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China Match

The online match against the Chinese team 李昂奕道 "Li Ang Yi Dao", organised by Go teacher Li Ang, is all but over. At the end in Group A we were tied (18-18). Players winning 5/6 games were Sung Hee Lim, Alain Chung and Michael Mitcham-Harding from the UK and Nie Bochen from China. In Group B the score was 32-30 to UK, with 2 not played. Winning 7/8 were Zhang Xiching, Ye Yunya for China and Aidan Fung for UK. Check out our UK-China Youth League page for details of the teams and match results.

Sung Hee LimMichael
Alain CheungAidan Fung

Youth Grand Prix

As ever, every tournament played and every game won, in an event open to all young players in the UK, scores points in the annual Youth Grand Prix. As we approach the half-way mark leaders are: Caleb Monk (615), Andrew Volovic (521), Ryan Zhang (501), Samuel Wu (456) and Clinton Yu (453). 99 young players have scored points so far.


British Schools/Clubs Team Championships

As last year, the annual battle for the Castledine Trophy was played as its own event on OGS. Played on the afternoon of Sunday 23 Apr, eight teams of three turned out to battle it out. As happens with team events the lowest graded team had to play much stronger teams, so next year it is planned to have a handicap section to give players in lower teams the chance to win a game or two.

Best School was Winchester School with 3 wins. Runner up was Edinburgh A (2 wins + 6 game wins) and third was Cambridge JOY (2 wins + 4 game wins + 2 free wins) .

UK Go Challenge

For new and upcoming youth Go clubs, the UK Go Challenge provides an easy to understand tournament system that can be run as part of club meetings. It is always played on 13x13 boards to make it available for those who have not progressed on to 19x19 boards yet.

Each summer we have the national UK Go Challenge Finals and, so that nobody feels left out, we open it to all youngsters. This year the finals are on OGS on the afternoon of Sunday 9 July. To play it will just be necessary to arrive well before the 14:00 cut off and give your name and grade. Games are 13x13. Titles are awarded in age groups for boys and for girls, so we may need to check your category with you. Free entry.

If you do not have an OGS username register with OGS, then send us your user id by completing our application form, telling us something about yourself. Then you will be invited in to the British Go Association Youth group (group 4739) where all online youth events are played.


Go Summer Camp

Still places available! If you are senior school age (including leaving year 6) and wish to play and learn some Go, and also enjoy some interesting physical activities, then sign up for our summer camp (but beds in dorms not tents). As before, it is at Caythorpe in Lincolnshire 9-12 August - read our Go Summer Camp page for more details. Flyer/Entry Form Deadline for signing up is 1st July.


Sun 4: DDK Training 14:30-16:00
Sun 4: OGS Youth Club 16:00-18:00
Sun 9: UK Go Challenge Finals on OGS Subsequently postponed to October 15 August
Wed 9 - Sat 12: Go Camp at Caythorpe
Saturday 11: British Youth Go Congress at Leicester Bridge Club


Here are some useful resources/links:

BGA Youth Go Twitter account (kept fairly active, 216 followers)
BGA Youth Go OGS (closed group, 205 members including adult organisers). If you are a new member, please complete this form.
BGA Youth Go Discord Channel
BGA Website: Junior Pages


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