Mind Sports Olympiad Open: Results 2008

Tournament Name
MSO Open
Tournament Date
Mon, 25 Aug 2008

Held at the Mind Sports Olympiad, London

Ties were split by mutual game result and results of games with mutual oponents.

Gold1Paul Tabor1dEpsomUK11+4-9+2+3
Silver2Yangran Zhang3dLondonUK10+5+7+1-3
Bronze3Natasha Regan1kEpsomUK7-8+11+6+3
44Felix Wang3dLondonUK..1+6-7+
5Tony Atkins2dReadingUK8+2-..9+
66Nick Krempel3dLondonUK9+7-4+3-2
7Francis Roads3dWansteadUK3+6+2-4-2
88Xinyi Lu5kMaidenheadUK5-3-10+..
99Matthew Selby3kEpsomUK6-10+1-5-1
10Matthew Hathrell6kLeamingtonUK2-9-8-11+1
1111Anna Griffiths8kPutneyUK1-..3-10-
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