British Small Board Championship: Results 2010

Tournament Name
British Small Board
Tournament Date
Sun, 21 Nov 2010

Held at Whewells Court, Trinity College, Cambridge

The title went to Andrew Simons after Nick Krempel had to withdraw.
Best Junior was Adan Mordcovich, runner up Roella Smith.

Handicap games are in red.

1Andrew Simons3dCambridgeUK2+10+6-12+7+3-4+5+6
2Anna Griffiths8kEpsomUK1-12-8+11+10+5+3+7-5
3Roella Smith13kMilton SchoolUK14+4+5+10-6+1+2-9-5
4Peran Truscott14kCambridge Chess & GoUK13+3-16+9+5-8+1-11+5
5Langdon Truscott18kCambridge Chess & GoUK8+13+3-14+4+2-11+1-5
6Nick Krempel3dLondonUK12+15+1+7+3-4
7Steve Bailey4kWest SurreyUK10+6-1-12+8+2+4
8Alistair Turnbull8kCambridgeUK5-11+2-15+9+4-7-10+4
9Pauline Bailey16kWest SurreyUK13+4-8-10+12+3+4
10Adan Mordcovich5kWansteadUK15+1-7-3+2-9-17+8-3
11Edmund Smith39kMilton SchoolUK16+8-14-2-17+13+5-4-3
12Francis Roads3dWansteadUK6-2+15-1-13-7-9-17+2
13Owen Walker14kCambridge Chess & GoUK4-5-9-16+12+11-2
14Beatrice McWilliams40kMilton SchoolUK3-16+11+5-2
15John Richardson1dCambridgeUK10-6-12+8-1
16Amy Proctor40kMilton SchoolUK11-14-4-13-0
17Paul Smith2dCambridgeUK11-10-12-0
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