Scottish Open Tournament: Results 2010

Tournament Name
Scottish Open
Tournament Date
Sat, 29 - Sun, 30 May 2010

Yohei Negi from St. Andrews made it three in a row with his win at the 2010 Open. Second this year was Chi Pan Yau from Hong Kong, who only lost to Yohei. All the players on three wins also got prizes, which consisted of cash plus a bottle of Cairn O'Mohr local fruit wine, thanks to sponsor RealTimeWorlds. 27 players took part, all going away with traditional pot of marmalade. In the Friday evening rapidplay, Jennie Radcliffe got the prize for the best win/games ratio with 5/7, and Robbie Goetschalckx took the endurance prize having played ten games.

The bar was at 3k. Handicap and no-komi games are in red.

11Yohei Negi2dDundeeUK5+2+10+3+8+52-1
22Chi Pan Yau2dNo ClubHK4+1-7+8+3+410
33Matthew Crosby3dEdinburghUK7+10+6+1-2-301
44David Lee2dDundeeUK2-5+9+6-7+30-1
55Martha McGill2kEdinburghUK1-4-12+13+9+30-3
66Quentin Mills4dWest WalesUK12+9+3-4+...30-6
77Edwin Brady1kSt AndrewsUK3-12+2-11+4-2-1-2
8Gerry Mills1kWest WalesUK9-11+15+2-1-2-1-2
9Robby Goetschalckx2kLeuvenBE8+6-4-10+5-2-1-2
1010Richard Bentley3kDurhamUK13+3-1-9-16+2-1-4
1111Ron Bell3kBordersUK...8-13+7-14+2-1-9
1212David Bell2kDundeeUK6-7-5-16-15+1-2-7
1313Kris Boyen4kLeuvenBE10-14+11-5-19+2-2-9
1414Jenny Radcliffe5kDurhamUK18+13-16+15+11-3-2-13
1515Graham Galloway5kEdinburghUK17+18+8-14-12-2-3-12
1616Boris Mitrovic6kEdinburghUK20+17+14-12+10-3-3-13
1717William Taylor6kDurhamUK15-16-23+19+18+3-3-21
1818Rich Philp4kDundeeUK14-15-19-...17-0-4-17
1919James Hadfield7kDurhamUK23-24+18+17-13-2-5-22
2020Andrew Thurman7kDurhamUK16-23-25+24+21-2-5-28
2121Peter Clinch9kDundeeUK...27+...26+20+3-5-47
2222Quintin Connell9kGlasgowUK......26+23+27+3-5-48
2323Cedric Gautier8kDundeeUK19+20+17-22-25-2-6-25
2424Greg Cox9kDundeeUK25+19-27+20-26-2-7-41
2525Carel Goodheir9kSkyeUK24-26+20-27-23+2-7-42
2626Luke Humphreys12kDurhamUK27+25-22-21-24+2-10-38
2727John Macdonald15kSkyeUK26-21-24-25+22-1-14-34
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