Mind Sports Olympiad Go images

The images on this page were taken by Kirsty Healey. There are other pictures here.

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The front of the Alexandra Palace. A Macfadyen/Cann title game, with Paul Smith recording. Lu Jinqiang's program plays Chen Zhixing's and Michael Reiss's plays Tristan Cazenave's.
Liao Xingwen .. plays .. Des Cann.
Lee Hyuk plays Liao Xingwen Lee Hyuk plays Guo Juan Guo Juan plays Liao Xingwen plays Andrew Grant
Tony Corfe awards prizes to ... Shawn Hearn, Liao Xingwen, Lee Hyuk,
Matthew Macfadyen, Chen Zhixing, Lee Hyuk again and Zhang Shutai.
A demonstration game in which Liao Xingwen beat Reiss's program Go4++. Tony Buzan is referee. Hiroshi Yamashita
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