British Youth Go Championships Results 2016

Tournament Name
British Youth Championship
Tournament Date
Sun, 20 Nov 2016

The 2016 British Youth Go Championships (BYGC) featured 43 competitors, aged from 5 to 17 (including two foreign players currently resident in the UK), with strengths from 2 dan to 37 kyu.
The National Space Centre in Leicester was the venue, with an elongated lunch break allowing a chance to see some of the exhibitions.

Section Winners (& runners-up)

Youth Champion: Zaki Betesh (Elom Willson)
U18: Elom Willson (Alex Terry)
U16: Zaki Betesh (Tom Bradbury)
U14: Josh Gorman (Aidan Wong)
U12: Edmund Smith (Alexander Hsieh)
U10: Hanna Kudla (Sam Beck)
U8: George Han (Jianzhou Mei)

Open Champion: Yueran Wang (Bloxham) - also U16 Open Champion
U8 Open Champion: Alfred Shu (Reading)

Best School (for the Castledine Trophy): Impington Village College, near Cambridge
(Cheadle Hulme School, south Manchester beat Edward VI (Aston) School 2-1 and Impington beat Cheadle Hulme 2-1)
Best Junior School: James Gillespie's Primary, Edinburgh (beat Milton School, Cambridge 2-1)

The best puzzle-solver (based on their grade and expected score) was Jan Kudla.

Results table sorted on number of wins (with one point for two byes)

The table shows details for each of the 5 rounds. All games were played even games on full-sized (19 by 19) boards. Per round, it shows the line number of the opponent, followed by a minus if the opponent won, or a plus if the opponent lost.

NoNameRankClubAge Grp12345Wins
1Yueran Wang2dBloxham SchoolU1635+28+12+27+26+5
2Zaki Betesh5kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1634+14+13+26+12+5
3Aidan Wong10kCambridgeU1425-17+35+18+29+4
4Sam Shale16kAstonU1614-6+9+15+38+4
5Jianzhou Mei20kMilton SchoolU819+31+29+12-21+4
6Zohaib Rehan20kAstonU1643+4-38+19+23+4
7James Sundaram30kAstonU1838+32-33+31+20+4
8Akhirah Willson30kGillinghamU14......39+36+41+3
9Adrian Kabashi31kLetchworthU1242+33+4-24+37+4
10Matthew Jackson37kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1432+36+17-41+30+4
11Adult (Andrew Russell)3kBirmingham-......25+......1
12George Han5kNo ClubU813+35+1-5+2-3
13Edmund Smith7kImpingtonU1212-15+2-34+27+3
14Tom Bradbury13kCheadle Hulme SchoolU164+2-16+28-35+3
15Alexander Hsieh15kCambridgeU1229+13-18+4-16+3
16Wenzhou Mei15kImpingtonU1230+25+14-37+15-3
17Josh Terry16kBungayU1640+3-10+35-32+3
18Anthony Ghica18kNewmarketU1441+30+15-3-22+3
19Hanna Kudla22kJames Gillespie's PrimaryU105-20+42+6-44+3
20Sam Beck28kCambridge Chess-GoU1031+19-36+42+7-3
21Hilary Bexfield29kLetchworthU1422-40+44+38+5-3
22Amy Upton25kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1421+41+23+29-18-3
23Robbie James35kJames Gillespie's HighU1444+42+22-39+6-3
24Lailat Willson35kGillinghamU12......40+9-39+2
25Josh Gorman4kGlasgowU143+16-11-......1
26Elom Willson5kGillinghamU18......27+2-1-1
27Alex Terry6kBungayU1828+34+26-1-13-2
28Roella Smith7kImpingtonU1827-1-34+14+34-2
29Jan Kudla17kJames Gillespie's PrimaryU1215-37+5-22+3-2
30Thasneem Halilur Rahman18kAstonU1416-18-37+32+10-2
31Katie James25kJames Gillespie's PrimaryU1020-5-43+7-40+2
32David Baldwin29kLetchworthU1410-7+41+30-17-2
33Yize Gao35kCambridge Chess-GoU1239+9-7-44+36-2
34Hasan Nisar8kAstonU182-27-28-13-28+1
35Alfred Shu10kReadingU81-12-3-17+14-1
36William Coles22kAstonU1437-10-20-8-33+1
37Megan Upton29kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1236+29-30-16-9-1
38Ellie Birtles Clarke30kCheadle Hulme SchoolU167-44+6-21-4-1
39Muhammad Ghurfan Ali35kAstonU1433-43+8-23-24-1
40Mohammed Shammer35kAstonU1417-21-24-43+31-1
41Sayed Saaim Jafri20kAstonU1418-22-32-10-8-0
42Waylon Gao30kMilton SchoolU109-23-19-20-...0
43Yilon Gao35kMilton SchoolU86-39-31-40-...0
44Rayhan Iqbal35kAstonU1423-38-21-33-19-0
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