London Open Day 2

London Open
28 December 2014 - 31 December 2014


Day two of the London Open, Monday 29th December, saw rounds three and four of the Open. At the top in round three Benjamin Teuber lost to Mateusz Surma and Young-Sam Kim lost to Chi-Min Oh. So the two on four wins faced off in round four; Oh beat Surma to take a clear lead. At the end of the day the other players on four wins were: Kalle Timperi 1k, Lova Wåhlin 2k, Johannes Siven 3k, Alberto Adriasola 4k and Jannik Gram 5k.


The three pros present were busily anaylsing games at the end of each round and in the early evening Miss Choi gave a lecture for kyu players and Fan Hui reviewed a game with the stronger players.

In the evening the Pair Go took place with 16 pairs, icluding three in the Doubles Section. The winners of the Pair Go were Lova Wåhlin and Chi-Min Oh; second were Hajin Lee and Benjamin Teuber. First in the Doubles section were Jitka Bartova and Ngoc-Trang Cao.

Pair Go Results

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