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8 June 2019
Teams of one male and one female who play alternately with no conferring. The top 8 British pairs play for the title. Remaining pairs play in the handicap section.
Red Lion, 88 Great North Road, Hatfield, Hertfordshire
Francis Roads 020 85054381
Current Champion: 
Joanne Leung & Bruno Poltronieri

British Championship at Pair Go (mixed doubles)

The British Pair Go Championship is for male and female pairs, who cannot converse during the games, as is the normal Pair Go convention.

It is always held in a pleasant hotel, nowadays in a hotel in the Heartfordhire. There is always a lunch available and prizes for many, including the Best Dressed Pair prize.

The top eight rated "British" pairs play for the championship, whilst others play in a handicap section. The top section players also play for points to allow them to represent the UK in both the European and International Amateur Pair Go Championships.

The pair of trophies was donated by the Japanese Pair Go Association and are inscribed "Pair Go Champions in England". The trophies for the handicap section are a pair of Pair Go Bowls donated by the Japanese Pair Go Association.

Past Winners and Results: 
2018HatfieldJoanne Leung & Bruno Poltronieri
2017HatfieldNatasha Regan & Matthew CockeReport
2016HatfieldJoanne Leung & Bruno PoltronieriReport
2015HatfieldNatasha Regan & Matthew CockeReport
2014HatfieldNatasha Regan & Matthew CockeReport
2013OxfordKirsty Healey & Matthew MacfadyenReport
2012OxfordNatasha Regan & Matthew CockeReport
2011OxfordNatasha Regan & Matthew CockeReport
2010 Oxford Natasha Regan & Matthew Cocke Report
2009 Oxford Kirsty Healey & Matthew Macfadyen Report
2008 Oxford Kirsty Healey & Matthew MacfadyenReport
2007 Oxford Kirsty Healey & Matthew MacfadyenReport
2006OxfordKirsty Healey & Matthew MacfadyenReport
2005 Oxford Natasha Regan & Matthew CockeReport
2004 Oxford Kirsty Healey & Matthew MacfadyenReport
2003 Oxford Kirsty Healey & Matthew MacfadyenReport
2002 Oxford Kirsty Healey & Matthew MacfadyenReport
2001 Oxford Kirsty Healey & Matthew MacfadyenReport
2000 Oxford Emma Marchant & Simon GossReport
1999 Stokenchurch Kirsty Healey & Matthew MacfadyenReport
1998 Weedon Kirsty Healey & Matthew MacfadyenReport
1997 Weedon Kirsty Healey & Matthew Macfadyen
1996 Weedon Alison Jones & Tony Atkins
1995 Marlow Kirsty Healey & Matthew Macfadyen
1994 Leamington Alison Jones & Nick Webber
1993 Leamington Alison Jones & Andrew Jones
1992 London Kirsty Healey & Matthew Macfadyen
1991 Hyde Park Sue Paterson & Jim Barty
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