Non-Current Tournaments: Last Title Holder

Tournament Current Champion Descripton
Anglo-Japanese Matches Anglo

Held in London between Nippon Club (Japanese) and Central London Go Club (Anglo).
Prior to the Trophy starting in 1988 most matches were won by the Japanese.

Asahi Shimbun Jong-Soo Yoo

A six-round tournament held in London to celebrate the coming of the Meijin title match to London in September 1989, sponsored by Asahi Shimbun newspaper.

Bank of China (London) Zhang, Shutai

A one off event sponsored by the Bank of China and played at their London offices.

Birmingham Andrew Kay

3 round McMahon tournament. Run first 1983 and restarted by a different organiser in the 1990s. Held in 2002 to celebrate the Golden Jubilee and restarted in 2013.

Black Bull

Handicap tournament held in Worcestershire and sponsored by Black Bull Perry. Was replaced by the West Surrey Handicap.

Bournemouth Alan Thornton

Tournament held in or near Bournemouth.

Bracknell Gong Cheng

3 round McMahon tournament run by Bracknell Go Club, but then held in Wokingham and no longer in Bracknell itself.

Until 1994 the tournament was held in the main Bracknell premises of ICL. In 1995 and 1996 the event was held at Bracknell Rugby Club and in 1997 and 1998 at the Brownlow Memorial Hall in Warfield near Bracknell. From 1999 it settled down at the Woosehill Community Centre in the neighbouring town of Wokingham.

The Clive Hendrie Memorial Trophy was instigated in 2010 in memory of Clive Hendrie, long time organiser of the tournament.

The event was held last in 2018.

British Student

British Go Association Online Student Championship

Students are defined as

  • Under-18 or
  • Under-26 and studying full-time or part-time at a UK approved educational establishment

Note: this is different to the BGA membership concessionary rate definition

Cambridge Junior Owen Walker

An event to celebrate 25 years of the Cambridge Junior Chess and Go club is planned for 13 October 2019. Format is 13x13 and suitable for all juniors and also adult beginners and experts.

See British Small Board/UK Go Challenge Finals.

Cambridge MSO Dans' Alex Selby

An event for Dan players held as part of the Cambridge Mind Sports Olympiad.


The first event planned for 9 November 2014 was cancelled due to problems with the venue.

Challengers' League Andrew Kay

Played over the 3 days of the second May Bank Holiday weekend plus an additional day

Part of the British Championship, it is used to select the two players who will compete in the British Championship Title Match. Until 2005 it selected one challenger who played the reigning champion.

Players compete in the Candidates' Tournament for places in the League.

It incorporated the Candidates' Tournament between 1979 and 1982 as the Challenger's Tournament, and was expanded to 16 players (4 rounds) in 1996 and 1997 and 24 players (6 rounds) in 1998 and 1999.

Merged into the Candidates' Tournament again from 2020/2021.

Cheshire Handicap Brian Timmins

The Handicap section played until 2014 over 5 (or 6) rounds alongside the Cheshire Open.


Tournament held in Devon, later moved to Cornwall

East Midlands Jon Diamond

Until 2012 was held at the National Space Centre in Leicester.

It replaced the Leicester Tournament.

Registration by 09:45. Prize giving 18:15.

Epsom Li Shen

Ceased 2008

Epsom Downs (Wedding) Alistair Wall

Held during the reception of Paul and Yvonne Margett's wedding.

Fife David Lee

Held in Cupar.

Ceased in 2010

Fuseki Follow-On

In this tournament, a professional game had been chosen which had a close result and was adjudged close after the fuseki. Each player played this same game four times, twice as black and twice as white.

Guy Fawkes Zeyu Qiu

Held on 2nd November 2019. 4-round McMahon tournament. 45 mins sudden death.