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British Pair Go Championships

In the UK, we held our first qualifying event for Pair Go in Hyde Park, as part of the 1991 Japanese Festival. Since 1995, we have held an annual British Pair Go Championships (BPGC) which has become one the best events on the Go calendar. There are many prizes, including one for the Best Dressed pair. Normally the top eight British pairs (based on average grade) play for the championship, whilst others play in a handicap section. Because the top section players also play for points to allow them to represent the UK in both the European Pair Go Championship and International Amateur Pair Go Championship, the section includes a maximum of two pairs that may have one national and one non-national player. The BPGC is included in the illustrated Annual Report sent to the Japanese Pair Go Committee for their records.

PlaceChampionsHandicap WinnersAnnual Report/
2023FrodshamYanming Zhang & Yue Matt XiShobita Bhumbra & Tim James Report
2022London Go CentreGaoge Wang & Peikai XueLea Wong & Gene Wong Report
2019HatfieldJoanne Leung & Bruno PoltronieriLizzy Pollitt & Sam Barnett Report
2018HatfieldJoanne Leung & Bruno PoltronieriHilary Bexfield & Edmund Smith Report
2017HatfieldNatasha Regan & Matthew CockeSue Paterson & Jack Nolan Report Photos
2016HatfieldJoanne Leung & Bruno Poltronieri Helen Harvey & Daniel GascoyneReport Photos
2015HatfieldNatasha Regan & Matthew Cocke Charlotte Bexfield & Alex Terry Report Photos
2014HatfieldNatasha Regan & Matthew Cocke Jil Segerman & Pat Ridley Report Photos
2013OxfordKirsty Healey & Matthew Macfadyen Rebecca Margetts & Oscar Selby Report
2012OxfordNatasha Regan & Matthew Cocke Helen Harvey & Martin Harvey Report
2011OxfordNatasha Regan & Matthew Cocke Sam McCarthy & John CollinsReport
2010 Oxford Natasha Regan & Matthew Cocke Kelda Smith & Paul SmithReport Photos
2009 Oxford Kirsty Healey & Matthew Macfadyen Kelda Smith & Paul SmithReport Photos
2008 Oxford Kirsty Healey & Matthew MacfadyenSam McCarthy & John CollinsReport Photos
2007 Oxford Kirsty Healey & Matthew MacfadyenLydia Feasey & Jonathan EnglefieldReport
2006OxfordKirsty Healey & Matthew MacfadyenJackie Chai & John JohnstoneReport
2005 Oxford Natasha Regan & Matthew CockeMaria Tabor & Paul TaborReport
2004 Oxford Kirsty Healey & Matthew MacfadyenPauline Bailey & Steve BaileyReport
2003 Oxford Kirsty Healey & Matthew MacfadyenElinor Brooks & Eric HallReport
2002 Oxford Kirsty Healey & Matthew MacfadyenNicola Hurden & Shawn HearnReport
2001 Oxford Kirsty Healey & Matthew MacfadyenNicola Hurden & Shawn HearnReport
2000 Oxford Emma Marchant & Simon GossFiona Campbell & Jim EdwardsReport
1999 Stokenchurch Kirsty Healey & Matthew MacfadyenJini Williams & Fred HolroydReport
1998 Weedon Kirsty Healey & Matthew MacfadyenPauline Bailey & Steve BaileyReport
1997 Weedon Kirsty Healey & Matthew MacfadyenJennifer Healey & Toby Manning / Yvonne Margetts & Paul MargettsNewsletter Report
1996 Weedon Alison Jones & Tony AtkinsAlison Ewens & David Woodnutt / Yvonne Mao & Paul MargettsNewsletter Report
1995 Marlow Kirsty Healey & Matthew MacfadyenHannah Ellul & France Ellul / Debbie Jones & Francis Weaver
1994 Leamington Alison Jones & Nick Webber
1993 Leamington Alison Jones & Andrew Jones
1992 London Kirsty Healey & Matthew Macfadyen
1991 Hyde Park Sue Paterson & Jim Barty

The event has been organised by Matthew Macfadyen (1993 and 1998), Kirsty Healey (1993 and 1994), Alison Jones (now Bexfield) (1995-1997), France Ellul (1999-2001), Tony Atkins (2002) and Francis Roads (2003-2022).

World Points

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Players earn a point for each game won in the BPGC towards earning the right to represent UK at the International Amateur Pair Go Championships. The best Pair are selected using the combined points from each Pair and their points are reset to zero when they go. Official Representatives at the European Pair Go Championships are similarly decided.

Partner Relationships

Pair Go has been played by all sorts of different pairings and ages of players. Pauline and Steve Bailey are mother and son; Paul and Kelda Smith are father and daughter. Pauline is over 70 and Kelda Smith became the youngest winner in 2009 aged just six. There have been club mates and pairings from opposite ends of the country. There have been a few husband and wife pairs, such as the multiple times champions Kirsty Healey and Matthew Macfadyen, but many avoid it through fear of too many marital arguments! Of course, pairs usually discuss in advance what they will be wearing, so that they can stand a chance of winning the Best Dressed Pair prize.

Other Pair Go events

There have been Pair Go side events at some of the longer competitions such as the London Open, the Isle of Man Go Week, and three times at the Mind Sports Olympiad.

Pair Go Promotion Partners

In order to promote Pair Go in the UK, a British version of the Pair Go Promotion Partners scheme was set up. As well as supporting the ideas behind Pair Go, members of the British PGPP support the BPGC through a donation, which enables it to be held in a nice location and not be expensive for children to take part. In return they get a free entry to the BPGC.

British PGPP members:

  • Are enthusiastic about spreading Pair Go in Britain
  • Understand that Pair Go is a pair game for ladies and gentlemen who greatly value etiquette
  • Appreciate the pleasure of playing Go, yet believe a high level of playing ability is not necessary
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