Bar-Low Tournament: Results 2010

Tournament Name
Tournament Date
Sun, 2 May 2010

Held at Whewell’s Court, Trinity College, Cambridge

The bar was at 5k. Handicap and no-komi games are in red.

19 players from 1 kyu to 19 kyu attended the Bar-Low kyu-players only tournament in Cambridge. This year it was again part of the mind sports weekend and held in Whewell's Court of Trinity College. James Murray (2 kyu London) was the winner with four out of five. Second on tie-break was Graham Philips (1 kyu Cambridge), who only lost to the winner. Third was Benjamin Ellis (5 kyu Leicester) who actually beat the winner but lost to two other players. Roella Smith (14 kyu) from the Cambridge juniors also won 4 games.

1James Murray2kLondonUK2+4+5+3-9+4-1-13
2Graham Philips1kCambridgeUK1-9+6+4+5+4-1-14
3Benjamin Ellis5kLeicesterUK5-8-10+1+4+3-2-16
4Ludan Fang4kLondonUK7+1-8+2-3-2-3-11
5Simon Mader4kCambridgeUK3+6+1-...2-2-3-12
6Jenny Radcliffe5kDurhamUK8+5-2-7+...2-3-16
7Richard Mullens6kSt AlbansUK4-11+9+6-8+3-3-21
8Atta Chui4kCambridgeUK6-3+4-10-7-1-4-16
9Jonathan Green6kLeamingtonUK10+2-7-11+1-2-4-17
10Maxime Bourget8kCambridgeUK9-14+3-8+11+3-5-27
11Scott Owens9kCambridgeUK15+7-12+9-10-2-7-30
12Danielle Ward10kCambridgeUK......11-13+15+2-7-48
13Kathy Gray11kCambridgeUK14-16-...12-19+1-10-59
14Roella Smith14kCambridge Chess-GoUK13+10-16+17+18+4-10-61
15Peran Truscott14kCambridge Chess-GoUK11-17+19+18+12-3-11-67
16Owen Walker15kCambridge Chess-GoUK18+13+14-19+17-3-12-73
17Langdon Truscott19kCambridge Chess-GoUK19+15-18+14-16+3-16-70
18Daniel Cohen18kCambridgeUK16-19-17-15-14-0-18-68
19Joseph Anderson20kLondonUK17-18+15-16-13-1-19-67
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