Cheshire Tournament: Results 2004

Tournament Name
Tournament Date
Sat, 7 Feb 2004

Held during the Crewe Chess Congress at Bentley Motors Works Restaurant, Pyms Lane, Crewe, Cheshire. 24 players attended the 7th Cheshire. Winner of the open section was Andrew Morris (1 dan Lancaster). Second was Baron Allday (1 dan West Wales). Winner of the handicap section was Ed Blockley (2 kyu Worcester) on 5/5 . On 4/5 were Steve Bailey (3 kyu West Surrey) and John Nicholas (8 kyu Manchester). Paul Blockley (13 kyu Worcester) was best youth player with 3/5. 10x10 winner was Richard Newman-Thomson (9 kyu Lancaster) with 6/6.

Cheshire Open

All games even. Players selected by Euro-ratings.

1Andrew Morris1dLancaster7+5+2+36
2Baron Allday1dWest Wales8+3+1-25
3Gerry Mills1dMonmouth6+2-5+24
4Tony Atkins3dBracknell5-8+6+23
5Paul Taylor1kCambridge4+1-3-13
6Chris Kirkham2kManchester3-7+4-12
7Mike Cumpstey1kManchester1-6-8+11
8Robin Hobbes2kManchester2-4-7-00

Cheshire Handicap

Note: This is not ordered by final position (which was determined by number of wins only).

19Ed Blockley2kWorcester15+17+13+12+21+5
810John Walsh3kLancaster16+15-14-17+22-2
411Martin Harvey3kManchester19+13-22+21-16+3
212Steve Bailey3kWest Surrey17+14+21+9-13+4
813Peter J Fisher4kLeicester18+11+9-14-12-2
414John Herman5kManchester20+12-10+13+18-3
1415Brian Timmins5kShrewsbury9-10+18-22-19-1
816Dylan Carter5kCardiff10-18-19+20+11-2
817Tony Pitchford7kChester12-9-23+10-20+2
218John Nicholas8kManchester13-16+15+24+14+4
819Rich Newman-Thomson9kLancaster11-22-16-23+15+2
1420Kath Timmins9kShrewsbury14-23+24-16-17-1
421Andrew Price12kLeamington23+24+12-11+9-3
422Paul Blockley13kWorcester24-19+11-15+10+3
1423Stephen Bashforth15kLeicester21-20-17-19-24+1
824Matthew Pollard24kManchester22+21-20+18-23-2
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