British Pair Go Championship 2010

Tournament Name
British Pair Go
Tournament Date
Sun, 13 Jun 2010

This year the Pair Go Championships, the 20th, were held again at the Foxcombe Lodge Hotel, Boars Hill near Oxford, thanks to new proprietor Gary Adams. Last year's winners Kirsty Healey and Matthew Macfadyen lost in round two to Alison and Simon Bexfield, but Alison and Simon lost the final.

The winners were Natasha Regan and Matthew Cocke, who took the championship for the first time in five years. In the 10-pair handicap group, the winners for the second year running were young Kelda Smith and her father Paul Smith, from Cambridge. The Best Dressed competition again featured top-hatted winners: Sarah Wright and Alistair Turnbull won, with reigning World Pair Go Best Dressed champions, Kirsty Healey and Matthew Macfadyen, taking second spot. Paul and Kelda Smith also won the RE quiz with 20 points.


The event was divided into two sections. The strongest eight pairs played in a tournament for which International Amateur Pair Go and European Pair Go qualification points were allocated. The other pairs played in a handicap tournament.

Main Tournament

1Natasha Regan & Matthew Cocke 8+5+2+3
2Alison Bexfield & Simon Bexfield 7+3+1-2
3Kirsty Healey & Matthew Macfadyen 4+2-6+2
4Ingrid Jendrzejewski & Alex Selby 3-7+5+2
5Jenny Radcliffe & Francis Roads 6+1-4-1
6Martha McGill & Matthew Crosby 5-8+3-1
7Anna Griffiths & Tony Atkins 2-4-8+1
8Sue Paterson & Granville Wright 1-6-7-0

Handicap Tournament

1Kelda Smith & Paul Smith16k 5+7+2+3
2Sarah Wright & Alistair Turnbull9½k 10+6+1-2
3Jennifer Adcock & Gareth Davies4k 9+8-6+2
4Helen Harvey & Martin Harvey4k 6-9+8+2
5Pauline Bailey & Steve Bailey9½k 1-10+7+2
6Jil Segerman & Tony Pitchford8k 4+2-3-1
7Isobel Ridley & Pat Ridley 14k 8+1-5-1
8Nicola Hurden & Casey Alexander 10k 7-3+4-1
9Jackie Chai & John Johnstone 6½k 3-4-10+1
10Alice Bradley & Sandy Taylor4k 2-5-9-0

Grades are shown to indicate which sides received handicaps (half rounded in favour of Black, if no half black receives 6 komi).

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