iPhone, iPad and iPod Apps

These are most of the important English language apps for Apple's iOS operating system, which supports the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Sensei's Library contains more details about these and other apps for the iPad and the iPhone. All items without prices are free.

If you are a beginner please have a look at our Tips for Beginners page which contains our initial recommendations for you.

In addition Go for kids Capture Go! is very good as an introduction to Go, but not a complete game.

Clients for Go Servers

These all allow users to interact with other users, players and games on the servers they support. They all require you to get an account before you can use them.

  • Go Quest Go Quest app (9x9 and 13x13 fast play only)
  • Panda Tetsuki Official Pandanet-IGS client
  • Tengen Go Online Pandanet-IGS client and local game player, with game recording/review (£2.49)
  • Go Toucher Pandanet-IGS client and game teaching analysis, also 3-player Go! (£2.99)
  • WBaduk HD Official WBaduk client with professional game records
  • TYGEM BADUK Official Tygem client
  • There is no KGS client available for iOS as the existing one requires Java

Game playing (against the computer)

Most of the following also allow for game recording and editing:

Other apps

It's now difficult to categorise these programs since they seem to cover to different extents game playing (against a computer or a person), game recording and review, problem analysis

Go Books and TV broadcasts

  • SmartGo Books many Go books for downloading, some out-of-print - free sample chapters.
  • Nihonkiin GO BOOKS Go Weekly, Japanese books, news and daily professional games
  • badukTV live Baduk TV with Korean commentary (monthly payment)
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