Go Server Notes

Time Limits

On most servers, you can play both timed games and untimed games. In a timed game, if you exceed your time limit you lose. Most of the normal timing systems are supported, depending on the server, such as byoyomi, Canadian and Fischer time.

Times limits may be stated in the form "20/5", "60/10", etc. What this means differs on different servers, but it might mean for "m/n" you each start with m minutes, and when this runs out you are in overtime of n minutes for 25 moves.

Go Quest has fixed time limits - 3 minutes for 9x9 and 5 minutes 13x13.


The better Go servers support ratings of players. This makes it possible for you to select an opponent of your own strength, or to set an appropriate handicap.

The rating systems differ from the EGF ratings system and vary from server to server. When you start playing on a server, you will be "NR" (not rated), or you may be able to assign yourself a rating. After a few games, the server will assign you an official rating. Unsure ratings are often marked with a question mark.


One should try to be polite at all times. Bear in mind that the people you encounter will not necessarily have English as their native language, if they speak it at all.

One should be willing to resign a lost game. After the game has come to its logical conclusion, one should not attempt invasions that cannot possibly work in an attempt to induce a loss on time.

Occasionally, a player will disconnect during a game. Although this can be done maliciously, it is far more commonly caused by a simple computer failure of some kind. Wait a few minutes - your opponent will probably reconnect and you can continue your game.

Last updated Fri Mar 19 2021.
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