Britain Stay Top of C League

Pandanet Go European Team Championship
Tue, 17 Mar 2015

Britain dropped their first point of the season with a draw against Portugal. They stayed two points clear at the top of C League as Bulgaria drew with Croatia. South Africa beat Greece to close the gap to one point in third.

The match result:

  1. Des Cann (B) lost to Cristovão Neto (Quetzalt, 1d) by 13.5

  2. Sandy Taylor (W) beat Pedro Pereira (Pite, 1k) by 16.5

  3. Toby Manning (B) beat Francisco Pereira (xikuh, 1k) by resignation

  4. Chris Bryant (W) lost to Pedro Carmona (PCT, 2k) by resignation

Toby wrote: A win for the UK... A strange game, I kept on attacking him, nearly lost when he counterattacked but I found a game-saving tesuji... Then one of his groups died...Game Over.

Chris wrote: My play was a complete mess, really furious with myself, can't believe I lost that game, I could have beaten myself playing against an empty chair it was such a disaster.

Des was last to end after a ko-semeai went in his opponent's favour.

League Page with game records

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