British Team Wins Again in C-League

Pandanet Go European Team Championship
14 April 2015

The BGA team beat Cyprus by three boards to one to stay top of the C-League. Rivals Bulgaria lost four-nil to third place South Africa, who move up to second three points behind us. With just two matches left, against Iceland and Kazhakstan, it is hoped we can remain top.

Chris wrote: My game was pretty one-sided from the start - opponent misplayed the first joseki and ended up with a bad result, and then I killed a few groups before he resigned.

Des wrote: Comfortable win. Nice gain in first corner fight when my opponent didn't know joseki leaving him with a weak centre group. Nice gain in second corner fight gaining lovely thickness whilst he lived on the second line in gote. I then attacked his centre group whilst building a moyo. He tenukied to invade my moyo. So I killed his centre group. He then formed two solid groups on the edge and then connected them together whilst I tidied up all my weaknesses. Belatedly he tried to cut and fight with his centre group and resigned when he realised it was hopeless.

Paul Taylor also won by resignation, but reserve player Jonathan Gallimore (stepping in for Evan McKiernan-Dooner) lost his.

  1. Des Cann (W) beat Sotiris Ioannides (sotos361, 2k) by resignation

  2. Paul Taylor (B) beat Argyris Fellas (Ananda, 2k) by resignation

  3. Chris Bryant (W) beat Nicholas Roussos (roussos, 4k) by resignation

  4. Jonathan Gallimore (B) lost to Alexandros Hadjixenophontos (Alexandros, 6k) by 52.5

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