Challenger's League 2003: Results

Tournament Name
Challengers' League
Tournament Date
Fri, 2 - Mon, 5 May 2003

Played in St Paul's Church (Friday) and Parkside Community College (weekend), Cambridge

1Matthew Cocke-111111178/9
2Des Cann 0-11111167
3David Ward 00-1111156
4Quentin Mills000-111145
5Andrew Jones 0000-11134
6Alex Rix 00000-1123
7Alistair Wall000000-112
8John Hobson 0000000-01

Matthew Cocke earns the right to challenge Matthew Macfadyen in the title match. The loser of the title match, Des Cann and David Ward have automatically qualified for the 2003 Challenger's Tournament.

Round by round results

First named player played black.

The links are to the game record, where available. Many thanks to Andrew and Alistair for recording their games and making them available. The remaining games were recorded by the referee, Tim Hunt. All games were recorded using PilotGOne so many thanks to Brian Brunswick, Sylvain Soliman et al for a great program.

Round 1

Quentin Mills beat Alistair Wall

Des Cann beat John Hobson

Matthew Cocke beat Alex Rix

David Ward beat Andrew Jones

Round 2

Alex Rix lost to David Ward

Andrew Jones lost to Quentin Mills

Alistair Wall lost to Des Cann

John Hobson lost to Matthew Cocke

Round 3

Matthew Cocke beat Des Cann

David Ward beat John Hobson

Quentin Mills beat Alex Rix

Andrew Jones beat Alistair Wall

Round 4

John Hobson lost to Quentin Mills

Alistair Wall lost to Matthew Cocke

Des Cann beat David Ward

Alex Rix lost to Andrew Jones

Round 5

David Ward lost to Matthew Cocke

Alex Rix beat Alistair Wall

Andrew Jones beat John Hobson

Quentin Mills lost to Des Cann

Round 6

Des Cann beat Andrew Jones

Matthew Cocke beat Quentin Mills

Alistair Wall lost to David Ward

John Hobson lost to Alex Rix

Round 7

John Hobson lost to Alistair Wall

Alex Rix lost to Des Cann

Andrew Jones lost to Matthew Cocke

Quentin Mills lost to David Ward

Alternatively, all the game records are available as a zip archive.

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