UK Go Challenge Finals: Results 2010

Tournament Name
UK Go Challenge Finals
Tournament Date
Sat, 10 Jul 2010

Held at St Mary's Priory RC Junior School, Harringay, London

Age group categories determined by knockout system.
Team trophy decided by head to head matches in R1/R2.

(Lower graded players' grades are approximate)

11Roella Smith13kMilton20+4+12+21+17+2+5+727½
22Barney Shiu10kBristol10+14+9+16+3+1-4+632
33Vijayant Pannu31kSt Marys15+23+10+8+2-14+9+626½
44Peran Truscott13kCambridge7+1-14+5+22+11+2-532
55Tom Meehan18kSolihull11+21+20+4-15+6+1-528½
66Jason Prince35kSt Marys24+10-18+9+21+5-14+523
77Linden Ralph26kCambridge4-24+23+11-13+25+18+522
88Ernel Bodi37kSt Marys29+28+27+3-11+...20=14½
99Filip Nykiel33kSt Marys23+18+2-6-25+15+3-427
10Gabriel Olatokun35kSt Marys2-6+3-14-28+16+19+427
1111James Lee30kSt Anns5-20+24+7+8-4-25+426
1212Samantha Castrillo32kSt Marys21-16+1-22+18+17-15+423
1313Alexei Pierre-Davis35kSt Marys18-27+16-26+7-21+17+419
1414Piotr Nykiel33kSt Marys27+2-4-10+16+3-6-330
1515Mark Slatter30kMilton3-19+22+17+5-9-12-327
1616Taylor Nelson32kSt Marys17+12-13+2-14-10-22+326
1717Kelda Smith30kMilton16-26+21+15-1-12+13-325
1818Raheem Montague35kSt Marys13+9-6-29+12-22+7-324
1919Martin England30kMilton22-15-26+27-23+28+10-315
2020Santiago Gonzalez30kSt Marys1-11-5-...29+24+8=22½
2121Angel Jobson30kSt Marys12+5-17-1-6-13-23+230
2222Anthony Ghica30kKettlefields19+25+15-12-4-18-16-223
23Stefan Wiecek31kSt Marys9-3-7-24+19-27+21-223
2424Lorcan O'Shea35kSt Marys6-7-11-23-27+20-29+219½
2525Arthur Ziyanbi35kSt Marys26+22-...28+9-7-11-218
2626Rowan O'Brien30kMilton25-17-19-13-...29+28+213
2727Maciej Malisz-Sobera35kSt Marys14-13-8-19+24-23-...118½
2828Liam Deane-Duprez38kSt Marys...8-29+25-10-19-26-115½
2929Janet Olatokun40kSt Marys8-...28-18-20-26-24-015


U14 Boys  - Peran Truscott (Cambridge)
U12 Boys  - Thomas Meehan (Solihull)
U10 Boys  - Barney Shiu (Bristol)
U8 Boys   - Mark Slatter (Milton, Cambridge)
U12 Girls - Angel Jobson (St Mary's, London)
U10 Girls & Top Girl - Roella Smith (Milton, Cambridge)
U8 Girls  - Kelda Smith (Milton, Cambridge)

Runners Up:

U14 Boys  - Linden Ralph (Cambridge)
U12 Boys  - James Lee (St Ann's, London)
U10 Boys  - Vijayant Pannu (St Mary's, London)
U8 Boys   - Anthony Ghica (Kettlefields, Newmarket)
U10 Girls - Samantha Castrillo (St Mary's, London)

Overall place winners:

1st - Roella Smith
2nd - Barney Shiu
3rd - Peran Truscott

On 5/7: Jason Prince On 4/7: Filip Nykiel, Alexei Pierre-Davis, Gabriel Olatokun

Challengers' Tournament - Ernel Bodi (St Mary's, London) Champion School - N/C Champion Primary School - St Ann's Challengers' School: St Mary's

Section winners and runners up won cash prizes, thanks to Winton Capital Management.
All section winners also got a framed certificate showing their achievement.
Roella also got the puzzle-solving prize. Janet Olatokun got the fighting spirit prize.

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