Candidates' Tournament: 2010

Tournament Name
Tournament Date
Sat, 1 - Mon, 3 May 2010

Held at Selwyn College, Cambridge

34 players took part in the first stage of the 2010 British Championship. The venue was the Diamond at Selwyn College and 26 of the players joined in a meal at the Bella Italia restaurant.

Vanessa Wong (5 dan) won the tournament at her first attempt, winning all 6 of her games. This was Vanessa's first UK adult title, having previously won the Under-12 Championship. Andrew Simons (2 dan Cambridge) and Matthew Scott (1 dan Newcastle) both won five games proving the next generation is starting to snap at Matthew Macfadyen's heels. Matthew, as champion, did not have to play, but was on hand for intensive analysis of games. Richard Hunter (4 dan Bath), Tim Hunt (3 dan Milton Keynes) and Nick Krempel (3 dan London) took the next three places in the Challengers' League. The final place went to Kiyohiko Tanaka (3 dan London) who just squeezed out Alex Selby (4 dan Cambridge) on second tie-break.

11Vanessa Wong5dHong KongUK22+6+10+8+5+4+623
22Andrew Simons2dCambridgeUK4-26+9+12+6+5+521
33Matthew Scott1dNewcastleUK9+12-14+27+19f7+519
44Richard Hunter4dBathUK2+8-13+24+11+1-424
55Tim Hunt3dMilton KeynesUK32+11+12+19+1-2-422
6Nick Krempel3dLondonUK23+1-25+16+2-17+422
77Kiyohiko Tanaka3dNippon ClubUK25+21+19-10+8+3-421
8Alex Selby4dCambridgeUK27+4+24+1-7-18+421
99Matt Crosby3dEdinburghUK3-32+2-26+12+15+419
1010Francis Roads3dWansteadUK34+20+1-7-24+14+418
1111Piers Shepperson4dEpsomUK33+5-31+17+4-13+416
1212Toby Manning2dLeicesterUK13+3+5-2-9-28+323
1313Jonathan Chin2dCambridgeUK12-14+4-20+21+11-320
1414Louise Bremner1dBathUK28+13-3-30+16+10-319
1515Andrew Jones3dWansteadUK16-18+28+21-27+9-317
16Alex Rix3dLondonUK15+24-20+6-14-26+317
17Stuart Barthropp2dLondonUK24-22+30+11-28+6-317
1818Andrew Kay4dCambridgeUK20-15-32+23+25+8-316
19Yangran Zhang4dLondonUK29+31+7+5-3d...316
20David Ward3dCambridgeUK18+10-16-13-33+27+316
21Sandy Taylor1dDurhamUK26+7-27-15+13-25+316
2222Desmond Cann5dNoClubUK1-17-34+25-31+24+314
23Matthew Reid1kCambridgeUK6-28-29+18-30+31+314
2424Alistair Wall3dWansteadUK17+16+8-4-10-22-221
2525Edwin Brady1kStAndrewsUK7-29+6-22+18-21-219
2626Paul Barnard1dSwindonUK21-2-33+9-29+16-218
27Alan Thornton1dSt AlbansUK8-34+21+3-15-20-218
2828Michael Charles1dSt AlbansUK14-23+15-31+17-12-216
2929William Brakes2dMilton KeynesUK19-25-23-34+26-32+211
30Michael Webster1kLondonUK31-33+17-14-23-34+211
3131Christian Scarff1dSwindonUK30+19-11-28-22-23-117
3232Harry Fearnley2dOxfordUK5-9-18-33-34+29-114
3333Geoff Kaniuk3kCambridgeUK11-30-26-32+20-...112
3434Kirsty Healey1kLeamingtonUK10-27-22-29-32-30-014
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