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Toby Manning
Role Job Description
Mind Sports Council

Represents the Association on the Mind Sports Council (English Chess Federation and English Bridge Union plus ourselves)

Regional Rep - East Midlands

To encourage and support Go playing in clubs and schools; including organising visits, tuition and recruitment, promoting the formation of new clubs and teaching events.

Sports and Recreation Alliance

Our representative to the Sports and Recreation Alliance (used to be called CCPR).


The Treasurer controls the finances of the Association, preparing annual accounts and a report for approval by members at the AGM. The Treasurer also ensures that all bills and affiliations are...

British Go Congress Organiser
Matt Marsh
Role Job Description
Championships Organiser

Responsible for co-ordinating the organisation of the various UK titles: the British Go Championship and the Youth and Pair Go events. The duties are detailed in the...

Council Member

Elected member of council.

Neil Moffatt
Role Job Description
Youth Representative - South West and South Wales

Co-ordinates contact with schools in a particular area, providing advice and help where needed.

Sue Paterson
Role Job Description
Child Protection Adviser

As described in the policy on working with children and young people, the Child Protection Adviser provides advice to members involved in youth go activities....

Pat Ridley
Role Job Description

An elected, but not Council position.

The Auditor examines the accounts produced by the Treasurer and produces a report recommending acceptance or rejection on behalf of the members for an...