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We usually have several vacancies amongst our various positions and officer roles. These are listed below. All areas can, of course, need extra assistance, for instance an area where we often need help is developing youth activities. If you think you can help with work in any area then please let us know. If you are interested in helping us with one of the listed vacancies or in any other way please contact the President or another Council member.
Person: Stephen Tweedie
Role Job Descripton Person
Council Member

Co-opted member of Council.

Stephen Tweedie
Person: Vacant
Role Job Descripton Person

The Marketing Manager is responsible for initiating, managing and monitoring of all marketing initiatives. These include

  • encouraging and helping with publicity for our own tournaments and other events
  • identifying and developing publicity for other target opportunities
  • participating in exhibitions and other kinds of external events
  • handling relations with other external UK organisations not directly covered by other officials, e.g. the Anglo-Japan Society
Publicity Material

Responsible for producing new editions of publicity materials.

Youth Teaching

Organises online teaching sessions for promising junior players

Person: Andrew Ambrose-Thurman
Role Job Descripton Person
Council Member

Elected member of Council.

Andrew Ambrose-Thurman
Governance Committee Member Andrew Ambrose-Thurman
Person: Tony Atkins
Role Job Descripton Person
Tournament Co-ordinator

Maintains our Tournament Calendar and provides support to tournament organisers. As there are less than 52 events in a year, there is an attempt to smooth out the calendar so some months are not too crowded with events. Certainly there should not normally be two events the same weekend, and especially not the same day.

To choose a date for your tournament, look at the calendar to see what is available, taking note of the geographic spread of events in a particular month as well as the date. Then check with the coordinator that your date is suitable and it will be added to the calendar, provisionally until you confirm the date and provide more information.

If your date is acceptable as fitting into our calendar, then the tournament will be listed and you will able to borrow our tournament equipment and even get assistance with running your event. In return you will be expected to pay the Tournament Levy and provide the results of your event electronically to us (primarily for rating purposes).

Tony Atkins
UK Go Challenge

Organises the annual UK Go Challenge competition for schools.

Tony Atkins

An honorary title given without obligation to BGA members who have been deemed worthy of recognition for services rendered.

Tony Atkins
Website Editor

Maintains the day-to-day contents of the website.

Tony Atkins