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We usually have several vacancies amongst our various positions and officer roles. These are listed below. All areas can, of course, need extra assistance, for instance an area where we often need help is developing youth activities. If you think you can help with work in any area then please let us know. If you are interested in helping us with one of the listed vacancies or in any other way please contact the President or another Council member.
Person: Matt Marsh
Role Job Descripton Person
Tournament Equipment

Responsible for organising the loan of our tournament equipment. This usually travels in multiples of 12 (often with 15 clocks).

You will need to arrange for sufficient sets to be brought to your event. This may mean your having to collect equipment from the last event or elsewhere. If you wish to borrow our draw computer that can also be arranged.

Matt Marsh
Person: Mohammed Amin
Role Job Descripton Person
Council Member

Co-opted member of Council.

Mohammed Amin
Governance Committee Member Mohammed Amin
Person: Sue Paterson
Role Job Descripton Person
Child Protection Adviser

As described in the policy on working with children and young people, the Child Protection Adviser provides advice to members involved in youth go activities.

Members should contact the CPA to discuss any situation of concern that may come to their notice.

Sue Paterson
Person: Tony Pitchford
Role Job Descripton Person

An elected, but not Council position.

The Auditor examines the accounts produced by the Treasurer and produces a report recommending acceptance or rejection on behalf of the members for an AGM or EGM.

Tony Pitchford
Person: Pat Ridley
Role Job Descripton Person
British Go Journal Editor

The Journal Editor is responsible for the production of up to four editions of the Journal every year. Distribution is handled by the Membership Secretary.

The main tasks that need to be undertaken to produce it are the collation, selection and layout of the Journal contents in preparation for printing. This includes the production of game diagrams (also in a format for the website) and typesetting. Another task is liaising with the printers.

Maintaining and expanding the pool of contributors, and developing content through commissioning and discussions with contributors, is also of great importance.

Pat Ridley
Person: Francis Roads
Role Job Descripton Person

An honorary title given without obligation to BGA members who have been deemed worthy of recognition for services rendered.

Francis Roads
Person: Peter Rootham-Smith
Role Job Descripton Person
Council Member

Elected member of Council.

Peter Rootham-Smith
Person: Richard Wheeldon
Role Job Descripton Person

The Treasurer controls the finances of the Association, preparing annual accounts and a report for approval by members at the AGM. The Treasurer also ensures that all bills and affiliations are promptly paid, and that Council committees are properly funded and submit regular and frequent reports.

Richard Wheeldon
Person: Neil Sandford
Role Job Descripton Person
Club Equipment loan

Responsible for managing the equipment, typically sets, that are available for loan to clubs.

Our current inventory, of which only some items are available for loan, can be seen here.

Neil Sandford