Trigantius Tournament: Results 2010

Tournament Name
Tournament Date
Sat, 20 Feb 2010

This year Cambridge moved the Trigantius back from March to February and from the hospital to a city centre location. 46 players attend the event at St. Columba's Church.

Romanian 6 dan player Robert Mateescu, now in Cambridge, won the tournament, beating Matthew Macfadyen in the final. Matthew was equal second with Tim Hunt. Players that won all three games were Baron Allday (1 kyu West Wales), Michael Pickles (3 kyu Norwich), Will Hornby (7 kyu Durham) and Alistair Turnbull (9 kyu Cambridge). Best Kyu Player was awarded jointly to Matt Reid (1 kyu Cambridge), Edwin Brady (2 kyu St Andrews) and Michael Pickles. Prizes in the continuous 13x13 tournament went to Peran Truscott (17 kyu Cambridge), Langdon Truscott (20 kyu Cambridge) and Tom Smith (19 kyu Norwich). The caption competition was won by Andrew Kay and the alphabetic sentences competition was won by Tim Hunt, but was awarded to the runner up Matthew Macfadyen since Tim had already left. There was also a Novices' tournament with six players, fewer than previously because of half term and strength improvements, and with a mixture of even and handicap games. There was an exciting finish as in the crucial game between the two strongest players Thomas Danes beat David Robson by a single point to win the event unbeaten.

The bar was at 3d. Handicap and no-komi games are in red.

11Robert Mateescu6dCambridgeRO6+3+2+3511
22Matthew Macfadyen6dLeamingtonUK10+4+1-2411
3Tim Hunt3dMilton KeynesUK8+1-6+2411
44Andrew Simons2dCambridgeUK7+2-11+249
55Alex Selby4dCambridgeUK...8+7+248
66Andrew Kay4dCambridgeUK1-10+3-1311
7Toby Manning2dLeicesterUK4-9+5-1311
88T Mark Hall4dBristolUK3-5-14+139
99William Brakes2dMilton KeynesUK12+7-10+237
1010Alistair Wall3dWansteadUK2-6-9-0210
1111Alan Thornton1dSt AlbansUK16+12+4-226
1212Jonathan Chin2dCambridgeUK9-11-16+125
1313Baron Allday1kWest WalesUK19+14+15+321
1414Michael Charles1dSt AlbansUK15+13-8-116
1515Phil Beck1dCambridgeUK14-19+13-112
1616Matt Reid1kCambridgeUK11-17+12-104
1717Edwin Brady2kSt AndrewsUK21+16-20+20-2
1818Michael Pickles3kNorwichUK20+24+19+30-5
1919Kirsty Healey1kLeamingtonUK13-15-18-0-13
2020Geoff Kaniuk2kCambridgeUK18-21+17-1-1-1
2121Peter Collins2kBristolUK17-20-22+1-1-3
2222Alex Hayes4kNorwichUK23+26+21-2-2-7
2323Atta Chui4kCambridgeUK22-27+24+2-2-9
2424Simon Mader4kCambridgeUK29+18-23-1-3-7
2525Steve Bailey5kWest SurreyUK30-29+26+2-3-15
2626Fred Holroyd5kMilton KeynesUK27+22-25-1-4-9
2727Ansar Malik5kCambridgeUK26-23-30+1-4-12
2828Will Hornby7kDurhamUK32+30+29+3-4-18
2929Phil Smith5kAltonUK24-25-28-0-5-10
3030Ingrid Jendrzejewski7kCambridgeUK25+28-27-1-6-11
3131Alistair Turnbull9kCambridgeUK34+33+32+3-6-22
3232Maxime Bourget8kCambridgeUK28-35+31-1-7-18
3333Anna Griffiths8kEpsomUK...31-34+1-7-22
3434Scott Owens9kCambridgeUK31-36+33-1-8-23
3535Richard Scholefield10kMilton KeynesUK36+32-37+2-8-29
3636Kathy Gray11kCambridgeUK35-34-38+1-10-29
3737Tamas Vlasits13kCambridgeUK38-39+35-1-12-34
3838Owen Walker15kCambridge JuniorUK37+40+36-2-13-36
3939Pauline Bailey15kWest SurreyUK40+37-41+2-13-41
4040Roella Smith15kCambridgeUK39-38-42+1-14-44
4141Peran Truscott17kCambridgeUK42+43+39-2-15-49
4242Tom Smith19kNorwichUK41-44+40-1-18-47
4343Langdon Truscott20kCambridgeUK46+41-45+2-18-53
4444Paul Rainton20kCambridgeUK45+42-46+2-18-56
4545Philip Hayes19kNorwichUK44-46-43-0-19-55
46Akito Oyama20kCambridgeUK43-45+44-1-19-55
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