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Our team for the Pandanet European Team Championship 2014/5 is announced 04 Sep 2014 Foreign News
European Professional Certification announced 11 Apr 2014 Foreign News
24 hours and counting... 08 Mar 2016 Foreign News
Facebook developing a Go-playing program 05 Dec 2015 Foreign News
Obama present to China 19 Feb 2010 Foreign News
Nakayama Sensei 20 Feb 2010 Foreign News
International Students Events 13 Jul 2014 Foreign News
European Youth Go Championships 2014 04 Feb 2014 Foreign Tournament Diary
Nihon Ki-in Summer School 2014 update 27 May 2014 Foreign Tournament Diary
EYGC and BGC now accepting entries 18 Dec 2013 Foreign Tournament Diary
Calling young UK players (under 20) for the online European Youth Team championships 07 Sep 2014 Foreign Tournament Diary
International Collegiate Go Tournament – Hong Kong 16 Apr 2014 Foreign Tournament Diary
European Youth Go Championships 2014 Prize 21 Dec 2013 Foreign Tournament Diary
10th World Students Go Oza Championship 28 Oct 2012 Foreign Tournament Diary
BGA to host European Youth 09 Jun 2013 Foreign Tournament Diary
1st Zhu Gang Cup World Team Championship 15 Nov 2013 Foreign Tournament Diary
European Students Championship 2014 Registration now open 24 Feb 2014 Foreign Tournament Diary
European Go Congress 2013 06 Sep 2012 Foreign Tournament Diary
Wang Wei and Antti Tormanen tie in Dublin 08 Mar 2011 Foreign Tournament Report
Team loses to Croatia 10 Feb 2021 Foreign Tournament Report
European Go Congress Gets Under Way 29 Jul 2015 Foreign Tournament Report
Paris Tournament 08 Apr 2010 Foreign Tournament Report
Draw with the Danes 05 Nov 2012 Foreign Tournament Report
UK draw against Serbia 17 Nov 2011 Foreign Tournament Report
UK Team Loses to Italy 08 Apr 2020 Foreign Tournament Report