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Barry first encountered Go at 6th form after a friend found it in Lasker's Go and Go Moku. They played on a vertical maths classroom chequered chalkboard.

At Oxford Freshers Fair he found a Go club, even two. Too many names to mention from that period - but Matthew was still a kyu player in the first year and mostly taught Barry up from beginner to 6 kyu. Late 1976, for a few years in Reading he remained the junior at about 3 kyu to the collection of dans that met in their houses.

Sometime in the mid 1980's Geoff Kaniuk persuaded Barry to call himself 1 kyu at tournaments; but that was probably a step too far. Family and work were always limiting any Go study, and later on Bridge became his favoured social game.

In 2007 he hosted the Challengers League weekend at his house in Winnersh. He later moved away to Shropshire.

He was Journal Editor for Issues 140 through 150, but only co-editor for 146! Still an email voice in the BGA, though rarely plays Go. He was close to cracking 6*6, by experience alone on KGS, but inevitably the computers raced ahead. Hopefully his current building project in Shropshire will one day host another Go event. "You don't have to be good to love Go"

May 2012

In January 2017, Barry was to become the Membership Secretary but was unable to do so.

He currently looks after the BGA Archive and the T Mark Hall Archive.

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