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We usually have several vacancies amongst our various positions and officer roles. These are listed below. All areas can, of course, need extra assistance, for instance an area where we often need help is developing youth activities. If you think you can help with work in any area then please let us know. If you are interested in helping us with one of the listed vacancies or in any other way please contact the President or another Council member.
Person: Neil Sandford
Role Job Descripton Person
Governance Committee Member Neil Sandford
Person: Jil Segerman
Role Job Descripton Person
Newsletter Editor

Responsible for producing electronic Newsletters per year and inserts into the BGJ. The Newsletter contains recent news and tournament results and also contact information for forthcoming tournaments.

Jil Segerman
Person: Andrew Simons
Role Job Descripton Person
National Trainer

This is a job required as part of the European Go and Cultural Centre's training programme. He or she acts as an interface for teaching material produced between the EGCC and the BGA. He or she also should encourage training through a network of trainers and provide training courses and materials.

Andrew Simons
Person: Paul Smith
Role Job Descripton Person
Former Council Member

Former elected member of Council.

Paul Smith
Online Youth Go Adviser

To encourage and support Go playing online.

Member of the Sub-Committee developing a Youth Go server in collaboration with the American Go Foundation.

Paul Smith
Person: Maria Tabor
Role Job Descripton Person
Former Council Member

Former elected member of Council.

Maria Tabor
Person: Sandy Taylor
Role Job Descripton Person
Pandanet Go European Team Championship - Team Captain

Captains our team in the Pandanet Go European Team Championship.

Responsible for arranging and submitting the UK team list at the beginning of the season (starts in September), liaising with the PGETC organisers, arranging the dates of matches with the opposing team captains and the UK players (from the team list).

Sandy Taylor
Person: Peter Wendes
Role Job Descripton Person

An honorary title given without obligation to BGA members who have been deemed worthy of recognition for services rendered.

Peter Wendes
Person: Colin Williams
Role Job Descripton Person

The Secretary maintains the day-to-day communications of the Council and keeps minutes of all meetings, General and Council.

Colin Williams
Governance Committee Member Colin Williams