Fife Tournament: Results 2010

Tournament Name
Tournament Date
Sat, 27 Mar 2010

21 players took part in the 2010 Fife Tournament, held as usual in the Age Concern Hall in Cupar. The top three players had to be separated by a tiebreak. Winner on 3 wins was David Lee (2 dan Dundee); in second was Sandy Taylor (1 dan Durham) also on 3 wins, followed by Martha McGill (3 kyu Edinburgh) on 4 wins. Also on 4 wins was Jenny Radcliffe (5 kyu Durham) and on 3 wins was Donald Spy (10 kyu Dundee).

The bar was at 2k. Handicap and no-komi games are in red.

11David Lee2dDundeeUK8+4+5+2-310
22Sandy Taylor1dDurhamUK5-6+7+1+31-1
33Martha McGill3kEdinburghUK12+8+4+10+41-4
44Glynn Forsythe1kGlasgowUK9+1-3-7+200
55Yohei Negi3dDundeeUK2+...1-6+20-1
66Rab Fulton2kGlasgowUK7-2-9+5-1-1-1
7Robby Goetschalckx3kDundeeBE6+9+2-4-2-1-1
88Edwin Brady1kSt AndrewsUK1-3-12+...1-1-2
99Neil McLean1kElginUK4-7-6-12+1-1-4
1010Petr Vapenka3kGlasgowUK13-14+15+3-2-1-12
1111Jenny Radcliffe5kDurhamUK16+15+14+13+4-1-20
1212Ron Bell3kBordersUK3-13+8-9-1-2-4
1313Rich Philp4kDundeeUK10+12-...11-1-3-8
1414Graham Galloway5kEdinburghUK15+10-11-18-1-4-15
1515Stig Petersen7kDundeeUK14-11-10-19+1-6-16
1616Greg Cox9kDundeeUK11-17-21+20+2-7-49
1717Quintin Connell9kGlasgowUK...16+19+21-2-7-55
18Donald Spy10kDundeeUK19-21+20+14+3-7-55
1919Paul Williams12kDurhamUK18+20+17-15-2-10-32
2020Aidan Karley13kAberdeenUK21+19-18-16-1-12-53
2121James Inman30kDurhamUK20-18-16-17+1-29-33
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