Belfast Handicap Tournament Results 2016

Tournament Name: 
Tournament Date: 
30 January 2016

Games were played with handicap of grade-plus-wins difference less one (max 9).

1Tiberiu Gociu5kBelfastIE2+7+5+...39
2Lucretiu Calota4dNo ClubRO1-5+6+4+36
3Michael Kirk16kBelfastIE7+4-8+...26
4James Aitken12kBelfastIE5-3+7+2-25
5Roger Clarke6kBelfastIE4+2-1-6-14
6James Hutchinson1dBelfastIE......2-5+11
7Graham Ramsey12kBelfastIE3-1-4-8+11
8Venkata Velpuri17kBelfastIE......3-7-00

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