British Championship Match 2012

British Championship
8 September 2012

For those that weren't able to observe the 1st round of the Title Match on KGS 8th September - between Nick Krempel and Andrew Kay:

Congratulations to Andrew Kay for winning the 1st round of the 3 round Title Match.

Andrew Kay took black in Nigiri, and ended up wining the game by Resignation after a dramatic fight for a collection of white stones - this was played over a 5 hour game, with approximately 120 moves played.

A live audio review took place on KGS by Alexander Dinerchtein (breakfast), and there will be an SGF review for the game + photos that will be published on the BGA site as soon as they are sent out to us (after tomorrow).

Further information about the upcoming rounds is to be confirmed, however the dates will remain:

Saturday 22nd September - Game 2

Sunday 30th September - Game 3, if needed

For more information about the British Championship and the rules -

If you are keen to be a referee for either of these games, or have any other ideas, then please do get in touch with me by email - Maria Tabor

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