European Youth Go Championships 2014: Tournament Details

The championship is open to junior players of all European nationalities.
Players must be nationals and not just residents in a European country.

There will be 6 rounds in the Championships - two on Saturday, two on Sunday and two on Monday.

The Championship will be split into 3 age groups:
Under-12, Under-16 and Under-20.

Age groups Under-12 and Under-16 are based on age at 31st July 2014
(under-12 born 01/08/2002 or later, under-16 born 01/08/1998 to 31/07/2002).

Age group Under-20 is based on age at 1st January 2014, because of the prize in that group
(under-20 born 02/01/1994-31/07/1998).

The Under-12 and Under-16 Championships will each be held as a McMahon system, with a Championship super group. The super group will contain players with grade stronger than a pre-determined level.

Time limits are 60 minutes per player, with 3 x 10 minutes overtime periods for 2 points penalty each.

Simplified Ing Goe Rules will be used in the Under-12 and Under-16 groups.

The Under-20 group will be a Swiss system.

Time limits are 60 minutes per player, with overtime and 6.5 points komi.

Japanese Rules will be used in the Under-20 group.

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