British Youth Championship Results 2019

Tournament Name
British Youth Championship
Tournament Date
Sat, 30 Nov 2019

The 2019 British Youth Go Championship (BYGC) featured 55 competitors, aged from 6 to 17.

The venue was Brownsover Hall Hotel, Rugby.

Section Winners (runners-up)

U18: Jayden Ng (David Baldwin)
U16: Edmund Smith (Jonah Burnstone-Cresswell)
U14: Scott Cobbold (Alexander Hsieh)
U12: Zoe Walters (Emily Oliviere) - Open: Zhibo William Wang
U10: Daniel Yang (George Han) - Open: Gene Wong
U8: Alexander Timperi (Yanyi Xiong)

Youth Champion: Jayden Ng (Gene Wong (Open), Daniel Yang, George Han)

Beginners' section: Ben Levy (5/5)

Winners of four games: Hilary Bexfield, Jacob Rubert, Morgan Pittaway, Rowan Borrow, Oliver Bardsley, Yanyi Xiong, Rahul Surapaneni, Casey Jackson, Elianne Gupta, Connie Amer.

Fighting Spirit: Erin Misselbrook

Best School/Club (for the Castledine Trophy): Cheadle Hulme School (beat Sir John Lawes, Harpenden, (3-0) and James Gillespie's High School, Edinburgh (2-1), JGHS beat SJL (2-1))
Best Junior School: Harpenden Academy, beat James Gillespie's Primary School, Edinburgh (2-1)

Results table, sorted on number of wins (with one point for byes)

Games were played with handicap on full-sized (19 by 19) boards. Per round, it shows the line number of the opponent, followed by a minus if the opponent won, or a plus if the opponent lost.

1Jayden Yui-Him Ng1dBromsgrove SchoolU1842+30+3+7+15+5
2Ben Levy34kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1252+13+29+14+28+5
3Gene Wong1kFern Hill PrimaryU1015+16+1-17+30+4
4Rowan Borrow11kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1631+41-44+8+9+4
5Rahul Surapaneni15kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1443+20+19-36+37+4
6Yanyi Xiong15kCambridgeU821-25+47+32+43+4
7David Baldwin16kLetchworthU1837+32+33+1-35+4
8Hilary Bexfield16kLetchworthU1632+22+31+4-34+4
9Oliver Bardsley18kSir John LawesU1436+10+43+44+4-4
10Morgan Pittaway22kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1450+9-37+23+47+4
11Jacob Rubert26kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1449+46+23-52+50+4
12Connie Amer35kMilton KeynesU1253+39+14-55+40+4
13Casey Jackson35kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1227+2-54+39+53+4
14Elianne Gupta36kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1228+38+12+2-54+4
15Daniel Chun Yang1dHallfield SchoolU103-17+42+30+1-3
16George Han3kNorthwood PrimaryU1018+3-17-42+41+3
17Edmund Smith3kCambridgeU1641+15-16+3-42+3
18Guoguo Liu6kCambridgeU1016-31+21+41+19-3
19Alexander Hsieh7kCambridgeU1430-42-5+21+18+3
20Caleb Monk11kKing's College SchoolU14..+5-34+43+21-3
21Alexander Timperi12kImperial CollegeU86+47+18-19-20+3
22Robbie James20kJames Gillespie's HighU1634+8-46+35+31-3
23Lawrence Baker21kOxfordU1235-26+11+10-45+3
24Auden Oliviere22kHarpenden AcademyU1026-51+48+47+44-3
25Lukasz Kudla25kJames Gillespie's PrimaryU847-6-52+49+51+3
26Leander Patterson25kJames Gillespie's PrimaryU1224+23-35-51+49+3
27Sam Gregory35kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1213-28-53+38+29+3
28Beau Bradley36kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1214-27+39+54+2-3
29Ava Wainwright36kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1255+52+2-53+27-3
30Scott Cobbold5kIlford County HighU1419+1-41+15-3-2
31Amy Upton12kCheadle Hulme SchoolU164-18-8-46+22+2
32Lizzy Pollitt15kCheadle Hulme SchoolU168-7-45+6-33+2
33Zoe Walters17kCambridgeU1244+35+7-34-32-2
34Elliot Barlow18kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1422-44+20-33+8-2
35Emily Oliviere18kHarpenden AcademyU1223+33-26+22-7-2
36Hanga Eory20kJames Gillespie's HighU149-37-49+5-46+2
37Ellis Martin20kSir John LawesU147-36+10-45+5-2
38Amelia Bright38kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1254+14-55+27-39-2
39Lottie Herrington38kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1240+12-28-13-38+2
40Rosalind Selby38kCambridgeU839-54-..+55+12-2
41Jonah Burnstone-Cresswell8kBishops Stortford CollegeU1617-4+30-18-16-1
42William Zhibo Wang3kCambridgeU121-19+15-16-17-1
43Megan Upton15kCheadle Hulme SchoolU145-..+9-20-6-1
44Hanna Kudla19kJames Gillespie's HighU1433-34-4-9-24+1
45Katie James20kJames Gillespie's HighU1446-50+32-37-23-1
46Edie Trevor20kSir John LawesU1445+11-22-31-36-1
47Liann Wong23kFern Hill PrimaryU825+21-6-24-10-1
48Karl Patterson25kJames Gillespie's PrimaryU1051-49-24-50+52-1
49Ben Rodger25kSir John LawesU1211-48+36-25-26-1
50Ehsen Shah25kIlford County HighU1410-45-51+48-11-1
51Annie Walters25kCambridgeU1048+24-50-26-25-1
52Keira Haden28kHarpenden AcademyU122-29-25-11-48+1
53Oliver Burgess38kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1212-55+27-29-13-1
54Charlotte Holmes38kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1238-40+13-28-14-1
55Erin Misselbrook36kCheadle Hulme SchoolU1229-53-38-40-12-0
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