Annual Awards: 2016

This is the second year of our annual awards. They were presented at our AGM at the British Go Congress on 2nd April.

The categories (and winners) were:

  • Player of the Year (winner Sandy Taylor)
  • Club of the Year (winner Sheffield)
  • Recruiter of the Year (winner Zaheer Ahmed)
  • President's Award for services to the British Go Association goes to Paul Smith for Youth activities, especially in the Milton School for more than 12 years, and the Cambridge club for more than 20 years.
  • Loss of the Year (not awarded)

Jon Diamond presenting awards to: Bob Scantlebury of Sheffield, Paul Smith and Zaheer Ahmed.


The nominations were:

Recruiter of the Year:

  • Maria Tabor for co-producing the A3 introductory laminates, producing a presentation, much organising and (wo-)manning our stall at the Festival Asia event
  • Roger Huyshe for the above & "Doki Doki - The Manchester Japanese Festival"

  • Zaheer Ahmed, for setting up his third school Go club and getting 16 Cheadle Hulme School students to tourneys (one student having made 5 appearances!).

Player of the Year

  • Sandy Taylor for organising and playing in our Pandanet Go European Team Championship and an outstanding performance at the London Open

Club of the Year

  • Sheffield for starting up a new tournament, hosting the 2016 British Go Congress and safe-guarding the British Go Journal Editor.
  • Cheadle Hulme School An active thriving junior club which meets several times a week. Its players are enthusiastic and turned out in force to the Youth Championship contributing to a successful event. The coaching at the club is obviously working well with the strengths of its members showing an improvement through the year.
  • Isle of Skye For the highest density of Go players per head of population (probably) and for running a popular tournament despite their size.
  • Arundel By far the best club the nominator had ever visited - in any country. Go in the afternoon, a social evening meal then other games from simple to complex and from fun to strategic. A most enjoyable monthly meet.

Loss of the Year

  • Alistair Wall vs Peter Harold-Barry, Durham Alistair was a respectable 2 dan; Peter was nervous about promoting himself to 3 kyu. Alistair was winning comfortably when he played some of his own stones into atari, losing groups covering a quarter of the board. Peter later said he had just been plonking the stones down without knowing what he was doing.

President's Award for services to the British Go Association

There is no voting for this award

The 2015 awards were:

  • Player of the Year (winner Martin Harvey)
  • Club of the Year (winner Letchworth)
  • Loss of the Year (winner Alistair Wall)
  • President's Award for services to the British Go Association (Pat Ridley, retiring Journal Editor, and Tony Atkins, website editor, tournament coordinator, UK Go Challenge and Youth Championships organiser)
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