Software to Play Against - Top Picks for Beginners

If you want a way to play Go on the move or to get some more practice in, then you can get free or cheap apps and windows software. Here are our top picks:

Igowin The Go program Igowin is a free 9x9 version of Many Faces of Go that can be downloaded to MS Windows. There are now also various versions for iPhone/iPads, including tutor, pro and basic versions, that track your rating and adjust their skill to yours: ideal for getting started!

Leela is another simple free program which also allows 9x9 boards which adjusts the handicap according to your success. Click the image for information about the program and to download for MS Windows - note some browsers forbid access to this site.

GOdroid An Andriod version of the popular program GNU Go, provides variable board sizes, playing strength and handicaps, meaning you can take your game to the next level. Click to view info and download.

Go Quest A free application allowing you to play online against a variety of players on either 9x9 or 13x13 boards. It keeps track of your rating as you play games. It's available on iOS, Android and through a browser, meaning you can keep playing on the Go!

We also have a longer list of programs that are or have been available.

Last updated Sun Dec 16 2018.
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