppertal beat Bishtek 1 (3-3)

The final was on 13th November where London 1 beat Wuppertal on even game wins tie-break after the match ended 3-3. The deciding game (sgf). Well done to Gene, Isabella, George and reserve Caleb!

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