Mind Sports Olympiad Open: Results 2009

Tournament Name
MSO Open
Tournament Date
Mon, 31 Aug 2009

Handicap games are in red.

Junior Gold: Roella Smith

12Felix Wang3dLondonUK...6+5+3+3.5
23Paul Tabor2dMaidenheadUK8+1+4+2-3
31Alistair Wall3dWansteadUK7+3-8+5+3
44Andrew Jones3dWansteadUK6+5-3-7+2
5Nick Krempel3dLondonUK9+4+2-1-2
6Christian Nentwich2dLondonAT4-2-11+10+2
11Roella Smith18kMiltonUK10-7+6-8+2
87Tony Atkins2dReadingUK1-11-10+4-1
8Paul Smith2dCambridgeUK3-10+1-11-1
10Maria Tabor5kNottinghamUK11+8-7-6-1
119Matthew Hathrell3kLeamingtonUK5-.........0
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