Mind Sports Olympiad Open: Results 2010

Tournament Name
MSO Open
Tournament Date
Sun, 29 Aug 2010

There were no British players winning Go Golds at this year's Mind Sports Olympiad. The event was held at the Soho Theatre in the centre of London and had restricted space, meaning fewer events than normal.

Six players played the 13x13 on the Friday afternoon, with Gold going to Spain's Paco Garcia de la Banda (3 dan). Silver went to Xinyi Lu (4 kyu) and silver to Vincent Frochot (8 kyu) from France. In the 12-player Open on the final Sunday, the Gold was won by Turkish 1 dan, Bulent Tuncel. Silver went to Paco and Bronze on tie-break to Alistair Wall (3 dan). Go players took part in other games too, throught the event, with some awards, such as Natasha Regan's Silver at Hare and Tortoise and Matthew Hathrell's Golds at Lost Cities, Continuo and Poker.

11Bulent Tuncel1dLondonTR11+10+2+5+4
22Paco Garcia Dl Banda3dTenerifeES12+4+1-3+3
33Alistair Wall3dWansteadUK5+9+10+2-3
44Tony Atkins2dReadingUK6+2-9+10+3
55Matthew Hathrell3kLeamingtonUK3-7+8+1-2
6Xinyi Lu4kMaidenheadUK4-8-11+9+2
7Anna Griffiths8kEpsomUK10-5-12+11+2
8David Cantrell9kLondonUK9-6+5-12+2
99Michael Charles1dSt AlbansUK8+3-4-6-1
10Alan Thornton1dSt AlbansUK7+1-3-4-1
11Michael Dixon13kWarwickUK1-12+6-7-1
1212Riccardo Gueci20kNoneIT2-11-7-8-0

Position 2 and 3 ordered by mutual game result.
Position 3 and 4 decided by lightning play-off.

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