Cheshire Tournament: Results 2002

Tournament Name
Tournament Date
Sat, 9 Feb 2002

Held during the Crewe Chess Congress at Rolls-Royce & Bentley Motors Works Restaurant, Pyms Lane, Crewe, Cheshire

30 players attended the 5th Cheshire. Winner of the open section was Ruud Stoelman (2 dan Bradford); second was Tim Hunt (2 dan Milton Keynes). Winner of the handicap section was Edward Blockley (2 kyu Worcester). On 4/5 were Brian Timmins (4 kyu Shrewsbury), Stephen Streater (12 kyu Epsom), Martin Harvey (3 kyu Manchester). Paul Blockley (18 kyu Worcester) was best youth. David Hooper (25 kyu Liverpool) won the 10x10.

Cheshire Open

11Ruud Stoelman2DBradford3+6+2+310
22Tim Hunt2DMilton Keynes4+5+1-20-1
33Bob Bagot2DLancaster1-7+6+20-3
4Gerry Mills1DMonmouth2-8+5+20-3
55Tony Atkins2DBracknell7+2-4-1-1-3
6Natasha Regan1DEpsom8+1-3-1-1-3
77Mike Cumpstey2KManchester5-3-8+1-1-5
88Kunio Kashiwagi1DBradford6-4-7-0-2-6

Cheshire Handicap

139Brian Brunswick1KEpsom20+26+21-17-24-2
1910Chris Kirkham1KManchester21-15-14-30+25-1
511Helen Harvey1KManchester14+25+15-18+21-3
1312Tristan Jones1KChester17+18-22-20+19-2
513Matthew Selby2KEpsom24+21-26-22+18+3
514John Walsh2KLancaster11-22+10+26+17-3
115Ed Blockley2KWorcester19+10+11+9+27+5
1316Roger Daniel2KLondon22+20-19-24-26+2
217Martin Harvey3KManchester12-23+24+9+14+4
1918John Herman3KManchester25-12+27-11-13-1
519Richard Moulds3KManchester15-27-16+23+12+3
520Robin Hobbes3KManchester9-16+25+12-28+3
221Brian Timmins4KShrewsbury10+13+9+15-11+4
1322Tony Pitchford6KManchester16-14-12+13-30+2
1923Ian McAnally8KManchester28-17-30+19-29-1
1324Jil Segerman8KManchester13-29-17-16+9+2
525Kath Timmins9KShrewsbury18+11-20-29+10+3
526Gareth Jones11KManchester29+9-13+14-16+3
227Stephen Streater12KEpsom30+19+18+28+15-4
528Paul Blockley23KWorcester23+30+29+27-20-3
1329David Hooper25KLiverpool26-24+28-25-23+2
2230Dave Carney32KLiverpool27-28-23-10-22-0

All games were played with "normal handicap" (13 komi per grade after 17 stones).

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